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  1. This. If anyone comes across anywhere that will take a pre-order for the songbird edition in the UK, please let us know.
  2. Interesting article from the predominantly wanky Pitchfork, about the changing idea of 'Rap Classics'. I especially liked the points about illmatic, without a doubt amazing but personally I struggle to love it like I do other classics.
  3. God I heard that and it was doing me in too. It's sampled in the opening track of Jurassic 5's 2002 album Power In Numbers, the track is "This Is" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_in_Numbers
  4. They've made official the variant where you can buy two dice on your turn and if you score a dice it goes back to the wilds.
  5. It's my birthday today and I was lucky indeed to get Lords of Waterdeep and Dixit. So that's what everyone in my house has to play tonight, cos it's my birthday!
  6. Anyone else in the beta? I got in today, I think by amusing Chris Hecker with a tweet. It's fantastic!
  7. Really enjoying the iOS version. (played NSS3 back in the day as well). I've played most of my first season at a lower league team and I have some additions I'd love to see in the future. Continuity across multiple possessions. For example playing one-two's with players or spraying the ball out to the wing and then getting a scoring chance from their cross. Team mates that indicate a run they're making once I play my pass, this allows for through balls or more curled passes. I'd like more granular feedback on attempted shots than just "chance missed" if it isn't a goal, along the lines of: "hit the post", "hit the bar", "great save", "easy save", "straight at the keeper", "shot blocked", "inches wide", "miles wide", "almost out for a corner", "into row Z". More interception variations, I'm just now getting the 3 opposition players ones but they always take place in midfield. They should occur all over the pitch and have differing distances between the players opposition players. And if successful, my possession should start from the spot where I intercepted. When in possession, team mates and opposition that oscillate between two positions slowly. Players that end up offside if I take too long, but create scoring opportunities if I time it well. Stop the AI from shooting when they are blocked. I never seem to get the chance to cross the ball despite lots of crosses occurring during text commentary. I'd like to repeat that the app is great, there's so much potential. Having worked on Football Management games I know how hard this stuff can be but your app has loads of potential.
  8. I'm loving this, thanks for the heads up!
  9. HUZZAH! Quarriors finally shipping down under. Should have it on Monday, can't wait!
  10. I've done a lot of good gaming this weekend. Friday night went to a gaming group for the first time. All very nice people, the Dominion players were quite intense but very helpful. Played Betrayal at House on The Haunted Hill which was good fun. We had an ephemeral fiddler whose music made us dance and go crazy. Played Space Hulk: Death Angel which was brutally hard and killed us all in about 30 mins. Then as I said, 3 games of Dominion. Great times, will go back again. The today introduced Thunderstone to someone and played LoTR: Confrontation which was great!
  11. Well it appears that the release date in Australia has been put back until November! Is the game still difficult to find back in dear old blighty? I might have to resort to ordering in the U.K. and shipping it out.
  12. I'm still waiting for news of a release date here is sunny Australia. I really would like this game please, I WANT TO ROLL DICE!
  13. I'm absolutely loving the show after being put onto it by LMDS. Also, I'd forgotten how awesome the Conan soundrack is
  14. I've played five or so games of Thunderstone (original flavour) and I'm absolutely loving it!
  15. Had my first game of Airlines last night against the wife. I got royally trashed but it's great fun. I described to a fellow boardgamer as mix between Ticket to Ride, Acquire & Alhambra. Still waiting for my copies of Thunderstone (on back order) and Quarriors (not out here is sunny queensland yet!)
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