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  1. Bushido Blade. The only game that even tried to do anything similar - as far as I'm aware - was the rubbish sequel. The developers did a couple of samurai games for the PS2, but they were more your standard beat-'em-up fare with health bars and characters surviving two or three sword blows that should've cut them to ribbons. Bollocks.
  2. Finally got around to getting myself Game Centered up. Name's CaptainToss, if any of you wouldn't mind adding me.
  3. Captain Toss

    Fable 2

    Untrue! Myself and a few other people I know got it for free off the UK marketplace. Then, ten minutes later, I had people complaining they couldn't get it for free any more. My guess is that this was meant to be US-only, and someone dropped the ball.
  4. Captain Toss

    Fable 2

    Word is that it's been fixed, but the US marketplace one is still free.
  5. Captain Toss

    Fable 2

    Yeah, you're not doing anything wrong. If this even IS a mistake, you can't be branded a criminal for taking something at the clearly advertised price of 'fuck-all'.
  6. Are you on O2/BE, perchance? I've been getting the same today.
  7. I meant to say - sorry to whoever owns the mine next to the big 'r' sign (and now my new tree-in-a-glass-case thing). I surrounded the entrance with stone because I was messing with water and didn't want to risk flooding the mine. Didn't prevent access or anything, though.
  8. Aye! I'm aware. Can't bloody wait.
  9. Wahey! Now they just need to sort out the voice chat audio codec and we're officially in the present day. Roll on November 4.
  10. Really is. I saw the screens and thought "yeah, great, another cutesy puzzle game, pff", but by god it's good.
  11. Closures/layoffs are always sad, but usually forum threads about such things are peppered with statements like "well, I guess their last few games were a bit shit, now that you mention it." Raven, though? No sir. Didn't deserve this at all. A huge shame.
  12. Haha. I had a few of these, and near shat myself each time. Turns out, the game plays these odd noises when you're near an enclosed, unlit space. In other words, it's pointing you towards hiddern caverns. Or, in my case, punishing me for my rushed approach to construction.
  13. Oh! I remember this on the DS, it was lovely. THUMB UP
  14. Near shat myself when I saw this. It's BARELY being reported by a lot of sites. Fucking philistines.
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