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  1. Casting from the quest seems very hit and miss. I bought a chromecast and the image is horrible, especially in a game like Pistol Whip.
  2. Resident Evil. Actually, i thought they were turning it into a TV show?
  3. Not bad, definitely feel the burn. But compared to the following... I've had a few bags of these in the past. I don't know why i bought more than one bag because they will blow your head off. I think i had some milk and ice cream on standby (and used!)
  4. ah man, was under the impression it was out after the reveal or something =/
  5. Hmmm a bit dissapointing really? There have been some obscure characters in this fighters pack. I liked Joker, i barely touched the rest. Is the character out to download now?
  6. Reviews are looking good! Might go see it saturday.
  7. Mr X was great but he couldn't access all areas which, at least in playthrough B he didn't seem to cause me much grief even if he seems more agressive. I'd expect Nemesis to show up multiple times through the game like the original and maybe stick around longer each time.
  8. Yeah, i mean i definatly try and shoot on the beat but when it starts getting frantic that goes out the window. Some of the modifiers are pretty fun. Dead aim like you say , is really tricky. Dual pistols as well is fun, but i'll stick with one for the moment =)
  9. Got this last weekend and have put a few hours or so into it. It's great! It's very easy to work up a sweat playing it, my body was aching the first day i played it. However, the music aspect isn't explained very well and doesn't really like it's in the same league as Beat Sabre. It seems more of a shooter like Time Crisis than anything. Once you learn a song on hard, it's pretty neat knowing exactly where the enemy's will come from so you can get rid of them quick. It's a great feeling but also it does get a bit samely when i'm finding the difficulty not actually that difficult. I think i got "hard" on black magic after 5 tries and i have already done hard on a lot of the other levels. The 10 songs are good, but i am desperately wanting more now. Would be amazing with some kind of 2 player mode? Not sure how you would pull that off.
  10. Ended up watching fallout last night. I think i might have watched it at some point, but i couldn't remember barely any of it so not sure. Anyway, i thought it was a great movie. Loads of action. Story was a bit messy. One thing that really stood out though -
  11. Yeah i tried that, i couldn't get it to work - i might have another go this week. Will let you know how i get on!
  12. How did i not think about doing that?! But in any case, i would prefer to be able to connect via from PC capture card to record. I've ordered a new HDMI splitter which apparently removes HDCP.
  13. Never really spent much time with it really. However starfox command was apparently based on starfox 2 so I expect it's not that different. I didnt really like starfox command either but I did spent several hours with it.
  14. Check out the USA version if you can , you probably would know 50% or so of the celebs as there are a lot of singers/tv stars you might know.
  15. Same. Finished the demo - this must be what has been doing the rounds at press events. I'm liking it , the ability to switch between characters makes things interesting. Totally agree with @MikeBeaver the option button is annoying to press, and you need to press it a lot. The music is great as well, could just sit here and listen to it for ages.
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