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  1. Been enjoying reading these! Nice one Mike. I have a couple of faulty consoles. My Sega Multi Mega, last time i tested it was not ready CDs which I'm kinda gutted about. Also, my PS2 doesn't read CDs either. I ended up buying a replacement lens incase that was it but i haven't got round to trying to install it.
  2. Yeah i've noticed episodes are starting to always flow the same way. I don't get why the doctors argue with House cos he is always right! One thing though is it's not really a show you want to watch if you have health anxiety!!
  3. I've been watching a few episodes (not sure what season i'm guessing 2?) as one of my housemates have been watching on amazon prime. I'm proper hooked! But i'm in the awkward position where i've missed a bunch and i'm sure he has already moved forward through more episodes. Kinda reminds me a little of Sherlock Holmes mixed with Casualty
  4. It's really bad. Everything about it is horrible. Cheap CGI and horrible acting. Nicolas cage couldn't even save it.
  5. I love this so much. Biggest surprise of the year for me. However there are a few niggles. The other characters, the AI just seems useless. Like I will set them to come join me (especially since i can fight by switching between characters like in FF7) but they just end up fighting enemies on the way. And if i switch back to them, i have ages before i can meet up with other character. Unless i am doing something wrong? I would prefer if they continuously followed me. I also am a little unsure on things like health. Like, is the health pre set per mission? Can
  6. Spent nearly 5 hours on this today. Loving it. The frame rate isnt a deal breaker for me at all , it's just a really fun game. Well the game glitched out on the first mission ( a guardian got stuck) which I had to repeat. The Devine beasts sections are mediocre at best. That's the only time I've died in the game due to the wonky feedback. Hopefully get back to it tomorrow.
  7. Shopto said i'd have it today (and so did the RM website for a bit) but it's not here Hopefully tomorrow then. Think shopto refund £5 if it's not arrived on release date.
  8. AVGN can be so hit and miss lately. I usually find every other episode is a good one.
  9. For some reason I thought it was always ham & mustard. Has anyone tried these "one chip challenge" crisps? The one that a lot of people of youtube have costs like 35 quid which is a big no no. However i found some others between 5-11 quid. Are they really that hot? I mean I have had the tridad scorpion crisps over here and they were easily the hottest i have tried (doritoes spicey tangy cheese are a close second) so i just wonder if i am setting myself up for dissapointment.
  10. Finally finished this. Funny story - got stuck on a boss near the end (trapper i believe - big spinney disc). Spent over an hour trying to kill it with no luck. I gave up and came back a couple hours later and destroyed in first go, losing next to no health. If you get to this boss i suggest you do the same - you came across some extra power ups that help big time. Great game, doubt i'll 100% it but worth a playthrough. Maybe I'll check out Zero Mission next.
  11. Think i'm on the last stretch of the game. It's a bit more linear in a way compared to Super Metroid (well the GB had no map so i understand why) but damn it's so so good. Gotta check out Fusion at some point.
  12. My Amazon one came today, i have another coming from shop to. One to keep mint and the other to have a play around with. I was hoping to use the one i use as a clock on my desk, gutted there is no kick stand!
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