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  1. Started playing Dead by Daylight during the pandemic. Says since May 28th I have played 123 Hours It's a generally fun game, especially if you like your horror movies and lores. No voice chat but sometimes after a game people can vent in chat, maybe happened to me a few times whilst mainly playing as killer but i prefer playing survivor.
  2. I just watched it too. I agree with your rating. It was a bit silly and i when i looked it up on idmb i was shocked that these people where supposed to be teens Apparently there was a second ending when watching at the theatres (well, you would get one of two endings at random) but i cant find it and the write up does make it sound like a better (twisted?) ending.
  3. cool, thanks. I did wonder if that was the case.
  4. i thought this was.. ok. I used subtitles all the way through, more so as it was late at night. Overal, it's worth watching if you like these types of movies however...
  5. Every since i watched her on neighbours like 15 years ago, i thought she would become a big hollywood movie star. Her acting was leagues above many of the other actors on the show. However, i feel she hasn't had the best roles - i was surprised about her being Harley Quinn because i kinda thought she was better than that. However, i thought she was great in the Birds of Prey movie and I feel that movie was bad timing, badley named and it was being smeared for being a all female movie. I think POTC could be her big movie as I feel like she would do well in a role like that.
  6. the ps4 pad + 8bit do is a great replacement. However, it works better with games that use the dpad rather than the sticks - for example I really cant play SMO with a ps4 pad.
  7. Love the POTC movies, even the later not so good ones. I feel like we don't have enough big adventure movies so I welcome more movies.
  8. Exactly that. However I do find these videos a little lacking and cringe at times. Too many people talking over each other and the reenactments dont always work. I'd assume the audience for these videos would be older considering the films are 20-40 years old.
  9. I wonder of this talk of a RE4 remake was actually this? Also the Marguerite Boss Fight is defo not suitable for a kid to play! Let alone the rest of the game.
  10. Trailer was missing one game apparently. Maybe will be revealed in the near future.
  11. Think this is a bit out of order really. People grow. His views back then might not be the same as today. Shame as I liked his character, reminds me of Jim carrey.
  12. I'd say it's still a fun game, but like other's say - it is the weakest. There are too many stealth sections for my liking and it just seems silly to run around doing side quests when it's quite pressing to continue the story. It feels very uncharted at times with some story aspects (which isn't a bad thing). The tombs are great fun, i really had fun with those.
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