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  1. If you think that's bad then dead by daylight will blow your mind! Honestly sounds like the characters are having sex when healing each other.
  2. Ohh this is a tricky one. Most valuable I guess would be my Zelda collection (I have pretty much most games mint condition, besides the first 3) Pokemon Red Mint seems to have gone up in value. Got a couple of packs of Pokemon "demo" trading cards which are worth a bit (not strictly gaming). Signed copy of DKR DS by David Wise Sega Multi Mega (stopped reading discs though last time i tried) A1200 Semi rare gameboy advance games, tiny toons busters bad dreams Unfortunately sold off a bunch of rare ones years back to fund a house buy (conker, my mint snes collection).
  3. Finished this last night after starting it a couple weeks back. Really enjoyed it , batmobile fights were a bit meh but overall not bad at all! I played the PC version and it ran perfectly unlike the last time I tried to play this back at launch on my 970.
  4. Ah so that's why it got mentioned in it. I think one of the characters slags that movie off! I saw it earlier. I guess the reason they called it the same name of the original movie is because it pretty much is a remake of the first movie - again, it's even called out that fans love movies that bring back old characters and retell similar stories like many movies have like the force awakens. Is the film scary? Not massively, but it did feel pretty tense at times. The kills were pretty graphic. There was a sad moment but you didn't really have time to process it because of how the film was moving so quick. spoiler time Overall its a decent movie. It's probably my third favourite. Possibly better than Scream 2, but for nostalgic reasons i'd still say third.
  5. Watched this last night. Thought it looked amazing, character movements in particular. I liked the story somewhat and it's nice Disney trying something different. However i do think the small scale harmed it a little and it perhaps got a bit confusing storywise. The songs.. were ok? I was perhaps expecting more from the movie. There were also some issues i had - Overall a decent movie but certainly not their best - just happy they tried something different like i said.
  6. This seems to be getting decent reviews. ign gave it a 9/10.... Might go and see it Friday before any spoilers come out !
  7. Still think the PS4 version looks good but on the same page if they want to keep the games consistent then i don't blame them. I also hear of a TLOU2 directors cut which is pretty annoying since i literally just got the standard game.
  8. Its getting a bit annoying how characters are flicking between "good" and "bad" though.
  9. I downloaded Wordle after seeing everyone go on about it. Spent a while playing but i'm sure it's not the same game since it looks nothing like these posts...
  10. tried re3, i couldnt get it too work. Sometimes the game would load on pc but flickering like crazy. Had some streamVR crashes too. Gonna update my quest to latest firmware and ill try again later.
  11. I thought i'd post this here, fits in with the thread
  12. I don't think this new jailbreak does anything a 5.05 ps4 couldn't do though. Just opens it up to more people. It's still technically a tethered jailbreak.
  13. probably today, i see its available in the usual places.
  14. I thought he was pretty decent in Guns Akimbo! He wasn't too bad in Now You see me 2 (he was a baddie in that as well) I definitely feel he improved in the later potters as well (rewatched them all last week). This movie looks ....okay. Just seems like a Romancing the stone remake, but not at the same time? Not sure if this will end up being that great tbh.
  15. watched the second part yesterday. It was good but i don't think it was as strong as the first part. Overall, a decent end to the covid storyline and i think i may miss the adult versions a little.
  16. Previously... 28/11 - Castlevania Bloodlines Third Castlevania game i've played and i enjoyed this quite a bit. Some of the bosses were tough but overall easier than Castlevania IV. Might play it again as the other character sometime. 30/11 - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Been a while since i completed this, didn't manage to get all the emeralds due to Tails being an absolute dick in the special stages and loses all my rings. I should have turned him off. 9/12 - Mega Man X Funny game this! Some levels I beat without losing a life whilst other levels were as hard as nails. Sorry, i lie - the levels are not that bad but the bosses are a right pain. Didn't realise i could refill from energy tanks till the final boss though! Overall a fun game which could have benefited from a battery save and maybe a bit more work to get rid of that lag during the game as it is horrible!!
  17. Currently running Boon Circle of Healing Sprint Burst Windows of Opportunity Resilience Mind, I have just stopped using Definitive Strike and swapped and resilience to test. DS saved me a few times for sure, but i just feel i don't get much use out of it. Circle of Healing, again depends if any totems can be found. Sprint burst, it's a pain like Doctor Shark mentioned as you need to walk a lot but it's a strategy you get used to and i find this perk very effective. Almost a game changer at times. Windows of opportunity makes life a lot easier knowing where pallets and windows are. Useful when you are getting chased and need to shake off the killer quick. Hoping resilience works well with this perk. Still, i would like to keep testing out new perks. Get's boring sticking with the same ones.
  18. Walking across the ropes in skyward sword.
  19. high seas unless you have some way of watching paramount.
  20. South Park returned with it's first "event" a 1 hour episode/movie. It takes place in the future - all the kids are grown up middle aged adults. I don't want to say too much about the storyline, but it's pretty good and pretty dark at times. Second "movie" should be out december sometime.
  21. tried it in VR but felt very sick after 10 minutes and never tried again
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