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  1. I'm enjoying it, but i do agree that it's somewhat different to the others. Kinda reminds me of Metroid 2 (or AM2R at least) with smaller areas to focus one and a bit more linearity to it. There is a lot of text but then again it's not a bad thing to have a story, although it certainly has a different feel to Zero Mission and Super Metroid. I really like the horror like atmosphere to it all. The bright colours however kinda detract from that somewhat.
  2. Same. I have an ender 3 v2. It's good, once you get used to making sure it's level. However, miniatures... i wouldn't bother. Larger figures generally come out okay but resin is the way forward for detailed prints. I'd love a resin but i just can't justify it at the moment.
  3. This really had potential. It just turned out a pretty mediocre movie though. Hopefully they fix things with the sequel.
  4. 1/1- Uncharted Lost Legacy 3/1 - Resident Evil 4 7/1 - Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity 12/1 - Link to the Past 19/1 - Tetris Effect Connected 24/1 - Super Castlevania IV 27/1 - Star Fox 64 2/2 -Wario Ware Inc Micro Games 7/2 - Super Mario Bros 3 18/2 - Bowsers Fury 28/2 - Super Mario 3D World 9/3 - Diddy Kong Racing 11/4- The Wind Waker 27/4- Crash Team Racing 18/5 - Resident Evil 8 6/6 - Tomb Raider (reboot) 28/7 - Metroid Zero Mission 15/8 - Skyward Sword HD 21/8 - 12 Minutes Soon to add Metroid Fusion. I gave up on a bunch of games, I stream games mostly so if i am not enjoying it i'll just move on.
  5. Started playing Metroid Fusion, made some decent progress but there was one area that I could stuck for like an hour. Seems like a decent game although a little more linear than Zero Mission.
  6. 60 quid is not bad at all. did it have the mini map too? I am after a copy too for my Zelda collection, i sold my mint one years back
  7. I ended up finishing it yesterday. to be honest i was really enjoying it up until I would love to see another game like this, done properly though.
  8. I really enjoyed the boss fight, even though it took me way longer than it should have due to wonky motion controls. I really hope BOTW2 has some dungeons, if it returns with shrines again i'm sad to say i'm not sure i'd play it much.
  9. Also : why does this apartment not have a TV or toilet paper ?
  10. Yeah i ended up finishing it a couple weeks back. Really enjoyed the game - the dungeons where the best bits. It felt a little repetitive going back to the same areas but they changed a lot each between each dungeon. The faron woods music note collection was a pain though. Not my favourite 3d zelda but i enjoyed the game a lot. Might go back to find some side missions i haven't done etc but i can't be bothered with the bugs and all that.
  11. Ended up starting again to stream it. I actually thought i'd solved everything and completed it but nope. Actually quite enjoying figuring out how everything interacts. Anyone who had completed it though, any idea how far through i am?
  12. Tomorrow apparently they going to announce.
  13. I mean - it's OK. But not exactly what I was expecting. Was thinking it was literally jump into a game and race 100 other players. Seems more like a steep/pilot wings kinda game.
  14. Played it for an hour , I enjoyed it . I think I know my next step - the story has me intrigued and so far I haven't got too stuck.
  15. Looks great, i get Starfox Adventures vibes slightly. If this is more of a Zelda type adventure ill probably pick it up.
  16. Couple movies I haven't seen from those trailers. I watched Conspiracy Theory the other night, wasn't terrible but not great either.
  17. Maybe some of these games are the cd32 versions that support more buttons?
  18. The rumor is Springtrap aka FNAF. There was a rumor that candyman was coming before the movie got delayed last year. Appatently there are people disconnecting from the game when they face clown or hag. They have clown or puking phobias
  19. Thanks - i choose not to speed ahead and do the Sky Keep yet. I'll get the game finished on the weekend.
  20. Ah, i missed the start of the indie direct! I have just seen it's out today.
  21. For anyone that has finished the story, once you finish the last dungeon , how long is it to the end of the game if you don't go do sidequests etc?
  22. Hmm well that was somewhat lacking. My "source" was so sure Silksong or Axiom Verge 2 was going to show.
  23. I have been told its expected Silksong or axiom Verge 2 will be showing up in this.
  24. Whaaat I loved this game. Bit hard on the moon levels though. One of the standouts of this collection !! Admittedly I haven't played it for a while.
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