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  1. I’m playing Mario 64 for the first time and on the whole enjoying it. However, in the snowy level I need to do a triple jump to get to a star and I just can’t consistently do the damn thing. Am I missing something obvious or is the timing just really right/difficult to nail? It’s got to the point where it’s just frustrating me now and I’ve had to turn it off!
  2. This is pretty cool.... a 60fps remaster of highlights of the 1964 British GP:
  3. Qisahn.com - it’s a games retailer in Singapore (I’d mentioned earlier that I’m over here rather than in the UK, but didn’t want to keep on about it like that guy who lives in Canada!)
  4. Noooooo! Just received this from the place I pre-ordered from: Ah well, I don’t mind waiting 20 days I guess
  5. It’s been the opposite of that from what I’ve seen in Singapore. The Series X sold out everywhere pretty quickly. The Series S is still available to preorder. Unless it’s just everyone wanting the Series X, which I’d be surprised by.
  6. I’ve been keeping an eye on preorders here and it looks like the Series X is in short supply compared to the Series S, which is still available on the Microsoft store for preorder and a few other places, unlike the Series X which seems to be sold out everywhere now.
  7. I’ve just preordered my Series X here in Singapore Don’t know if this will be replicated elsewhere, but the X seemed to go out of stock pretty quickly on the Microsoft site. Series S still had availability last time I checked. Had to pay the full amount upfront which was unexpected but seems to be the norm here. Gone for store pickup so should actually get on release day - first time in a loooong time (possibly since the original PlayStation in fact) that I’ll be day one
  8. I’m definitely getting an Xbox... probably the Series X since I have a 4K TV and the price here in Singapore is around £399 compared to £259 for the Series S. Came away from the PS5 presentation feeling pretty underwhelmed - was hoping they’d have something more interesting to offer, either in terms of games or the services around them, especially since I think MS are doing some interesting things. I’m not that bothered about launch titles since I have lots to catch up on from the current gen, and I think where the MS offering appeals is that it’s a better way to play
  9. Picked this up earlier, having never really played any of them before. I thought I’d bought Mario 64 on the DS but having just done the first Bob-omb bit it all felt new to me so perhaps I didn’t. Anyway, first impressions are that it’s pretty tricky to control! I imagine that’s because I’m use to dual stick controls from modern games, and not being able to freely move the camera around with the right stick takes some getting used to. I’m looking forward to spending some proper time with it later to see what the fuss is all about
  10. Blimey.... just seen that I’m leading the league at the moment! That’s unexpected. I was just going to save my transfer this week but now feel the pressure to do something to try to maintain my good start I’m considering Vardy to Martial, as feels like I just got lucky with Vardy getting a couple of penalties - sounds like he didn’t play all that well otherwise.
  11. I saw this last night and loved it. Ridiculous film, but also awesome. This may be an obvious thing to comment on - not been through this thread yet as I’d been avoiding it - but there were more than a few moments when it reminded me of Red Dwarf.... Not sure if I’d want to see it again or not. My wife didn’t come with me so will probably wait till it’s out on Blu-ray now and watch again then. Was great being back in the cinema though.
  12. Red flag seems overkill.... and gives a big advantage to Bottas from the starts we’ve seen so far
  13. Hold on, you can boost in this?! I’ve got gold on the first couple of GPs and never knew this - should make it easier!
  14. I’m enjoying this - good, arcade-y fun. Yes, the A.I. can be rather annoying but it makes it even more satisfying when you beat them!
  15. Hmmm. I was definitely leaning towards the Series S but have just discovered that here in Singapore the Series X will be the equivalent of £399 whilst the Series S will be £259. I have a 4K TV so perhaps the Series X makes most sense. I’d be happy with either to be honest!
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