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  1. Speaking of Ironclad, any tips for a beginner? I’ve reached the end with each of the other characters and made it to the final act many times with Ironclad but can’t quite make it all the way. Any hints on some of the basic things I should be looking out for?
  2. Jimmy Broadbent taking off Lando at the end - deserved a black flag! That was fun. Will watch the next one for sure. Shame only Lando from the current crop taking part though.
  3. I’m enjoying it now it’s finally started - pretty entertaining.
  4. I don't seem to be getting the Kindle daily deal emails anymore, despite being signed up still. Anyone else, or just me?
  5. This isn't a great advert for esports
  6. I’m watching and looking forward to this! Shame Max isn’t taking part though.
  7. Thanks for the tips so far. Played a bit more tonight and slowly getting into it - even managed a few parries which was pretty cool Two questions.... Do the bonfires tend to be tucked away and spaced out or do you find them often/easily enough? I’m still in the undead burgh but when I die (which happens often!) I tend to have a long way to go to get back to where I die (it would help if I didn’t keep accidentally drinking all my health potion thing - still stuck thinking X is attack, like in Fallen Order). Secondly, how do you jump down the well? I’ve figured out jump but buggered if I can get down there! Intrigued to know what you get!
  8. I also started this yesterday for the first time and knowing nothing about it other than loads of people love it. I’m about as far through it as you - just exploring around where the crow thing drops you off. I’ve died many more than 8 times already though! Part of it is coming straight into this after playing (and loving) Fallen Order. I’ve not quite readjusted to the controls yet and keep consuming items instead of attacking! Also, not sure I get how to parry in this yet. Do I have to be holding my shield up (with the left shoulder button) then press the left trigger to parry when the enemy is attacking?! Early days but seems ok so far. Bit overwhelming with all the stuff you collect with very little explanation and all the different stats. Look forward to getting into it a bit more. Can’t help but wish I had a lightsaber to fight with though
  9. I found my old ITV F1 montage video and have stuck it up on YouTube - expect it will get taken down before long, but here's the link if anyone is looking for a short fix to make up for the cancelled race:
  10. Finished this now - what a game! What an ending! Really enjoyed that, nailed the Star Wars feel brilliantly. Can’t wait for the sequel!
  11. It goes really well with this case: https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-and-tablets/nintendo-gaming/nintendo-switch/nintendo-switch-accessories/nintendo-switch-lite-flip-cover-and-screen-protector/p/186162
  12. I can't find much about Yoga Master but like the idea of something like this. Have you heard good things about it?
  13. I think it was £27.99 on the eshop - definitely one that rarely drops in price though. I don't think I'd use it anywhere near as much if I had the physical version.
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