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  1. True, but shame to have missed out on the scrap that was shaping up - looked like Ham was closing in quickly on Max until the error
  2. Yes. Imagine it will end up simply as a racing incident.
  3. I agree with @kiroquai, but just saw the replay and not sure Russell was going to have a go necessarily until Bottas gave him the finger!
  4. Yes, they do it seems. At least we still (hopefully) have a race on.... Max would have walked it without this red flag which would have been a disappointing end to the race.
  5. So at the restart do the lapped cars - eg Lewis - have an opportunity to unlap themselves?
  6. I think that’s a bit harsh/early - need a better angle. Looks like Bottas didn’t know he was there and was moving to the right.
  7. I LOVED Stardust when I read it a couple of years ago. Think it might be my favourite Gaiman. There was also a Radio 4 adaptation of that which was great too - wonder if it’s still possible to find on BBC Sounds.... EDIT..... it seems not, what a shame.
  8. Thanks @Darren and @womblingfree - I bought an iPad Pro not too long ago with the intention of using it to get more into comics, so will go down that route
  9. This sounds great, and I’d be interested in reading this. However, as someone not really into comics I find trying to buy the right thing really confusing. If I search for “Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith” on Amazon I get two things called Vol 2 which seem to be different, and lots of other volumes. Which one should I go for? I expect this is pretty straightforward and obvious to regular comic readers, but for those unfamiliar with ‘runs’ and ‘collections’ it feels pretty confusing.
  10. I was pretty pleased with my GW - 77 points, but had 23 on the bench (Johnstone and Dunk) so could have been even better! Was particularly happy with my decision to start Dallas
  11. That definitely makes me feel better, thanks! :-)
  12. I didn’t get much time on the actual tracks last week as - similar to @Shimmyhill - I needed to get to level 42 first. Anyway, my time for Armadillo was a rather poor 1:01.253 I almost didn’t share as it’s clearly bad, but figured (a) someone has to bring up the rear and (b) it might encourage others more at my level to join in!
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