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  1. I’ve had this happen to me too. The only way I could fix it was to delete everything Dolby related, restart my Xbox, and reinstall it.
  2. Oh man, that’s a big gap to make up! 35.389…. getting a bit closer!
  3. Ok, once I figured out the proper way round the track, I managed a time of…. 37.107 More practice needed…. can this being quite addictive!
  4. I bought this after seeing all the competition going on in here….. oh my goodness I’m bad at it! Not even attempted the Top Gear track yet, but will share a time once it’s not totally embarrassing
  5. Why do you think he’d have been 5th if he hadn’t pitted? The gap he had to Perez and Leclerc seemed sufficient given their respective paces and I think worse case would have been 4th.
  6. Immensely frustrating. Was clearly the wrong decision and seems like everyone except the Mercedes pit wall could see that.
  7. I’m starting to feel tense about the start already!
  8. If you can be bothered with a little bit of VPN stuff, you can get Outer Wilds plus DLC for about £9 via Eneba: https://www.eneba.com/xbox-outer-wilds-archaeologist-edition-xbox-live-key-argentina I didn’t get round to finishing this before it left Game Pass so looking forward to getting stuck back in.
  9. I had this too but it’s worked perfectly so far. Really enjoying what I’ve played so far. Playing it with my 8 year old and we’ve had a great time taking it in turns to do each level. I loved the original but it’s been so long since I played any Monkey Ball I don’t notice any big differences. Still as fun for me as it always was (and not even tried the mini games yet!)
  10. Yup, we’re playing it on the Series S. it looks a bit rough as it’s not at all optimised (as @petrolgirls points out above) but is still great fun. Kids have loved playing it today, and I’ve realised that I still have a fair few characters to unlock so looking forward to playing more over the weekend.
  11. Thanks to the bumping of this thread I’ve just bought it again and it’s currently installing. Looking forward to playing this with the kids over the weekend Must say that it’s great how easy it is to just buy a game from a couple of generations ago, and to have it pick up where you left off the way it does. Nintendo could learn a lot from this!
  12. I’ve picked this up again having previously started it but not even making it to the first boss. Both bosses now down in the Forest place. My god the Pursuer was tough. Took me a good 10-12 attempts. Even missed the folks you have to fight to get to him from the bonfire as they’d disappeared because it took me so long
  13. Just received an email confirming that I can join the multiplayer preview this weekend. Exciting!
  14. I saw this last night (released early in Singapore) and really enjoyed it. Had avoided this thread and pretty much everything I could (bar an early trailer) and as a result the most disappointing thing for me was that this was only ‘part 1’. I certainly came out eager for more so really hope this does well. The 2.5 hours or so run time flew by too, which is always a good sign, especially as it was a late-ish showing.
  15. Me too, so surprised to see myself up there in second place! May have to continue leaving it be as I’m sure if I was actively changing it I’d be doing much worse!
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