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  1. Track looks fine. All on inters EDIT: at least around turn 7! Yesterday seemed to stay wetter for longer in sector 3.
  2. More rain doesn’t look likely at the moment. Always hard to tell in Singapore though!
  3. Rain has stopped. Sweepers out.
  4. Just watched the driver parade - kids (and I!) made posters and Hamilton saw and waved - very cool! Had a few spots of rain, and I can see some big black clouds heading our way….
  5. It’s been lovely and sunny this morning. And now it’s gone very dark with an almighty thunderstorm. Could be an interesting qualifying if this sticks around!
  6. The traffic lights to the left of the first photo is where I took the photo in my previous post. So weird seeing how quickly it’s all come together!
  7. I’m getting v excited about my first live F1 race since 2019 this weekend - first time taking the kids too. It’s been great seeing all the fences going up over the past few weeks - even if colleagues have mocked me for taking photos whenever I’m near a bit of the circuit - and can’t believe it’s finally here!
  8. Thanks. I actually saw the credits last night but interested to know what the game tells you to look out for. Is it If so, I was aware of that but was after more clue as to how/where you can discover that other than randomly going from clip to clip. Overall, I thought the game was excellent though - well worth experiencing.
  9. I’ve been enjoying this but now I’m around 6 hours in and wondering what I need to do to reach the credits. I think I have a pretty good idea of what the story is, and having heard some folks saw the credits after only 3 hours am starting to wonder whether it’s worth continuing. Is it simply a case of hoping to see the right set of clips for the game to decide I’ve finished? What should I be aiming for if I want to reach an end point?
  10. I’ve ordered a physical copy and looking forward to receiving…. but international postage at £6 means I’m unlikely to order many more unfortunately
  11. I’m still playing this too and finding it really compelling. Think I have a good idea of what’s going on but not sure how the game ‘ends’ and what’s required to trigger the credits. Is it just a case of finding the right clip(s)? Also did not know about the frame by frame thing - have just been scrubbing back and forth and it clicks eventually.
  12. TCGS has downloaded for me now, so there may have been a window where it was fixed.
  13. Also not downloading for me on Apple Podcasts. Weird.
  14. That was a bit of an anti climax. I guess we’ll never learn to temper our expectations.
  15. I’m near the end of Skyward Sword having played it through together with the kids who’ve loved it. Another Zelda remake/re-release would be perfect timing
  16. Well that was a disappointing end. And despite what Karun said, Abu Dhabi is still very much in the minds of many people and makes this feel like a further twisting of the knife in how things went then.
  17. Merc should have stopped both or stopped neither. As others have said, they weren’t going to beat Red Bull on pace. Their only chance was beating them on strategy, and that went out of the window with that Alpha Tauri triggered VSC.
  18. Was just about to post the same thing. Ruined this race and handed an easy win to Max.
  19. I think this has been a worse Belgian GP than last year, which is saying something. At least that had a good few hours of anticipation.
  20. I don’t think I’ve ever been as unenthused by a race at Spa before. Max is just going to walk this.
  21. I keep getting communication errors Anyone managed to get a game yet?
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