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  1. Just received an email confirming that I can join the multiplayer preview this weekend. Exciting!
  2. I saw this last night (released early in Singapore) and really enjoyed it. Had avoided this thread and pretty much everything I could (bar an early trailer) and as a result the most disappointing thing for me was that this was only ‘part 1’. I certainly came out eager for more so really hope this does well. The 2.5 hours or so run time flew by too, which is always a good sign, especially as it was a late-ish showing.
  3. Me too, so surprised to see myself up there in second place! May have to continue leaving it be as I’m sure if I was actively changing it I’d be doing much worse!
  4. I just don’t think Max would have let Lewis pass without driving into him, whether it was there or a later attempt. It’s just the way he approaches races.
  5. Great to see McLaren 1-2. Such an awesome driver pairing.
  6. On the evidence so far, I don’t think these Sprint races work for F1 - at least with the cars this year, the 2022 cars might be different. Without pit strategy it’s largely just a procession it seems. Also doesn’t bode well for tomorrow In terms of overtaking.
  7. I was sure I’d seen somewhere that it was, but now I can’t find anything suggesting that’s the case. I might actually have to pay for a game on release for a change!
  8. My recommendation would be not to even think about it. Sometimes (most times in my experience) games will launch much quicker as they’re utilising Quick Resume. When it happens it’s amazing. When it doesn’t loading is so quick anyway it’s not too much of a pain (but I’m so used to Quick Resume working now I do roll my eyes if I have to wait a few extra seconds!)
  9. I’ve sorted this and now subscribed. Think the confusion was around whether I had an account or not, and that it seems like you can have one without setting a password. Anyway, all fine now!
  10. I think Hamilton’s time was equal to Max’s time in his first run, which is pretty impressive. Was not expecting Lewis to be anywhere near that close!
  11. Yeah, my experience was similar to @spanx If there’s any way to accept Patreon as an alternative that would be a good thing to offer - but perhaps not helpful/possible if you’re planning to do supporter exclusive content via Substack.
  12. I’m really enjoying this - I think the shift away from every day makes me more excited to read it when I see it appears, and it feels like it’s getting into its stride more in terms of balance of content and tone. Definitely become one of the few email newsletters I like to read as soon as I see it (the other is the Politico London Playbook). I do mean to subscribe but the couple of times I’ve tried to do so via Substack I’ve had issues. I don’t know if I have an account or not and just need some time to sort it out.
  13. I finished this this evening with the 100% achievement, something I never usually do. What a game! Absolutely loved it, and will really miss playing this of an evening. Have found myself humming the music to myself during the days whilst I’m not playing and sad that it’s over. It’s crazy that this was made by just a couple of guys. Have they done anything prior to this?
  14. This was exactly my reaction. I’m excited, but already worried about how scary this is going to be just from that gif!
  15. They’re really not making it easy for themselves are they?
  16. I had the same issues as @rgraves - the aiming system messing up with the different elevations. If it had felt like the constant dying was due to me messing up it would have been fine, but it wasn’t. I also didn’t like the fact that for most of the game you could generally avoid fast reaction combat, yet they put this one bit in where you had no choice but to do it in that manner.
  17. I posted similar in the ‘what are you playing’ thread recently. Really soured the experience for me too, and dampened my enthusiasm for the next somewhat too. I’ve got over it a bit now though and will still play the sequel (especially if it’s on game pass - no brainer then)
  18. I read the first in 2019, and have just finished the second. Not sure why it took me so long to read it given I loved the first but I’m so glad I did. It was great! Maybe even enjoyed it more than the first. Will definitely be reading the next one soon. Not read it but the reviews look positive so will give this a go for 99p. Have to get through the Percy Jackson series first though, which I’m reading at the same time as my son. Good timing with Hades recently released on Xbox
  19. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that it wasn’t just her family, but her two closest friends too. Whilst I can see what you mean about her family (although I still don’t think her behaviour means she doesn’t care), her friends are arguably the more important part of the deal here for her, and why I think she’d take the it.
  20. In addition to the Robert Graves tome already mentioned, I really enjoyed the Stephen Fry book Mythos, which is a retelling of Greek myths. More accessible than the Graves book for sure, and a good read. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B071CN6W7T/
  21. It suggested her mum pulled through as she was sat at the table with all the others during the ending cut scene if you chose to take the deal. I still think it was selfless overall though - she’s sacrificing her long term happiness (for god knows what) to give 5 other people their lives back. That feels pretty selfless to me (although yes, agree that she gets something out of it too in the short term).
  22. I also finished this last night, and made the same choices. Was thinking I’d be the only one reading some of the earlier responses! My thinking…. For John, it was straightforward. He’s a honest guy and couldn’t see him screwing over Jack by taking his body. Plus it made it easier for him to look after his daughter. For Meena, I thought the ‘swallowing pride to protect family’ would signify her de-prioritising her work and putting her family first. Taking a boring, lesser role would mean less time at work out of hours and more time with her family. Disappointing to see that she was still made to move out but the hug from her son makes me thing it was the right choice (she gets more time with him that she would do if she was in prison) For Donna, she’s saving her friends and family. Yes, she seems to be a classic teenager but can’t imagine how she’d live with her choice in future as she got older knowing she had a chance to save them all and she didn’t take it. This was she gets to live a full life, as do her friends/family. God know what she’ll have to go through after but it was a selfless act (and she still has hope that she can find a way out of her deal in the future I guess). I found Donna’s the hardest choice though, primarily because the mystery remains of what the stranger wanted her for (and I’m fine with the mystery remaining - we don’t need answers to everything). All in all, I really enjoyed this, and it’s another game I’d have been unlikely to play were it not for game pass. One thing I am curious about though is the different play times I’m seeing when I look it up on my Xbox friends list. I was four hours something to complete it, but a couple of people are 7 hours. How can it be so different for such a linear game? I guess it could be people going back to get all the achievements maybe?
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