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  1. On 03/12/2022 at 08:42, Benny said:

    And something just happened that cut very deep (warning very big spoilers for certain events):


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    ill Peter said it was a shame the old widow Ottilia was killed, as she knew so many stories about the old ways, more than anyone else. And here Magdalene is trying to preserve the history of Tassing but it is lost forever. Why? Because Andreas presented evidence that ended up getting her executed years ago, even if it wasn't his intention and he didn't believe it at the time. For all of Andreas panicking and trying to save all the books in the library years later, it could well be a greater source of the town's folklore knowledge through his actions was lost.


    The fact a conversation so much later calls back to that feels deeply personal and the sense of loss is powerful. By making it a player driven pebble that cascades down through the ages and hits with full force in an otherwise unrelated and unremarkable conversation between two people crossing the generation divide.


    Fucking brilliant.


    You let them 


    kill Ottilia?! You monster!

    I’m tempted to replay this at some point to see how some of the other avenues pan out (and basically be a bit more of an arse to people)

  2. 1 hour ago, Flub said:

    I might have accidentally ordered a Kindle Scribe. Not because I need to take a lot of notes. Just because I quite fancy the idea of a 10 inch eink screen for reading sci-fi on. Will report back on Saturday when it arrives. I've just started Children of Memory.


    Look forward to hearing your impressions.  I have images of using one to take notes at work, but I know I'm just kidding myself and also want to try out a nice big e-ink reader :)

  3. Similar to @bradigor it took me a few attempts to get into this, but today I finally completed it at my fourth attempt. Not sure what made it ‘click’ this time but I’ve really loved it this time and can see why so many people rate it so highly. 

    I only ended with a 90% completion rate but happy to have an excuse to keep playing to try to get that up to 100% before Silksong finally comes out. 

    @CurryKitten - I found the second Hornet fight a similarly tough challenge. I can’t recall now which charms I ended up using, but after repeated fails I remember switching them up to try a different approach and beat her on my next attempt. I’m sure you’ll overcome her before long!

  4. Spoilers for end of act 1, maybe act 2 (I’m a bit confused)



    So who did others end up with being executed?


    For me, it was the Prior (Ferenc?). I was quite surprised as the judge guy didn’t seem convinced about the letters I found  


    Was Act 2 after the execution? For me it looked like it skipped Act 2 and went straight to Act 3 or maybe 4 (when you return 7 years later). 

    I’m enjoying this and intrigued by it, but also keen to know how many branches there are and where I’ve ended up. I’ve triggered lots of rare achievements so maybe I’ve gone down an unusual route?


  5. I’ve just reached Act IV and am really enjoying this, but completely get your point about missing lengthier puzzles @NexivRed


    I’ve not played a Monkey Island game since the second one, which I loved along with the first. Some of my happiest early gaming memories are playing the first Monkey Island over a school summer holiday and (in a pre-internet world) trying to figure out some of the more obscure puzzles. I even roped my parents into trying to figure stuff out (they were no help!)


    What I love about this is being back in this world - remembering things from the first couple of games which I’d forgotten about, and that it still feels like the Monkey Island world of the first couple of games. 

    Sure, I’d like more complex multi-step puzzles and for the game to be longer, but I’m really happy with what is there and enjoying playing through it.

    I’m a bit apprehensive about how it’s going to end given that it seems to have marred the experience for some, but at the moment can’t see how even a terrible ending would reduce the joy I’ve had playing the rest of the game. 

    Oh, and the music is brilliant - find myself humming bits constantly throughout the day at the moment. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Graham S said:

    So now I've got an S for the office to add to the X in the lounge. Do I have to be careful with cloud saves and quick resume? If a game is quick resumable in the lounge, and then I play it in the office for a few hours, I don't want it to get confused and lose a few hours of gameplay. I understand that quick resume won't work across consoles, and I'm not worried about losing the small amount of progress between last proper save and a quick resume.

    No need to worry about it at all. I have a similar set up and it’s never got confused about save states. It checks each time you open a game - even on quick resume - whether there’s a newer save it needs to load in. 

  7. 1 hour ago, therearerules said:

    The game does actually tell you what to look out for. Can be clearer if needed.

    Thanks. I actually saw the credits last night but interested to know what the game tells you to look out for. Is it 


    “what happened to Marissa?”

    If so, I was aware of that but was after more clue as to how/where you can discover that other than randomly going from clip to clip. 

    Overall, I thought the game was excellent though - well worth experiencing. 

  8. I’ve been enjoying this but now I’m around 6 hours in and wondering what I need to do to reach the credits. I think I have a pretty good idea of what the story is, and having heard some folks saw the credits after only 3 hours am starting to wonder whether it’s worth continuing. 

    Is it simply a case of hoping to see the right set of clips for the game to decide I’ve finished? What should I be aiming for if I want to reach an end point?

  9. I’m still playing this too and finding it really compelling. 

    Think I have a good idea of what’s going on but not sure how the game ‘ends’ and what’s required to trigger the credits. Is it just a case of finding the right clip(s)?


    Also did not know about the frame by frame thing - have just been scrubbing back and forth and it clicks eventually. 

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