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  1. Merc should have stopped both or stopped neither. As others have said, they weren’t going to beat Red Bull on pace. Their only chance was beating them on strategy, and that went out of the window with that Alpha Tauri triggered VSC.
  2. Was just about to post the same thing. Ruined this race and handed an easy win to Max.
  3. I think this has been a worse Belgian GP than last year, which is saying something. At least that had a good few hours of anticipation.
  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been as unenthused by a race at Spa before. Max is just going to walk this.
  5. I keep getting communication errors Anyone managed to get a game yet?
  6. I recently played Guitar Hero in a retro museum in Perth, which led me to scouring second hand sites to get back into playing games like this - especially now I have kids old enough to join in. I’ve found it hard to understand what is computable with what though, so whilst I have managed to buy a bunch of instruments and games which work on my old PS3, I’d love to play something current and it sounds like Rock Band 4 on Series X (my only current gen console; I don’t have a PC) could be the way to go. Is it possible to buy the game digitally? Doesn’t look like it’s available on the Xbox store? What’s the best route for instruments? I’d like a drum set and a couple of guitars. Any help appreciated!
  7. That was a much better race than I was expecting. Just a shame the championship is already over
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Republic-Thieves-Gentleman-Sequence-Bastards-ebook/dp/B00BY7B70A The third Locke Lamora book is in the daily deal today for 99p. This series rarely seems to go on sale, and I think this is the first time the final book has been this price.
  9. What a brilliant race! It’s half past midnight here and I’ve no idea how I’m going to get to sleep after the intensity of those last ten laps!
  10. I think they should have waited and gambled. Stopping now and going on to the same tyres makes third most likely. Gambling would mean worst case would be…. third.
  11. Is that right given it’s a proper restart?
  12. View from the grandstand. Terrifying!
  13. Anyone else getting ‘transmission interrupted’ constantly? It says the issue is at the source. Very annoying given I’ve woken up at 2am to watch this!
  14. All this has achieved is wasting 20 minutes when we could have had some racing. I expect this to be a repeat of Spa now.
  15. The one thing that might have made this race exciting was rain. I was sooo excited to turn it on after hearing it had just started to rain! And now I’m thinking there’s no point in watching as they’re going to pootle round until it’s dry and then it’ll be as dull as usual. Bah.
  16. Yup. This could have been BRILLIANT! Now it’s going to be a procession.
  17. Formation behind the safety car. Just what is the point? It’s like they want to avoid any excitement.
  18. FIA as useless as ever
  19. What happened to ‘this is motor racing’ Red Bull? Fully expected but still lame.
  20. Yup, it’s on sale on Xbox. Go for the special edition or whatever it’s called for 2.99 as that has all the DLC included. Bought myself but not had chance to play yet.
  21. I’ve heard about this but is it really that easy/risk free? I have a Series X so could give it a go.
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