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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever killed either of them - just ran straight past so I could get killed by O&S Must go back one day and try to beat O&S without summoning help. One day. Not today.
  2. And done! Once I got out of Anyway, overall, I really enjoyed that. Glad I picked it up again and battled through the first hour or so as that was the bit I found particularly creepy/tense. Still not sure I could complete it in VR despite knowing what to expect now! Might check out some of the DLC, and I have Resi 3 Remake to go next, at which point it might be time for Resi 8
  3. Gutted that Lewis couldn’t hold on there but felt inevitable. Mercedes really need to sort themselves out - shouldn’t have lost that. Still…. a great race nonetheless, especially given it’s France!
  4. I’m still going with this but must admit that I’m enjoying much less since
  5. There’s another F1 book in today’s Kindle Daily Deals: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WRDPNTN/
  6. Still frustrated about Lewis, but I guess good for the championship, and as a friend just pointed out the gap’s still 4 points, which is better than if it has ended Max 1st and Ham 3rd. Good day for Red Bull in the Constructors championship. Makes a difference having a decent second driver, as Red Bull are finally discovering this season.
  7. Sounds like he had some setting on which should have been off.
  8. Can’t believe Lewis did that. More like 2007 Lewis than 2021 Lewis. So unnecessary. Great podium though - really happy for Vettel, and good to see Perez get another win.
  9. Thanks. I’ll wait till it’s on sale again then
  10. I’ve been playing this a fair bit on the Switch recently and really enjoying it. However, there are quite a few performance issues where the game just freezes for a split second and stutters from time to time mid race. Really frustrating when it happens. I was considering getting it for the Xbox instead (and have just missed it on sale for £3.99 it seems!) but wondered if anyone could confirm that there aren’t any similar issues with that version? I can’t imagine there would be, but don’t really fancy shelling out £15.99 for the game again only to have the same issues.
  11. This is in the kindle daily deal today for 99p - might be of interest to a few folks here…. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Race-Love-Death-Richard-Seaman-ebook/dp/B07TH9VPPG/
  12. Just when I think I'm getting used to the atmosphere and not finding it too bad, it ramps up even more. Have just I've put in about 8 hours... how much is left, roughly? Not keen on googling in case of accidental spoilers. And does it keep ratcheting up the tension?!
  13. … and Really enjoying how effective this is as keeping everything tense and uncomfortable. Just hope I can get through it….
  14. I read this article recently and it really made me think about and appreciate what we have here with rllmuk: https://www.engadget.com/2020-02-27-internet-forums-dying-off.html Despite not being a prominent poster, I’m on here multiple times a day and would have a big hole in my life if this place ever went away.
  15. Still going with this and had my biggest jump scare yet last night. In the old house,
  16. OK, thanks - will wait a bit longer then I'm thinking that by the time I get one most of the stuff I'd like to play will have been on sale on PSN to the extent that I might even end up getting the Digital only version.
  17. I’ve seen Last of Us 2 is £23 on PSN. Reckon I’m at least a year away from getting a PS5 (stock here in Singapore is worse than in the U.K.)…. but still tempted to get this. Do Sony’s first party games tend to go much lower than this?
  18. Bushtopher


    I have similar fond memories of this classic, including system linking two PlayStations at my friends house one afternoon and just playing endlessly until his mum came in hours later to ask us what the hell (!) we were doing as it was now morning and we’d just played through the night Wonder if we should try to get a death match game organised? Might be fun?
  19. Seconded. I really enjoyed this after someone - also likely to be @Stopharage! - recommended it.
  20. I was in danger of getting caught up in the Resi 8 hype, so to stop myself buying it I figured I should at least try one more time to get into and complete Resi 7. After a few failed attempts - including one in VR (never again!) - I've now put about 4 hours in and have just got out of the first/main house (I'm aware this might be a long time to take, but I'm finding it pretty terrifying!). It's definitely up there as one of the scariest games I've ever played, in large part due to the sound effects. So well designed (and so horrible). Looking forward to seeing where this goes next... looks like I have a yard to explore, and I'm desperately hoping there are no horrible dogs hiding in the long grass I can see.
  21. I hope so!! You’re having a great season though - must be comfortably inside the top 10k with that score, right?
  22. I was bricking it going into yesterday’s games as I don’t have any Spurs players and it looked like everyone had captained Kane. Massive relief this morning when I saw the score (I’m in Singapore so don’t get to see the games live). Saw it was 4-0 and feared the worst. Can’t believe Kane didn’t get a single return from that match. The postponement of the Man U match might help too as I’ve got a full bench that is likely to play. Overall, massively lucky in this weird game week, and reckon I’ve got a decent chance of moving up to second in our league. First place looks a looooong way off though!
  23. Max’s time deleted. Bottas did something!
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