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  1. I’m playing on Safari on iOS, but from looking at Twitter a range of devices/browsers have been affected. Weird that some have been impacted and others are fine.
  2. Wordle 237 4/6 Was concerned when I saw the slightly different page but all seems ok/intact. For now. Phew! EDIT: I was wrong! Just went back to double check and it’s lost my streak! Noooooooo!! It also turned off Hard Mode for me. To be clear, I’ve not played it a second time. Just played it as I always do.
  3. After playing this through at Christmas, I ordered this which has just arrived… Really well made, and also came with a couple of fold out inserts of the map and the drawings of life onboard.
  4. Wordle 232 4/6* That was tough - guess 2 left me pretty flummoxed but got there in the end.
  5. Wordle 231 4/6* Could have been another 3 but I chose… poorly. Streak: 43
  6. Good point. I play it to hard mode rules already except for the odd occasion when I inadvertently forget to use a yellow, but will activate it from now on as it will help avoid that.
  7. @spanx - you might want to crop that photo to avoid giving a small hint for others!
  8. I’ve just added you. I’m also keen to get a few more active people on my friends list - my gamertag is Bushtopher
  9. …and done! Was hoping to get this completed before Elden Ring came out, and at times doubted I’d manage it. Really enjoyed that. Definitely up there with DS1 - not sure why some don’t rate it. Look forward to tackling DS3 at some point. What a great series!
  10. Definitely more interested in Returnal now…. and the good news is that by the time that I can finally purchase a PS5 I’ll probably be able to pick it up for a tenner Thanks @Treble and everyone who has contributed this year - has been an enjoyable read.
  11. Wordle 221 4/6 Was getting worried there! First time without a single yellow, and first time having nothing from the first two guesses.
  12. Wordle 219 4/6 Was pretty worried after those first two guesses but fortunately pulled it back. Phew!
  13. Wordle 215 4/6 This took a bit longer than usual but got there in the end. My streak is maintained - 27/27
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