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  1. Don't worry, I'll be well below you on the leaderboard! Although to be fair, I only got the game last night and just played through each of the songs on easy once to get a feel for it. Will be having a crack at medium over the weekend for sure though so watch out! :-) That's a point actually - just from playing 10 songs on easy last night I unlocked 6 of the 12 achievements. They're not normally that simple/quick to unlock are they?
  2. Sure, the more the merrier! Although it may just depress me if you're that high up on the leaderboard :-)
  3. Yeah, I kept forgetting about the bonus thing too - just wish it would last longer as I love the way the screen/explosions go when you have the 16x bonus on, plus the vibrations from the pad work really well with it too. More friends for leaderboard stuff will be good - prob won't get on till tomorrow though. Is you gametage simply 'footle'? Will also add you gloomy andy (or just add me!) :-)
  4. I agree - also a little late to it, but played the trial last night, thought was worth a punt on the full game and am really enjoying it. As I think someone else has said, I can see it being like GW where I play a few games before/after playing something else. Found it quite relaxing actually lying in bed, lights off, music up, floating around making fireworks explode. Also enjoy the music too - some interesting takes on classical tunes make it a bit more interesting than if they'd just stuck with the original versions (with the exception of the 1812 overture, which was a disappointment).
  5. Awesome! Didn't realise this was out so soon! Just ordered at yesasia - only £22.63 with free postage :-)
  6. Doom. It wasn't until I got it from live arcade that I realised how much I'd missed running around with a shotgun shooting imps, and how much it makes me smile :-)
  7. I've just ordered slitherlink - not played any of these puzzles online, but seems like an interesting idea - and certainly seems to be suited to the DS from reading that review.
  8. I've had a massive craving for a Dominos Pepperoni Passion for the past few days. Finally got round to ordering one, only to be told by the woman on the phone that they no longer deliver to my post code for 'security reasons' :-(
  9. After all the love this was getting on here I decided to go out and buy it at the weekend. Played for a while, thought it was ok, but nothing great. Sat down with again last night and something just clicked - really loving this now, and starting to get the hang of air spins and the like. Agree that multiplayer could be a damn sight better, but hopefully a sequel will sort that out :-)
  10. Following a recent singstar party, one of my female colleagues has expressed an interest in getting more widely into some gaming on her PS2 (also see my request in the Wanted folder for a copy of singstar/mics!) What games would people recommend for her to try? She wants 'user friendly games (ie not so hard that i just give up?)' Games she has played previously which she enjoyed were Rayman and Tony Hawks. What games have people found to be successful in cases such as this?
  11. Yep, I second that too. I saw them at the Electric Proms gig and thought it was pretty good, but since getting the album have just been listening to it loads - and it really does keep getting better and better. In fact, prob one of the best of the last 12 months I'd say (too early to say yet if it will be album of the year of course!)
  12. Got this today and played up to the MW Jimmy stage (the first one). Playing by myself, thought it was great fun, and found myself jigging around and laughing out loud (lol!), so bodes well for when playing with lots of people and alcohol involved :-) Wish there was a bit more multiplayer stuff though, and I hate games where you have to do stuff on single player to unlock multi options - bloody annoying! Perfect game for Wii though I reckon, so all in all two thumbs up! :-)
  13. Just played this for the first time tonight - awesome game! Pretty much just jumped straight into some multiplayer action on Live! which was a good laugh, but guess I should really play thru the single player to learn stuff. How is the single player campaign? Much cop? Or is online multiplayer where I should be spending my time?
  14. I'd probably have to go for the DS - caters for everyone and has some of the most fun games on it that I've ever played. Has been out for a couple of years too, so reckon should count.
  15. Big big hit with my family. Christmas day morning, over breakfast, was telling my ma and pa how great it was - met with usual eye rolling and not interested kind of comments. Actually switch it on, and they're soon up and playing - to the extent that we racked up 4.5 hrs play on xmas day alone, and didnt watch a single TV programme until Dr Who at 7pm - quite a result for my family! My mum has expressed an interest in getting one, altho says she prob wouldnt have the time to play it. My older sister has said she is definitely getting one as soon as she can afford. The most worrying thing.... my mum (who never plays games, ever!) is awesome at Wii Boxing, and has the highest score I've seen yet at the Hammer Throw in Monkey Ball (well over 100 - maybe just everyone else is crap!) Anyway, massive success, and i think nintendo are on to a wiiner for sure :-) Merry Christmas!
  16. Sorry - really feel for you as I was gutted this morning when I was told I wouldnt be getting mine until next week. The good news is that it seems like the wait will be limited - I know Asda is expecting a large delivery next Friday, but am sure there will be more shipments to places like Woolies before then.
  17. Yay! Forget everything I said about Woolies - they came through in the end! I phoned this morning and was told that there were distribution problems and that I wouldnt be getting my Wii until next Tues/Wed at the earliest. Then, around 3pm I got a txt saying it was in store and ready for collection - weird. Anyway, went along and there it was! So far, am loving it - Zelda is great, and I love the way the controller just works perfectly and so naturally! Now if only Gamestation would get some damn controllers in - have some vouchers I need to spend :-)
  18. I've been let down by Woolies and am Wii-less :-( If any kind soul living in the London area would be willing to part with theirs if they have ended up with more than one, please send me a PM or email to morcerf (@) gmail.com Really gutted that they didn't come through! :-(
  19. Can I have dibs on the third please??
  20. I've just checked my credit card statement and Woolies have taken the money from my card. I ordered online and selected the in-store pick up option. Does this mean I'll definitely have one in the store to pick up on Friday d'you think? I've never used Woolies for preordering before, so a bit worried.
  21. There seems to be a shortage of accessories from what I've read. Is it worth pre-ordering extra Wii-motes and stuff do you think? I presume US and Jap accessories will work too? If so, I may pre-order a couple of play-asia - cheaper than buying over here too.
  22. So is it worth getting one of these, even if you don't have a HDTV yet do you think? Has the bundle with King Kong HD and the remote been confirmed anywhere - can't see it within any description of online stores. Basically, trying to decide whether to buy one now, or wait till next year when I will actually (hopefully!) get an HDTV!
  23. I thought Woolies were pretty good with pre-orders - well, from what I heard during the 360 launch they were anyway.
  24. So has anyone ordered from Woolies? I ordered today online, and requested an in store pick up. What do you reckon the chances of me being able to pick it up on the 8th Dec are?
  25. Ah, very clever! Showing my age now not recognising them.
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