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  1. That sounds awesome! Can you hi-jack various animals to ride around on, e.g. ostriches, elephants and the like??
  2. GTR? (am going to feel stupid when I realise what this is I just know it!)
  3. I agree - it matches the songs mroe I find actually..... once you get into the groove it makes mroe sense and becomes easier than on Normal - just maybe takes a bit longer to find the groove though, if that makes sense!
  4. Stick with it - I had exactly the same thing! Don't worry, you'll beat it eventually :-) As for on Hard though, I'm having enough trouble reaching as far as RSG :-( Mind you, started playing again this morning after a break of about 2 months and completed 2 songs within about 30 mins :-) slowly but surely I will beat this - just in time for Elite Beat Agents hopefully :-)
  5. More impressions please people! Am stuck at work and can't wait to get home tonight for a bit of SF2 action! Can't access any other forums at work so can't check out any other gaming sites for info..... :-(
  6. When I first heard about these achievement points I thought it all sounded a bit pointless to me - I've never really been a completist. However, I finally got a 360 last week and so far have been really impressed with the whole system. I'm finding it is keeping me playing games more than before, and playing them in new ways too to try to unlock these achievements. A perfect example is Geometry Wars. I was playing the other day and getting frustrated at being rubbish. Before I turned it off though I checked out the achievements section and thought I'd have a go at the 'Pacifist' achievement - staying alive for 60 secs without firing - which took me a good few goes and was really satisfying once I'd managed it.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking this too last night..... any good suggestions ? Although I'm thinking there is no hope for me on this - admittedly I've only had about 10/20 goes so far, but my top score is a pathetically low 75,000 odd !
  8. Bushtopher


    I can;t read that link from work - what does it say!?
  9. This looks awesome - simple, yet the potential to be sooooo good! I see Play have it up for pre-order already..... looking forward to some online chess battles. Wonder how it will work? Will you have to play the entire game in one go, or could you play it over a length of time?? Hmmm......
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbSq-tCHXmI There you go :-)
  11. Really loving this game - been playing it solid for about 2 weeks now on the commute to and from work and still not bored of it. Its a bad sign though when I go to sleep and all I can see is Mario jumping around trying to reach a big coin! Currently in the process of getting all the coins - something I'd normally not bother with, but proving to be good fun. How do the star things work next to the save file though? I have one from completing the game, and guess one will be given for getting all the coins.... but what about the 3rd? Do you have to unlock ALL routes for this, including the cannons?? Oh - and for the record - I hate the water levels too! Especially those damn squids!!
  12. Ah, Parasol Stars.... would love for that to come out on DS.... and Rodland too while we're at it But back on topic, can anyone post pix/details in this thread as I can't access that link above from work and really want to see how this is looking..... cheers!
  13. Before the end of the year, from what little info. I found....
  14. Cool, thanks for all the info - even more excited about this now! Can someone post a screenshot or two in here pls? I can't follow the links in this thread from work :-(
  15. I read over at Joystiq that The Settlers is heading to the DS - which is fantastic news! However, I have limited access to the interweb at work so can't find any more info..... does anyone out there know anything more about this? i.e. when it out, how similar to the original it is etc.
  16. .... which is a good thing, obviously. But its still interesting to know this kind of thing.....
  17. Just read this on the BBC News site.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5155786.stm What was particularly suprising was this bit : "The company [Nintendo] sold 2.6 million units of its handheld DS lite and a further 1.3 million of the original DS. Sony sold less than a million of its PlayStation portable." I knew it was doing well over there, but didn't think it was outselling the PSP by such a margin! Anyone know what the figures for Europe / US are?
  18. Just picked mine up - it really is amazing! The screen is so bright!! It hurt my eyes in fact playing on the highest setting! Really like the improced d-pad too - find doing boosts in Mario Kart much easier now. Loving it!
  19. Myself and 5 colleagues just went down to GAME to buy soem DS Lites - about 5/6 in total was the plan..... but they refused to sell us any until after 2 o'clock as we hadn't pre-ordered - grrrr! Frustrating, since none of the guys I went with currently own DSs, and they're now less likely to be bothered. Ah well... looks like they're much in demand though - lots of people trying to buy in that branch of GAME at elast. Getting mine tomorrow - can't wait :-)
  20. Cool, thanks for the impressions. I have this on the way too (from Movietyme, so could arrive any time between today and 1 month!) and am looking forward to some more puzzle brainy goodness :-)
  21. Cool, thanks for that - looks like this one could be a laugh :-) Can never have enough Queen!
  22. Can someone post the tracklisting in here pls - have limited access to websites at work and can't follow the link! Cheers.
  23. Can someone post pictures of the black one pls if they're available - can't access many sites from work!
  24. I was just about to post the exact same thing - can imagine already! (as I just did when telling my girlfriend - she now thinks I'm very strange)
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