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  1. This is quite worrying. I shouldn't be getting this excited about a new console. I'm even already thinking about a week off work to play with it when it comes out. I even dreamt about it last night! Surely this can't be healthy?? (I'm certainly not what could be described as a Nintendo fanboy either!)
  2. Can you put me down for one of these please! Let me know how/when you want payment :-) Cheers!
  3. Getting tired already..... doubt I'll make it thru the whole thing - and I bet all the juicy PS3 goodness is saved for the end!
  4. I know what you're saying (I also played and loved them when they were first released!).... and I'm still looking forward to this, it was just from watching some of those videos - some of the levels just looked a bit too familiar. e.g. in the castle, running along whilst the ceiling with spikes moves up and down - been there, done that, want something new! Admittedly, after checking out some of the other videos, some of the other levels do have cool looking new stuff
  5. This looks good, and fun and all that... but.... its nothing new really is it? I've recently played through Mario 3 and Mario World since getting a GB Micro, and this doesnt really seem to advance things very much. Still will be great, am sure, but its just another Mario really....
  6. Bushtopher


    I just couldn't believe how awful it was when I heard this last night. But, this morning, its growing on me slightly. I mean, its still hilarious, but its certainly making news - and thats not necessarily a bad thing. I certainly wasn't expecting the new name of the next Nintendo games console to be making it onto the Radio 1 news, thats for sure! And it is certainly different, which is what Nintendo are aiming for are they not? And I do actually like the logo. And I still want one :-)
  7. It is a shame the high street doesn't sell cheaper - I'm sure it would improve sells if games such as this were within the 'impulse buy' price bracket. I still can't believe the majority of DS games are £30 in most stores - I don't think I ever pay more than £20 a game thanks to importing, and as a result I certainly end up spending more. £20 is a lot easier to justify for a purchase than £30. Hope that makes sense! Oh, and this is the US version btw!
  8. As I posted in the bargains thread, am loving this too. My intial test gave me a brain age of 27, which is my actually age, so pretty spot on! Am looking forward to seeing how this improves/declines over the coming weeks/months - and also wondering if it makes a difference when I do it (i.e. first thing in the morning, late at night, drunk etc!) For 12.99, it gets a BIG thumbs up from me!!
  9. I've just got this too. Any tips on how to persuade a shy girlfriend to give it a go!? She always refuses to sing in front of me! Guess copious amounts of tequila may help......
  10. Not really - whilst Groening is famous by name, he is isn't an actor (certainly not known for it), and the whole thing about Extras is the star actor in each episode. Guess he could have a small part though.....
  11. They seem quick too - mine was dispatched yesterday (they seem to send orders from the UK so hopefully will have tomorrow!)
  12. Managed to squeeze in a bit more of this over the Easter weekend (only got round to getting it last week!), and am enjoying it immensely (my girlfriend ain't too happy tho!) I've just a little way into Chapter 2 at the moment - starting to get a bit harder now, and I always hate having people to look after in games - I have enough problems keeping myself alive!
  13. Yep Its pretty cool so far - apart from me being rubbish and all :-) But will have another go tonight - only had time for a few goes at it last night before I had to switch off. I tried to keep moving but managed instead to run straight into the chainsaw guy - ouch!! And is it ok to be scared?? Because I am!
  14. Am I just rubbish, or is this game really hard?? I've only just started this, and got to the village - I've looked thru the binoculars and seen the guy on the bonfire, but then as soon as the villagers notice me I just get my ass kicked! Am I doing something wrong?? Or am I really just a bit pants?
  15. Any news on whats going to be on the expansion disc then? And when its coming out over here?
  16. Just been to GS to pick this up, and its currently sat in the boot of my car whilst I have to work :-( Looks like its going to be a late one too - which is just wrong for a Friday anyway! Better be as good as all the hype is suggesting! Also - whats the 2 player like? Do you play the same stuff at the same time or alternate??
  17. Dead 'at the moment' !? Is he going to be resurrected at some point??
  18. + 1 more no sell here I was really excited when I heard about this, but by all accounts it all sounds a bit rubbish. Ah well - they will doubtless release a sequel
  19. Thanks for the support guys :-) I tried again last night, and after about 45mins thought I was going to do it - then I just lost it before what I think was the final spinny thing! Grrr!! I kept at it, and kept getting to about the same point - soooo frustrating! Think its because I'm not getting 300's in the last section - generally hitting them all, but not at the right times :-( Ah well - must keep on. Think I'm going to be properly stuck when it comes to Hard mode! Shame, since I really want to unlock the cheerleaders on Insane! ;-)
  20. Yep, I do - I used to really really detest them too, but a friend stuck one of their tracks in the middle of a CD he made for me. Eventually got used to the style (not my kind of thing at all) and started listening properly to the lyrics and I now think Mike Skinner is a genius. Seriously - the first album was outstanding, the second maybe not as great for repeated listenings, but the story it tells, with the climax in the last track is just brilliant. But I understand where people are coming from who don't get it since I was there once myself.
  21. I know what you mean.... although I'm only stuck on the Normal version of RSG :-( I'm so lame!
  22. From what I remember it was The Killers. Might be wrong though - memory isn't what it once was :-( Was happy to see Chantelle win though - seemd like a genuinely happy ending, which is quite an achievement for BB.
  23. Still not found anywhere to pre-order this, but Game now has the option to be emailed when it comes up for pre-order..... its something at least!
  24. Nope - Famicom one - its luverly! Nice box too :-)
  25. Thats awesome news! Such a simple game, yet so addictive - I can't wait! :-) Lets hope they keep the Ruskie music.
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