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  1. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/01/03/cloud_bt/ "Nine UK city centres are to get blanket wireless broadband coverage as part of a deal between Wi-Fi operator The Cloud and telecoms giant BT. About 500 BT payphones in Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Liverpool, as well as in the London Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Camden and Islington, are to be fitted with discrete WiFi boxes to create a "cloud" of coverage. As part of the deal, both The Cloud and BT will share the revenue generated by these hotspots. At the moment, The Cloud's Wi-Fi kit is installed in places such as pubs, coffee shops and train stations, but this is the first time it has attempted to bring wireless broadband to urban areas on such a scale. The Cloud's network will be available immediately to punters who use BT Openzone, O2, SkypeZones and Nintendo Wi-Fi. The Cloud's chief exec, George Polk, said: "In 2004, we built the largest hotspot network in Europe, but this is the first time anyone has brought wireless internet access to the UK public on this scale. "As the only large-scale neutral operator in the UK, we are the only partner with the technical and financial resources to build and operate a reliable network." The Cloud - which has some 6,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK, Sweden and Germany - also said today that it is keen to hook up with local councils to expand its network still further. ® "
  2. My girlfriend and I are still playing this loads and loving it. But.... is it worth getting another copy of it for the full multiplayer mode? Am I right in thinking that this would let us play on any circuit and with any character?
  3. Yeah, same here. From lack of replies, looks like no-one has played the US release yet.....
  4. I've not seen much on here about Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble on the DS, so was surprised to read in EDGE that there is already a version out in Japan apparently which doesnt feature the stylus control/pull back firing mechanism. I've loved thiis game on other formats, and think its great for multiplayer.... but has anyone on here got this and can you let me know what the DS version is like? Is there a single cart multi player option (there surely must be!) Also, what versions are already released? Am pretty confused about the different versions, made worse by the different names used! (Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-move).
  5. That sounds like a cool idea - and something I could do to try to get my girlfriend interested in this too! So.... as a complete Animal Crossing noob, what would this involve, would it be easy to do etc. etc. ? Cheers Edit : not referring to burying her by the way :-)
  6. Seconded. The only annoying thing is the lack of any saves of high score! Grrrr!
  7. Man, you kicked my ass Paulando! A couple were close at the finish I guess, but reckon I am needing some serious practice! Cheers for the games
  8. Added. Also added Paulando, Alan and others over the last few pages.
  9. Added you - my number is in my sig.
  10. Cool, added you and searching now :-)
  11. Still having no luck.... any suggestions? Please?
  12. Still not finding anyone :-( Can you add me please and see if that helps! Am really looking fwd to trying this out!
  13. I've added a few of you and looking for games now. Do you all need to have added me to? Morcerf - 378017 131064
  14. Add me to the list pls! Friend Code : 378017 131064 Cheers - see you at the start line!
  15. True, and I feel for her (although a huge amount of time to catch up on all the decent DS games out at the moment would be quite cool!) But.... donating to a little girl conjures up a somewhat different image to donating to a 25 year old! That was my point really.
  16. Cool, thanks for that - sounds interesting, and think I will send that description to my girlfriend as it might well sell this to her too! :-)
  17. Can someone give me a brief synopsis of what Animal Crossing is all about pls? I've read stuff about it, and am aware of the fan base around the GC version, but from reading about it can't really see what is appealing! Convert me! Persuade me! Make me spend money!! (please!)
  18. Little!? She's 25 I thought it said in that thread!!
  19. I disagree - made me laugh anyway
  20. Was this poll meant to be misleading? The title asks "Xbox 360 Do You Really Want Wireless Pads?" To which the answer would be 'YES' ! The actually poll, however, asks "Are wireless pads a waste of time and batteries?" To which the answer would be 'NO' ! I didnt notice this till after voting and so voted the wrong way :-( Not that this really matters of course
  21. Has anyone figure out how to remove the faceplate yet? I seem to have gotten some dust under mine so wanted to clean it, but cant get the damn thing off. Have looked in the box and can't see any tool included there (I have a Famicom one). Any ideas??
  22. Xbox to beat PS3 says analysts Analysts at Merrill Lynch believe that the Xbox 360 will win the next console war, because of pricing. The report states: "The PS3 will not only be significantly more costly than Xbox 360 at launch, but will continue to operate at a cost disadvantage for several years... The Xbox 360 could be selling at half the price of PS3 in the latter half of 2006. Taking Sony’s weakened financial condition and Microsoft’s deep pockets into consideration, we conclude that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 should emerge as the early winner in the next round of the game console wars." Merrill Lynch predict nine million Xbox 360 sales by end 2006. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/11/07/tech_digest/
  23. I've had a play around with movies and they look excellent in my opinion - the screen really is very good quality, giving clear, sharp pictures with good colours. The only thing letting it down is the awful sound quality from the machine - which is no problem if you're using headphones.
  24. Cool, thanks for this - works perfectly! And is very cool!! Would do screenshots but dont have my digi camera handy sorry :-( Basically tho, you get Mario instead of the stick guy, and he goes thru doors, up and down pipes and you get scrolling koopas and the like at the bottom of the screen :-) Oh - and if you hold down the left shoulder button during startup, you get the man back instead so no need to play with the file. The only disappointment is that after about an hour or so of playing/decrypting etc I can't seem to play my .mp4 file :-( I encoded at 240x176, 768 kbps bitrate (video), 29.97 fps, 128 kbps for sound. Any idea what I may have done wrong??
  25. Does anyone know where you can get the update for the play-yan micro to change the little man into Mario?
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