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  1. Does anyone know if the play-yan can be used to display photos too, or is it just for playing mp3s/videos?
  2. £40 from play-asia. About £3 for P&P.
  3. Cool - sounds pretty straight forward! I'm sure I'll be asking questions though once I get it :-) I also didn't order MediaStage for the same reason as you. Guessing it is fairly simple then to stick mp3s and the like onto this..... do you have to follow a certain file structure or something though?
  4. Blimey - just had an email from play-asia and my play-yan is already on its way - quick turnaround! :-)
  5. I've just ordered one from play-asia - said it would ship in 24hrs, so lets hope it does! Now to go and order a 1GB SD card :-) This is all pretty new to me - is it fairly easy to get video encoded properly for it? e.g. how difficult would it be to get some episodes of Futurama from my DVDs onto the micro?
  6. Finally got my Famicon Micro yesterday (birthday present from my girlfriend ) and it is fantastic! Such a nice little machine, excellent build quality, brilliant screen..... damn impressive all in all! Have just taken the plunge and ordered a Play-yan Micro now - just hope its not too difficult to use, being all in Japanese!
  7. Thats a shame - I'm near Slough :-( No DS pub gaming for me for the time being then! Unless anyone round here is from Slough/Maidenhead area?
  8. Where do you live? And why do I never see anyone in any pubs near me playing games?? Think someone should set up a pub gaming night website planning type thingy :-)
  9. I'll be able to give some feedback on this after tonight - going to see it with me are my girlfriend, my mates girlfriend, and another girl - all of whom are definitely non-fans! Oh, and the 3 guys going (myself included) are non-fans too - never seen an episode of FireFly in my life. But I'm a bit of a geek anyway and like Buffy/Angel, so whether the girls like it is more of a test :-)
  10. I wasn't sure if I should post this or not, but figured it might make RockyTheGreat happy..... Thanks to this thread, I've just booked 6 tickets to go see this tonight (not all for me!) so it had better be good! The cinema we're going to in Basingstoke seemed pretty full already too, so it might make number 1 yet! So can I get a refund from you Rocky if its pants?
  11. Just out if interest, why does it matter so much to you whether its number one or not?? Sounds like the sequels will be made, so pretty safe there. And looks like you've already decided that you're going to love it anyway. So why does it matter??
  12. Excellent - that will make it easier :-) Think they're out in November. Just didnt fancy carrying a step down around with me when I'm away from home.
  13. Excellent - that'll do nicely! Ordered Now I just need my GBA Micro to arrive! Incidentally, anyone know if the UK GBA Micro power supply will work on a Jap GBA Micro?
  14. So these will work with Jap, even though it only says USA? Do they use the same plugs then? Thanks :-)
  15. Can anyone help me pls.... I need to buy a step down from somewhere to be able to charge my Jap GBA Micro, but am unsure what I need to get. Can someone link me to something from a UK website or something that would do please? Thanks!!
  16. This looks awesome, quite simply. And if anyone can remember the thread I started a week or so ago about trying to get my girlfriend to play Halo and what a disaster it was, I reckon this is going to fix it! This is exactly what Nintendo set out to do, I think they will achieve - expand the range of people playing games. V excited! When is this coming out!!??
  17. Does anyone know yet what the deal is with the power charger for the GBA Micro... i.e. if it uses the same one as the DS/GBA ? I really want to get one of these for my birthday (in October) so fancy picking up a Jap or US one - god knows why not out till Nov in this country! Any info much appreciated! Cheers
  18. Actually, I forgot to mention - she told me she has played Goldeneye in the past with no problems.... so maybe it is the dual sticks she has a problem with. Time to buy her an N64 + Goldeneye for her birthday I reckon
  19. Yesterday I tried to introduce my girlfriend to Halo, figuring if we started at the beginning on an easy level, playing co-operatively, she might give it a go and grow to like it. However, it was an absolute disaster! She didn't seem able to master the controls at all, and just didn't 'get it', giving up before even reaching the Bridge. It wasn't as though she was unwilling to try, or that she is adverse to games at all - she has a DS which she enjoys, and likes platformers, Donkey Konga, and that kind of thing. So... is it a girl thing? Are women for some reason not as able as men when it comes to picking up a FPS? This isn't a sexist thing btw, just genuinely interested!
  20. Hello! Can someone send me a Clan invite please? Been a long time since I've played any Halo 2 and think I would fit in nicely to this clan given my l33t skills (or lack of!) Cheers - gametag is Morcerf See you on for some games later (assuming I get an invite anytime soon, of course!)
  21. I've recently bought a DS, and off the back of that have been catching up on loads of GBA games I've misse out on, e.g. Advance Wars, so am seriously considering a GBA Micro. But... whats this Play-yan? Sounds interesting - tell me more!! (please!)
  22. Prob going a bit off topic here, but I bought my girlfriend a DS so we could play some multiplayer Yoshi after hearing good stuff and it all seems a bit lame in my opinion..... am I missing something!? Can you actually do anything to affect your opponent?? Back on topic.... I bought a DS fairly recently and am loving it - especially since have started to pick up some decent 2nd hand GBA games for it too in anticipation of the GBA Micro.
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