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  1. Just sold my whole squad as I won't be able to play FIFA until at least early July now. Have 1.75 million coins in the bank - so will be interesting to see what sort of team I can build then when the market has crashed towards the end of the game.
  2. I'm still having good fun with this game. Sure it has it flaws - every FIFA does. Enjoying it more than the last few iterations. I've found I'm having more fun now I'm not buying any points. I did my usual of buying points right at start to build a semi-decent team and then did another batch a month in. Think that second batch put pressure on me to play, as I'd spent money. Now I haven't spent anything for ages, with no plan to again on '19, the pressure is off and I'm enjoying myself. I've had some good pulls, some lucky trading (e.g. RTTF players who shot up) and I've got the best team I've ever had on FIFA. From March - July, I'm not going to be able to play at all. I'll be selling up late Feb and will be interested to see the team I can buy when I can play again in July.
  3. Yeah I think pace and agility is important to the CAMs. The ability to accelerate from the CDMs or defenders to make space before making a pass or keep running into the space. Reus and Werner are ideal for that, with Sanches roaming freely to make a pass, and Lewa to hold up play or get in the box.
  4. How's everyone finding the 4231 after switching to it? It took a little time to click for me when playing Rivals, as I had to change my play style. Gone are the days of passing it out wide to my pacey wingers and crossing it in onto Immobile's head. Yes this tactic can still work with Lewandowski as my lone striker, but the real killer play style here is fast passing on the floor, 1-2s and through balls. That clicked for me tonight and I won 3 in 4. The loss was a typical leading at 85 mins and then Fifa's momentum hands it to the opposition. The real test though, will be the WL this weekend. 92 Lewandowski is incredible - recommend him to anyone with the coins. Absolutely lethal. Scoring over 1 per game, with 4 in one of my wins tonight. Strong, pacey with a Hunter card and insane finishing.
  5. Nice team @ryanski. Mine is now as below: Had enough coins for 92 Lewandowski. Played some squad battles on professional level and he bagged 12 in 5 games. Lethal, but will see how he fairs in Rivals. Enjoying the new formation so far.
  6. Anyone use the 4231 formation? Is the setup that pretty much all the pros use, so going to try it out. Thinking of creating this team, with Goretzka being upgraded to Kante eventually:
  7. I grew up in that area, but a bit too young to remember those stores! There was a store (can't remember the name) in the Pavilions in Uxbridge that I used to go quite a bit. At one point it had a LAN PC setup in an upstairs room that was great! However, my one stand out memory was playing their demo unit of the original Xbox before it launched in the UK. It had a demo of Halo and I was hooked. I traded in my PS2 and got the Xbox at launch purely because of that demo.
  8. Gold 3 in this week's weekend league. Struggled a lot this week and made far too many mistakes. Think I'm going to give my team a mix up before I do another one.
  9. 7 wins, 5 losses for me in the weekend league so far. Werner TIF is incredible. Making me think about changing my team around so he fits in instead of Immobile. Have only played Werner for the last 20/25 mins in 9 WL matches and he has scored 6. Pretty epic goals per minute ratio!
  10. Exactly this. If they're going to be OTW style, they're going to be proper expensive. Especially the rumoured Neymar at CAM card.
  11. Got Hernandez and Werner as my player picks. Werner is going to be one hell of a super sub, so happy with that! Also got IF Bakayoko in packs who I'll likely sell.
  12. Cheers @AlfromSleep. I Iot gold 3 with 6 games to spare. Leaving it there. Don't want the stress and then struggle to get to sleep! Have had to fit this weekend league around a full weekend too, which added to the stress. Next week I've got a clear weekend, so will be able to do it a bit more leisurely.
  13. So after my 3 losses in a row yesterday morning I didn't play the rest of the day. First game this morning. 4-2 up and cruising with 10 mins left. Final score 4-5 loss. Nearly stopped for the weekend. But then 8 wins in a row! Lost the next so am going to leave it till this evening. On 12 wins with 9 games left. Be happy with Gold 3, so fingers crossed I can wrap that up quickly tonight so it's not a late one!
  14. Nope not going my way. 3 losses in a row.
  15. Played 8, won 4 lost 4 in the weekend league so far. Two of those losses I've conceded last minute goals and another with a loss in ET. Not much gone my way yet. Maybe tomorrow...
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