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  1. From the sounds of it, Gaynor currently doesn't have any direct contact with the rest of the team now. He's purely a writer now, and has to submit work to Annapurna. The ongoing issue is summed up in the last paragraph, which argues that he shouldn't be involved at all: @Unofficial Who made a good point that this also highlights the issue that while it's great that we're seeing more stories about women, they're so often still written by men. When those men are treating real life women like Gaynor has been, it makes that all the more ridiculous.
  2. I'm looking forward to the new album, but I thought Love is Dead was a bit meh. I did like How Not To Drown though, and clearly need to listen to He Said, She Said more. I didn't realise they'd put out a third, so I'll give that a listen today. Nice! I saw them in Birmingham back in the before times, and they were fantastic live.
  3. I think it was "culture" specifically that people were calling out, as in this case it really does sound like it was a single person causing the problem. I don't think anyone would argue that it wasn't a toxic environment. I agree though that it's absolutely the kind of behaviour that could have spread in larger workplaces.
  4. Nobody's doing that though, with the exception of the discriminatory bit as he was absolutely targeting female employees based on that report. It also sounds like it's led to direct action, which can only be a good thing. I don't think it would be right to keep this sort of thing hushed up just because there's a worse situation at other developers.
  5. Yep, same. It's always a difficult balancing act in jRPGs to make fights feel tough without grinding the game to a halt through mandatory grinding, especially when people will have put different amounts of time into side-quests and stuff. I do think RGGS maybe took things a little too far, but it certainly made for a thrilling fight.
  6. This passage was the most eye-opening for me: Hence my Whedon comparison, as it sounds like a very similar environment to his shows. I don't think anyone is "cancelling Fullbright". This is absolutely about one guy, and from the sounds of it he's been doing a grand job of cancelling the company on his own after driving so many staff away. There's a tiny team left working on Open Roads from the sounds of it, with Gaynor now purely a writer held at arms length by Annapurna Interactive. It doesn't sound like the game will be out this year.
  7. It is just one guy, sure, so not a cultural thing, and there was no sexual harassment reported, but that atypically high staff turnover was massively weighted towards women who it seems received the brunt of his bullying. I'd definitely read the rest of the article, as it gives examples of Gaynor's behaviour which definitely go beyond simple micromanagement.
  8. Oh man, that sucks. Gaynor sounds disturbingly similar to Joss Whedon, bullying his female staff while maintaining a veneer of inclusivity. It's refreshing to see that he's been pulled off any kind of management role already, but crazy that he's been kept on as a writer.
  9. And the rest of chapter 12 was the perfect reward. This game!
  10. Victory. It took one more run through the battle arena, plus a couple of extra fights to reach level 50. I still failed one attempt at that fight, but managed to keep control of the next attempt. Honestly, I've not felt like this outside of the Soulsborne games.
  11. Is that during a flight or when you're planning it? I can pick a destination when planning and I see the flight path in the in-cockpit GPS, but I don't get a marker in the world. This is where you tell me you can bring up a map in flight and I'm just being daft.
  12. I, err, quite enjoyed that movie. I only saw it once mind, but while it was hardly a classic I thought it was quite funny at least.
  13. Is there a way to add custom markers in the world, like the ones that show up for airports? It feels like something that should be there but I've missed somehow.
  14. I was so glad I followed this thread and knew to play through the battle arena before progressing. Thanks to that, I was able to... still get my arse kicked over and over again in that battle. Everything about the fight is actually amazing, but it's really bloody hard. I might just play through the battle arena a second time to gain a few more levels, and probably tailor my equipment a bit better to the fight.
  15. As terrifying as horny Tuvix sounds, that's still not a good reason to kill him, surely?
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