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  1. Well I'm surprised to say that wasn't completely awful. In fact I probably enjoyed it more than most of Discovery and Picard, which I know isn't saying much. It's certainly more recognisably Star Trek.
  2. I see. That puts it in a really weird space in that case. It's good that you get it for more than 48 hours, but at the same time most people probably aren't going to want to watch it multiple times, or would at least be happy to wait for the regular Disney+ launch. I think I'd rather pay £15 for a regular early access rental.
  3. I did think that, but then they seem a bit vague about whether this would just be a rental or yours to own for that price. Either seems a bit much when it will presumably end up as part of the regular Disney Plus library eventually anyway.
  4. Some of the devs are ex-Psygnosis, yeah, and it was kickstarted as a spiritual successor to Wipeout.
  5. Also the giant map revealy brachiosaurus things. I did prefer Horizon to BotW, if we're doing that, but I didn't think they were very similar beyond both being open world games. I absolutely loved the combat of Horizon, and the story was one of the best of the generation for me.
  6. Mogster

    Playstation Now

    Just checking, but do you know you can just download PS4 Now games and play them locally? The same goes for PS2 games, so it's only PS3 games you actually have to stream.
  7. That's true, but then you can't pair a WiiU pad with a Switch full stop. In the case of the PS5, you can pair DS4 pads and use them with BC PS4 games, so it looks even more stingy when Sony aren't letting you use them with PS5 games.
  8. I think that was the other way round, in that you could pair DS4s with a PS3. EDIT: What do I know! EDIT2: I know this, apparently.
  9. Allowing DS4's for "some" PS4 games is better than what we normally get with a new generation, but it's still a bit rubbish, and especially in the light of Microsoft's approach. I'm looking forward to seeing PC ports of PS5 exclusives that somehow manage to work just fine with DS4s, Xbox pads or indeed a mouse and keyboard. Sony should by all means restrict games to the Dual Sense if they genuinely require reactive triggers or whatever, but arbitrarily blocking them from everything, even multiformat games is clearly just a money thing.
  10. Yeah, I'm enjoying this at the moment but I'm starting to wonder how it's going to hold my interest for the duration. I'm still in act 1, mostly focussing on side-quests and it's getting quite repetitive already. It's also doing a lot of the "follow the guy, but don't get too close!" thing which is the worst thing it could have lifted from Assassin's Creed. I guess what I'm saying is that while it's fun, I feel like I've already seen everything it has to offer.
  11. In case it wasn't obvious as it's a Life Is Strange game, there is a supernatural element to LiS2. Even without that though, like any story about a journey it's all about what happens along the way. Also yes, there are more characters.
  12. That's some attention to detail! I actually did go back and watch the episode, and it still holds up well. The actual solution to the loop was a lot more straightforward than this AoS episode, but then that's not what makes it memorable. And yes, poor Teal'c.
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