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  1. Depends. The Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One for instance supports the XBox One (and presumably Series S/X) as well as PC. It might be worth checking.
  2. As a player I love all these unexpected twists, so I'm glad you're enjoying it all too as a DM. I think at this point I'd be screaming into a pillow.
  3. Yep, Control had RTX from the start on PC, no matter what edition you get. On consoles there's no next gen version of the regular, non Ultimate edition, which is the only reason for the difference there.
  4. Mogster

    Myst VR

    I loved Myst at the time, and Riven more so. I even enjoyed the sequels, and, err, a couple of the novels. I really liked the universe Cyan built around it all, and how everything had some reason and logic behind it. Figuring out what a puzzle actually was was half the fun. And yeah, I'm waiting for an in game note system before trying it in VR. I can remember a lot of the game, but not enough to memorise maps and stuff.
  5. 21/02/2021 - The Room I've been flitting between games quite a lot recently, and landed on this when I was after a puzzle game. The whole series seemed very highly regarded on Steam after all. I quite liked it, but it was very much a sort of junk food example of the genre. It presented a bunch of puzzle boxes with a very light story to uncover as I progressed. It was often more of a challenge to figure out what I was supposed to interact with rather than solving the puzzles themselves, which were often a case of just doing the only thing possible rather than trying to r
  6. You didn't like Quarantine? I wasn't a huge fan of the first episode, but it grew on me with every episode after that and I loved it by the end. A Dark Quiet Death was very good indeed mind.
  7. I'm not into mobile games either, but Florence is clearly designed for them and it works perfectly. I imagine the Switch's touchscreen would be a good second option mind.
  8. I rather liked Florence. It was short and sweet, but did a great job at telling the story it set out to.
  9. Outer Wilds is one of theirs, yes. They're awesome, and possibly the only publisher where I'll want to give a game a chance purely based on their name. The only comparable one I can think of is Devolver, who have a similarly strong brand but not everything they publish appeals in the same way.
  10. Is that the one with If so yes, it was planned from the start.
  11. You could always move it to your lounge and plug it into the TV, then use something less powerful for your office. Alternatively you could get a second TV for your office. My PC is my WFH PC as well, but I've got it plugged into a TV as well as my monitors. I got a small sofa-bed for my office to use for the TV, and double as a spare bed for guests. I don't mind playing at my desk for the odd game it suits though.
  12. I think it was Winter Soldier that kicked things off. The show started after Assemble, with Coulson's survival being something of a surprise.
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