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  1. The difference between this transition and the 360-Xbox One one was that that was a massive shift from PowerPC to x86. At this point however, you could release an Xbox One game and it will also run, natively, on the Series X. Let's also not forget that Halo Infinite currently looks worse than several current gen games, including Halo 5, while supposedly hardware restricted "cross-gen" titles like Watch Dogs Legion look fantastic on current gen and are blowing away PC players running on 3090s. The game's clearly got some serious issues, but I don't think Xbox One suppor
  2. That would only be a consideration of relaxing the game on multiple hardware configurations was the issue. I can't categorically say it's not, but releasing games that run on a range of hardware is something that every PC game developer since forever had managed, not to mention the multiple console versions this gen. Also, don't forget that the Xbox One version isn't a "port". It's literally the same game running with different settings.
  3. Whenever the Series X version comes out. It's the same game running with different settings.
  4. Yeah, well done. I'm not jealous at all. Just got my email from Scan too anyway. I'm... 88th in my queue.
  5. It sounds like you've got one, but Scan take your money when you pre-order regardless of stock. They took my money when I pre-ordered on launch day, and I'm still waiting.
  6. I mean, if you're going to present me with a purple, magic wagon secured only with a simple padlock, what was I supposed to do?
  7. There's a Palit 3080 here for £801. Never heard of the site before though: https://www.pless.co.uk/palit-geforce-rtx-3080-gamingpro-10-gb-graphics-card.html
  8. I started this years ago but didn't make it very far before ditching it for something less stressful. I'm playing it again now seeing as it's the season and all, and weirdly I've found the early hours much less terrifying. Tense as hell mind, but I'm haven't been panicking at least. Then I reached the flooded bit, and had to turn it off.
  9. That was a lot better than last week, although I found myself thinking a few times that I wished it wasn't an episode of Star Trek. And yes, parasitic ice.
  10. There are credits? It seems I have some more work to do, which isn't a bad thing at all.
  11. Fair point. I guess we'll see either way. I'm not about to cancel my pre-order anyway, and it's not like the 3080 is exactly underpowered.
  12. I can already see how this is going to end up. My 3080 will be dispatched at precisely the same time as Big Navi is officially unveiled, shown to blow the 3080 out of the water and put on sale in huge quantities for £100 less.
  13. I guess the FFXIV situation is slightly different as it's subscription based, rather than the definitely not a subscription regular paid expansion model of Destiny 2. SE also didn't charge for subscriptions at all in the game's original guise, instead constantly extending the free period while they tried to improve the game. Besides, I don't think anyone is shedding any tears about not being able to play the rubbish version any more.
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