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  1. I can't say I had much in the way of expectations when Chibnall was announced as the showrunner. His earlier episodes weren't exactly spectacular, although I did enjoy 42 quite a bit. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt though, as I was hoping he'd at least be able to produce the show to a more consistent schedule and hopefully be able to curate a great team of other writers. Oh well.
  2. Oh, remember all that cool weirdness with the multiple TARDIS doors in the first couple of episodes? No explanation.
  3. I have almost nothing to say about that, except it was bloody awful. What a waste of time. When does RTD take over again?
  4. All Frank Herbert's Dune books are 99p today, or £4.95 for the lot it seems. Deal of the day: Dune: Now a major new film from the director of Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival (The Dune Sequence Book 1) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004KA9UXO/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_dl_Q39S115HZGNDZPTZJK67
  5. Yep, that already looks spectacular. Definitely an IMAX trip for me.
  6. I have to say I quite enjoyed the episode in the end. The stupid didn't impact on things too much, and I do quite like the development of Booker and the ongoing analysis of the anomaly. Of course, that analysis could still have just been a single episode of TNG, but I'll take what I can get.
  7. I'm watching at the mo, and it's already managed to go full stupid after twenty minutes.
  8. I unashamedly love The Motion Picture. I voted for TWoK as I think it's the better film, but TMP is so unique and has a completely different mood and feel to it. That five minute long scene of Kirk being flown around the Enterprise while the score does is thing is just awesome, in a completely different way to TWoK's submarine-esque nebula battle. VI and IV are also great though. I think III starts really well, with things unravelling a bit after the Enterprise goes boom. Even The Final Frontier has its moments, like the understated campfire scene near the start. The plot is completely daft though, getting progressively stupider as it goes, and you can really see the point where the money ran out. The whole film looks a bit rubbish compared to the others too, thanks to (I think) ILM not being available to provide the effects. The TNG movies are all over the place, although I love First Contact. It's not perfect though, mainly thanks to two issues for me. One isn't really an issue with the movie in isolation, that being Picard's attitude to the Borg. In TNG he has a number of encounters with them after Best of Both Worlds, and in all of those he manages to remain calm and rational in spite of his traumatic experience. That's gone out the window come First Contact though, with Picard now mowing down drones with a tommy gun while screaming. I also think the Borg Queen was a mistake, as I feel the Borg were far more terrifying when they were a pure collective consciousness. Why does the Queen exist, and what's she doing here? Otherwise it's amazing though. Generations and Insurrection are both okay, although it's a shame Kirk was dragged into it. The Undiscovered Country was a perfect send-off for the TOS crew, and now Kirk gets dragged back from paradise just to have a punch up with some guy. It was cool to see the Enterprise B in action though, so there's that. Nemesis is an utter abomination that we shall never speak of again. I quite like the Kelvinverse movies. Star Trek and Beyond are both great fun, and I actually like some of Into Darkness although the start and end are appalling. The best Enterprise is easily the TOS movie refit for me. It's the most "real" it's ever felt, and the design is just an absolutely incredible development of the classic TOS design. Watching that TOS flyby scene in 1979 must have been amazing.
  9. I really need to give Exo One another go. It looked like it would be right up my street, but I never clicked with the controls and ended up uninstalling. It seems like everyone else in the world had a much better experience though.
  10. Thank you! I don't have an OLED, but I do have an LG TV and had no idea where that resolution option was coming from.
  11. We're not going to agree on how good AGT works as a finalé, which again is fine, but it's worth bearing in mind again that every episode of TNG, including AGT, was designed to stand alone and potentially be watched out of order. So yes, it could technically have slotted in everywhere and was never going to end with the ship being destroyed or something as final as that. However, within those restrictions I think it works tremendously. That may sound like I'm damning with faint praise, but I really do think it's an incredible episode and a perfect end to the show, for all the reasons I gave before.
  12. Fair enough, but I'm surprised. I think it's an incredible finalé, rounding off the Q arc that started it all, bringing back old characters and showing a possible future. Plus there's the whole Enterprise D Refit being awesome thing. The end, with Picard finally joining in the poker game just felt like the perfect place to end things, to the point where I think it was almost a bad thing that we ended up with four movies and (shudder) Picard.
  13. The perfect example of timey wimey but coherent storytelling is probably Blink, which told an incredible sci-fi story with non-linear elements but still managed to make you care about brand new characters. All that in the space of 45 minutes as well. I cared more about Sally and Larry after that single episode than I do about any of the characters in Flux. The whole Division/Timeless Child thing is interesting to me as a Doctor Who fan and I want to find out more, but I don't think its made for a good story.
  14. I assumed it was meant to last into the present too, but yes it still didn't make sense. I can't really argue with anything else in that takedown.
  15. It's not boring and I'm still interested to see where things are going, but it was another Chibnall episode where the big secret is just exposited to the Doctor for half an hour. I can't say I'm actually emotionally involved in anything going on, which I really should be by now. I finished the Tennant episode of that YouTube documentary yesterday, and there there were single scenes in that brought back everything I felt back when they aired, and I really hope RTD can return some of that humanity to the show.
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