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  1. I think my only criticism of the show at the moment is that there's just so much of it with all the Patreon stuff, and it's all unmissable. I think I'd be happy with it as my only podcast at this point, not that I could ditch TCGS. I've not had any issues with the amount of guests, Games Courts or anything else. The guests have been a great way to address games the hosts aren't quite so familiar with when necessary, and it's been fun to see them start to get involved with the "bullshit" too.
  2. I think I ended up watching a Let's Play of Re:Chain as it got ridiculously tricky later on. I'd probably just do the same if I were you, or better yet just find the cutscenes on YouTube. I might be wrong, but I seem to remember Chain of Memories being a GBA game originally. Re:Chain was a quick and dirty remake using assets from KH1, which is why it feels like so much of a rehash. KH2 returns to some of the same places, but it's a completely new game.
  3. I'm interested in this too, but it's not a Wadjet Eye game as such as they're only publishing it. It was developed by Cloak and Dagger Games, who I'd never heard of before.
  4. I actually loaded up KH2 a few days ago. I was surprised to find I hadn't dropped it at a difficulty spike, but clearly just because I got bored. I played a bit more before remembering why that was. I do want to see it through at some point though, for some reason.
  5. As thesnwmn said, I don't think it was a malicious decision, just a practical one. There are a bazillion different flavours of Linux, but none of them are the primary focus for xcloud at the mo. By defaulting to basic settings they can offer it to Linux browsers without worrying so much about how to optimise for the different options just yet, although they're apparently working on something better. If they wanted to be petty they could just block Linux users entirely, but then why would they want to?
  6. The user agent change doesn't affect framerate as far as I know, but it definitely improves image clarity. I think it streams at a lower bitrate or something if it detects a Linux user agent.
  7. Has the Sonic 3 special stage music been patched yet? I seem to remember a report about it not speeding up with the rest of the stage when Origins launched.
  8. Well that's just not true. The screen is larger than the original Switch, and the bezels are pretty much exactly the same size as that console. The screen is obviously not going to match the OLED Switch in terms of vibrancy, but it's a perfectly fine LCD screen. The desktop mode is designed for desktop use, and yes this would involve a mouse and keyboard. I can't say I've noticed mine get too hot, although the fan gets quite noticeable when playing more demanding stuff. The point of Steam OS on the Deck is that you don't need to use a desktop for its primary function, which is handheld gaming. It also gives you quick access to a whole bunch of system level performance options, including the screen refresh rate which makes 40fps a viable option. Then of course there's suspend/resume, which is something I never thought I'd see on a PC. I think if you buy a Steam Deck and expect a traditional games console experience then you're going to be disappointed. What it does do is take PC gaming as close to that ideal as you can get at the moment, without removing the options you'd expect from buying a PC. You can absolutely avoid the desktop entirely if you only want to play supported Steam games, but if you want to stray outside that you have to expect some hurdles. Buying a games console doesn't have any such hurdles, but then you can't install the Xbox store on a PlayStation 5, or indeed install an entirely different OS.
  9. Yeah, it has. It's become by far my most used games machine for a start, and it's also opened up new genres I wouldn't usually have considered playing on PC. I'm playing The Nonary Games at the moment for instance, which is perfect for a handheld but I wouldn't want to play it on a big TV or a monitor. The other game I've lost a lot of time to is Dragon Quest XI. I haven't really got stuck into a JRPG in a while as it's just not that practical to devote so much time to a game any more, but being able to pick up and play it here and there is perfect. Finally, with the increased energy costs at the mo I've become very conscious of how much energy I'm using when I play stuff on my PC. I haven't stopped completely, as it's still nice to play stuff on the big screen from time to time and some games just demand the full experience, but it's nice to be able to switch to a less demanding device for most of my gaming. Especially when you can charge it at work.
  10. Nor me. Is the Game Pass free trial still a thing though?
  11. I thought you were done with new Trek? Does this mean you're finally going to check out Strange New Worlds too? If nothing else it's somehow going to include a Lower Decks crossover episode in season 2. This is great too though. I'm still watching each week.
  12. The "series just called Enterprise" was renamed Star Trek: Enterprise after a while. I have no idea why they dropped it to start with. I think it's alright overall though. It's certainly better than Discovery and Picard, and gets genuinely pretty great after season 2. Well, at least if you ignore the abominable finale.
  13. It was definitely very Blade Runner. Especially the opening in the big rainy neon city.
  14. I loved the first three episodes, although I can definitely see why they released them all at once. It was basically a pilot split into three, and quite arbitrarily so as well. It was also very slow paced, although I didn't mind in this case.
  15. I hadn't really thought of it as an Android games machine, but yeah it could. It's still too expensive though.
  16. That's my point. It looks great, but it's up against more capable devices at that price that can still stream games as well as run stuff natively. Something like this would be amazing if it cost a lot less.
  17. That's too much. It does look like a decent product, especially if that 12 hour battery life proves correct, but if you're spending that sort of money why wouldn't you just get a Steam Deck or something?
  18. I have two 1080p monitors on my desk. Well, a 1080p one and an older 16:10 one. The TV is on a stand in front of a sofa, and yeah I use a wireless keyboard/mouse thing for that.
  19. If you want to run modern stuff at 4K with raytracing you really need DLSS (or FSR2 I guess). If you're happy to run without RT than you might be okay though. Honestly though, as nice as raytracing is I don't think I'd miss it that much.
  20. I don't really see the point in a 4K monitor, unless it's so big it might as well be a TV. It just seems like a waste of GPU power. I use a 3080 with a 4K TV incidentally, which runs everything very well at 60fps. It won't quite run Cyberpunk fully maxed out, but it's close enough without costing you over a grand.
  21. This is actually quite reassuring, as it does imply they're not just trying to price cards quite so ridiculously for future generations. Regarding the numbering, while the "fake" 4080 is obviously partly for the price excuse, I think it's also to avoid that list dropping from 3080 to 4070, which I guess might look a little confusing if they're keeping the 3000 cards around as current gen options. But yes, there's really not that much I play that really pushes my 3080, even at 4K60. As long as most games target the current gen consoles it should remain viable for a long time. I was reusing my old 980ti before getting this card, and to be honest even that was still fine for a lot of games.
  22. I've never had that issue. I doubt it's this, but if you're using the User Agent Switcher extension it might be worth checking it's set to the latest version of Edge for Windows.
  23. I've got a similar setup. I use two monitors at my desk, but switch to a 4K (sadly not OLED) TV for most games. I've got a bit of an arcane way to switch between the two setups involving third party software and a batch file to keep the screen layout correct, but it's a lot easier if you've just got one monitor and the TV. Basically WIN+P is your friend when you're switching between the two, as this lets you quickly switch between either monitor, or both in duplicate or extended modes. I'd recommend only using one screen at a time when gaming ("PC screen only" or "Second screen only" in the WIN+P menu), as while many games behave well with multiple displays enabled, some seem to freak out a bit, especially when you're using two very different resolutions. As for the playing games at both resolutions, they usually work just fine. If you have borderless windowed mode set then they should automatically match your screen resolution anyway. I generally play games exclusively on one screen or the other, but on the odd occasion I have played the same game on both they automatically match the native res in full screen too. Your mileage may vary though.
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