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  1. Good shout, although it's also in EA Play which is about to be added to PC Game Pass. Just in case you really want to save £1.79. I'm picking up Prey: Mooncrash and Doom 64 for a fiver, and I'm hovering over the Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition for £24.74. My only hesitation is that it's destined for Game Pass at some point, but the Deluxe Edition in the sale is cheaper than the Year One pass on its own.
  2. The next episode on my TNG rewatch is Sub Rosa. It's one of the episodes I think I've blanked from my memory, although I obviously know it's reputation. I'm kind of intrigued to see just how bad it is.
  3. Well, it worked out just fine for Game of Thrones. Oh. I'm sure this will end well though, and there's always the chance of a sequel series or movie I suppose.
  4. Northern Lights is definitely the most focussed book, as far as I can remember at least. The series actually loosened that focus a bit by adding in the Will stuff, but it still worked. I'm enjoying this season more than the first so far though, and it helps that I can barely remember any details about The Subtle Knife. The Cave brought back a hazy memory but that's about it. The rest feels unknown and exciting.
  5. If it's the same as the One X, I don't think you can change this. You can just turn the TV volume down to zero rather than muting it though, which is what I used to do. No mute icon getting in the way that way.
  6. The monster of the week stuff is fun, and it does introduce some stuff that leads into larger arcs. Especially as it approaches the end of the season. I forgot about the multiple cancellations. As I recall, it was looking like it wouldn't even get a fourth season, and season 3 finishes with an ending of sorts as a result. I like season 5 though. It's short and to the point, and takes the show in yet another interesting direction to bring things to a proper close.
  7. Final season? That's a lot of books to cover in a couple of seasons.
  8. I'm using the official Star Wars one: https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-the-clone-wars-chronological-episodeorder It's every episode (and the movie), but in sequential order instead of the weird jumpy aroundy order it aired in.
  9. Nope. It was clearly made up as it went along, like most shows, but it did a good job of pulling things together by the end. Outside of the series long mysteries, each season kind of did its own thing too, drawing to satisfying conclusions of their own.
  10. I'm watching TNG at the moment, and it does a good job of focussing on all its characters, for better or worse. Picard's barely in some episodes. Many focus on Data for instance, but all the main characters get their time in the spotlight.
  11. Maybe it's a commentary on the show itself. The creation of Star Trek Discovery, with BURNHAM as its lead created a chain reaction that ruined Star Trek all the way through Picard and into the far future. BURNHAM must now travel back in time to December 2019 and teach Kurtzman the true meaning of Christmas prevent the show from ever being released.
  12. I got that with my 3700X, so I'm guessing it was probably the processor he got the offer from.
  13. I wouldn't skip season 1. It's good! Just not as good as what follows, and obviously what follows isn't as good without the character development and plotlines established from season 1.
  14. I'd just keep going as you are, unless it's a choice between that or dropping it. Like I said, I think season 1 gets better as it goes on.
  15. I got most of the way through the first season (slowly) but really wasn't enjoying it. I guess that's the tradeoff for moving Filoni to The Mandalorian.
  16. From what I remember, Rebels gets better as the first season progresses, then becomes amazing once season 2 kicks off with that special. I think I might give it its own rewatch once I finish Clone Wars. Then maybe finish off Resistance.
  17. I think I prefer the way this handles weapons and armour than the last two games. In Odyssey I was constantly being showered with new items, most of which I'd just break down after having to compare it with my current equipment. Here I just pick what I like and upgrade when I can. I'm still running with a two handed golden axe that catches fire on critical hits. I'd agree that combat's a bit limited though, and so far I've not had the opportunity for the big complex stealth sections I liked from the older games. I'm hoping both get expanded a little more as I go.
  18. I think it's on Netflix. I thought wrong.
  19. Scan emailed me my CoD code a few days after I got my card. It might be worth sending them an email if yours hasn't arrived yet. Can't hurt!
  20. 20/11/2020 - Tetris Effect Connected (PC) I'm hardly the best Tetris player in the world, and have yet to win a game of Tetris 99, but I still love the game in any form and this might be my favourite yet. It's basically Tetris in the style of Lumines, which automatically improves on the Lumines formula by being, well, Tetris. I've only played through the Journey mode so there's plenty more to experience, not least the multiplayer modes, but I guess this is as "completed" as it gets. It plays a great game of Tetris, and I enjoyed all the music to some extent. Some were m
  21. I don't think this is true. I made the same assumption in the YouTube Music thread and was swiftly corrected.
  22. I... quite enjoyed that. It still has no business being a Star Trek episode with the exploding heads and all, but it was entertaining and didn't about me until the end.
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