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  1. 15/09/2021 - The Artful Escape I loved the look of this since the first trailer, but wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The theme was obvious, but the trailer made it look like more of a platformer than it really was. There is some platforming, but it's incredibly simple and used to flesh out what's otherwise something closer to a walking sim. That said, it was still an absolutely amazing experience. The music married up so well with the visual fireworks that accompanied it, managing to make me feel really cool at the same time. I even got quite invested in the story, slight as it was, helped by some excellent voice acting. I mentioned in the thread that the story felt like Bill and Ted written by Douglas Adams, by way of Sayonara Wild Hearts, and I think that describes the experience pretty well. At least, it does if you don't expect the wit of the actual Douglas Adams. The only slight blemish came from a weird performance issue on PC, where a couple of locations sent the framerate tanking for no obvious reason. The devs are apparently working on a patch, and I found a manual hotfix that sorted it for me just in time for the final section. I'm already looking forward to playing through the whole thing again in silky smooth perfection.
  2. The list has been acknowledged by Nvidia as "legit" in so far as it was taken from their servers, but claim some of the titles are just "speculative" and "used only for internal tracking and testing". https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-14-nvidia-acknowledges-leaked-pc-game-list-including-god-of-war-and-final-fantasy-7-remake So I guess some of it is probably real.
  3. I'm about halfway through, but I don't want this to end. It's glorious. It always looked good from the trailers, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite this good. People have said it already, but it does feel like Bill and Ted written by Douglas Adams by way of Sayonara Wild Hearts.
  4. I really enjoyed this week's. Some nice development among all the lower deckers, and a daft but fun plot to go with it. Also more heart than all of Discovery combined.
  5. You can grab the PC version for a lot less on CDKeys. The Deluxe edition is "only" £45, with the regular version at £28. I think the deluxe one has an exclusive episode again though, annoyingly.
  6. I'm sure there will be some explanation where their method of time travel is a one shot deal. Everyone will have conveniently forgotten about slingshotting round the sun because Spock told Starfleet never to tell anyone.
  7. This came up a while ago, and no xCloud doesn't require 5GHz WiFi. I can confirm this as my home wifi 2.4 and 5GHz networks can't be split (with the BT router I'm using at least), and more than once I've found myself playing with poor performance, checked and found my phone's connected to the 2.4GHz connection. It might require 5GHz for decent performance, but it certainly doesn't require it to work.
  8. Heh. I can't really say without giving away where I work, but it's graphical training software involving multiple vehicles and stuff. It certainly doesn't look like it requires a 2060 Super though, let alone a 3090.
  9. The training department at my workplace bought themselves no less than three prebuilt HP Omen desktops recently, packing a 3090 each. I was actually quite impressed with the builds, although at around £3,000 each you'd bloody hope they were good. As far as I'm aware though, they were bought to run training software with a recommended spec of a 2060 Super. On 1440p monitors, which were an upgrade from the 1080p screens they were going to use. I should add that we were only involved in buying the hardware using their budget, and had no say in the choice, as they're obviously ludicrously, hilariously overkill. I did suggest that we could probably sell the cards, replace them with something much more suitable and probably end end up getting the lot for "free".
  10. Yeah the magazine anecdotes are part of the appeal, surely? It's called "The Back Page", with the description of the two hosts "talking about video games and their years covering them professionally". Wishing away the anecdotes is wishing away half the point.
  11. Mogster


    It's definitely a grower, this. I think it might be their most consistent album so far, as as much as I like Bones I think that album has more of a gap in quality between the best and worst tracks. There's nothing in Screen Violence that I think I'd want to skip. I'm glad Chvrches are trying different things too. I wasn't a big fan of Love is Dead, but both that and Screen Violence are quite different from their first two albums.
  12. You don't need a guide for Myst, but it does expect you to be incredibly thorough in exploring the world. All those books in the library? You need to read them, or at least flick through to the diagrams and stuff. You also need to take a lot of notes, and occasionally draw maps. It's not for everyone, but can be really rewarding. It was originally static screens, combined with borderless video for animations. This is actually the second 3D version to be released I think, third if you include the remastered version of realMyst.
  13. I've been listening to The Back Page for a while now too, and like it so much that I've started listening to the earlier ones too. It became my favourite podcast more or less instantly. Their enthusiasm is definitely infectious. The Phoenix Wright episode got me playing the Trilogy on the Switch, which I'd been meaning to play for a while.
  14. I played up until arriving at the hub a couple of days ago, didn't think too much of it and put it aside. I went back to it today though and I'm absolutely loving it. I did play the original at some point, but while I liked it's style I thought it was a bit of a clunky platformer even then. The sequel has elevated the platforming to "solid", which is good enough to allow everything else to shine through.
  15. I'd bet that same phone would work brilliantly with Stadia or GeForce Now, or indeed local streaming. There's definitely something quirky about xCloud on phones compared to other services, which I've found to be way more consistent.
  16. Mogster


    I listened to it earlier in the car, but want to go through it again without all the noise. The opening track was the standout for me on a first listen, but that usually means it's just the most immediate. I like it a lot more than Love Is Dead already, and it's certainly a lot darker.
  17. It gets much, much, much better. Genuinely the best "Trek" on TV in a long time. I expected a poor man's Galaxy Quest when the show was announced, and that appeared to be what it was going for after the pilot. Season 1 got better as it went though, dialling down the wackiness and upping the Trek stuff. Season 2 was just superb, basically becoming TNG with a bit more humour. Of all the new Trek shows, Lower Decks is the only one I like. The Orville is a lot closer to "proper" Trek than that is.
  18. I noticed that The Orville is coming to Disney+ on 15th September. Hopefully that means it'll get season 3 when it launches too.
  19. Well, this all went a bit rubbish. My civ remained unbeatable, hoovering up every source of fame and racing up the tech tree. However, despite my civ being absolute experts in everything including spaceflight, my continued development was hampered by the lack of any oil whatsoever. In fact the map seemed to be devoid of any late game resources. Without any option left between starting a fight for no reason to get myself a conquest victory, or simply click my way through 100 turns, I thought I'd start a fight. I'm still stuck in that fight, staring at an Aztec army who refuse to take their turn. I guess that's where I'll be leaving that campaign. I was enjoying it up until that point though. I'm actually tempted to try and get into Endless Legend while I wait for a few patches to Humankind.
  20. I'm off to see Hamilton in London in January, having had it delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. I'm off to see Frozen: The Musical in a couple of weeks too, if that counts. I love musicals, although there are loads of classic ones I've never seen. Hamilton quickly became a favourite based on the Disney+ performance alone, and like someone else here I found myself listening to the album a lot afterwards too. I can't wait to see it live. Crazy Ex is brilliant, and all on Netflix I believe.
  21. I'm the opposite. At this point I'm so far ahead on fame (and tech) that there's basically no challenge now. The two remaining AIs have been reduced to a couple of cities between them. One of them attacked a free city, only for it to randomly join my civ somehow. My main challenge at the moment is just keeping my cities fed and stable while constantly expanding. I should probably just start over on a higher difficulty, but I'm still enjoying my first game. I did notice that there's a little island to the right of the main continent in my game that I suspect one of my neighbours has settled, which is annoying as I've not bothered with sailing techs at all so far.
  22. You can clear that stuff out from the website, as well as disabling autoplay for that matter: https://www.netflix.com/YourAccount You can hide individual items from Viewing History, and the autoplay setting is under Playback Settings. Both are set per profile, so you'll need to expand the profile you want to edit first under Profile and Parental Controls.
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