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  1. 28 minutes ago, Stig said:

    I'm enjoying this show so much. Yes it still has a few issues but nothing that isn't stopping me really enjoying it.


    Wish they'd have just had this story idea from the begining then we could have got a few more seasons of the OG crew, Shaw and Seven.

    I'm not sure Stewart would have signed up for it if it was. He may have come around for it now, but for the announcement he stated that he came back because the show was doing something completely different with the character.


    That could have just been marketing bullshit of course, but if true we might not have got this season without the nonsense that came before.

  2. I can totally understand why publishers abandoned E3. It's been steadily losing relevance for a long time, and after Sony dropped out it was only a matter of time.


    I will miss it though. I remember seeing it described as a cross between Christmas and Eurovision, and I love both those things. It brought us gifts in the form of surprise reveals and announcements, which it was always fun to get swept up in even if you didn't care that much about the games. Like Eurovision, it was a wonderful combination of the brilliant and the ridiculous. It was as much a delight for the bad as it was the good.


    Oh well. At least this means we should have more to look forward to spaced out across the year, but it won't be the same. No more giant enemy crabs, one million troops or RIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRRRs. :(

  3. 3 minutes ago, James Lyon said:

    Can anyone remember the conference where someone announces a game and then does a ridiculous punch the ground in excitement manoeuvre? I think it was for a Plants Vs Zombies title.

    I think it was the same presentation, but I'm pretty sure the game was Peggle 2. :)

  4. 19 minutes ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    The way the ship was scanned at the end felt like a homage to the start of Aliens to me.. or am I going mad? 

    Nah, I got that too. The whole scene had a bit of Aliens to it.



  5. I think the conclusion to this plotline so early in the season was entirely down to the show's "cancellation", requiring JMS to cram two seasons worth of plot into one. Then it got uncancelled anyway. <_<

  6. 53 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:


    If the game hadn't been so well regarded this series would've sunk without trace. I think people are reading more into it than is actually there.

    I think the show has reached a far wider audience than the game, by all accounts.

  7. 58 minutes ago, IcEBuRN said:

    Random finale thought:

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    Of course the Enterprise D turns up as already mentioned, and I think I also saw the Enterprise E in the trailer, but I could of confused it with another ship, as they all look a bit similar in NuTrek.


    One thing I haven't seen theorised yet, and I guess not that surprising, is about Picard specifically:

    I've heard it mentioned by a few people that got an early preview of the show that the ending is a real tear jerker. It seems obvious and perhaps poignant to me, and also due to real life limitations (lol if I'm wrong), that Picard gets killed saving them all. This allows them to segway nicely into this supposed follow up legacy series in the same tone as this final season.


    Oh - EDIT and not really a spoiler, but I'll leave it here. Remember that the crew from Lower Decks will be appearing in this with the actual voice actors. Having loved that show I can't wait!!!:omg:



    Regarding the first paragraph



    Specifically regarding the Enterprise E



    It's actually the F that will show up at some point. The ship was introduced in Star Trek Online, of all things. I'm not a fan.




    Of course, that's not to say the E won't also make an appearance. Why not?




  8. 22 minutes ago, ph0rce said:


    How come it doesn't have pad support, given that it seems to have also been released on consoles?

    Console releases don't always mean pad support for m&k driven PC games. Diablo III springs to mind, and I think the XCOM games are the same.


    I imagine it's due to the work involved in making a game work using multiple UI options, as opposed to "just" changing the UI to work with one.

  9. The Steam Deck has rather changed my attitude to Game Pass too. I still think it's a great service, and amazing value even at full price, but without the ability to install games to SteamOS it's become a bit superfluous for me.


    In fact, in some cases it's actively discouraged me from playing certain games. I started Hi-Fi Rush on Game Pass, and loved it, but figured I'd rather play it on the Steam Deck. Streaming a rhythm based game didn't sound too appealing though, and it felt a bit silly to pay for a game I had access to for free elsewhere, so...


    I'll probably change my opinion entirely when I inevitably end up with some kind of Xbox again in the future. :D

  10. Just now, womblingfree said:

    As Prequel hater till the day I die, having seen what Filoni’s done with the characters and timeline, I’m surprisingly pumped for the possible heroic return of…


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    Jar Jar

    …assuming that Grogu’s on his way to Naboo. 

    I mean it could conceivable be a de-aged…

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    I guess, but Filoni’s always rooting for the underdog.

    We kind of already had his heroic return if you check out who played his Jedi saviour. ;)

  11. I was trying out a bunch of stuff with the dock yesterday, and found out some weird stuff about home streaming on the Deck.


    I was getting horrendous performance to start with, and couldn't figure out what was causing it. A post on the Steam forum suggested turning off hardware decoding on the Deck, which massively improved things (bizarrely), but there was still a slight, but frequent stutter to contend with. 


    Then I switched to desktop mode and streaming became flawless, even with hardware decoding back on.


    So use desktop mode for home streaming I guess!

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