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  1. I've had my Deck for quite a while now, but it's still managing to surprise me. After playing through most of FFVIIR Episode Intermission on it, I've started the Resi VIII Shadow of Rose expansion and it runs like an absolute dream! I knocked it down to 40fps for the sake of battery life, but it didn't seem to be struggling at 60. At least during the small amount I've played. FFVIIR itself needed a 30fps lock combined with some at times rather aggressive adaptive resolution, but the small screen countered that a bit. It played really well and still looked pretty great with those caveats. If you'll allow me a bit of hyperbole, I genuinely think this might be my favourite games machine of all time.
  2. It's really well done, although in this case the episode also drew on storylines from at least two earlier episodes. What's also really well done is how the episodes could so often be genuinely excellent Star Trek episodes even without the humour. The finale was a perfect example.
  3. Aww, that was the season finale? I mean it was an excellent one, but I wish there were more.
  4. They've been used sparingly but to good effect so far. Certainly not cannon fodder. I think this show could actually make incredibly good use of force users, as long as they weren't overused. Someone like Vader could be absolutely terrifying in this context, if handled well.
  5. I mean, it's a nice logo, but calling it a "new" logo is maybe pushing it.
  6. I mean, it's quite impressive feat from SE to release a BOTW knock-off a mere four months after BOTW itself. I'm sure they'd have added liftable chickens if they had a bit longer.
  7. Different controls are suited to different things, but I'd usually favour a controller. The exceptions are the few genres that really need a mouse and keyboard, like strategy games and CRPGs, but I'd usually stick to a controller for everything else. I don't really play competitive multiplayer games so reaction speed doesn't factor into it for me.
  8. I don't think Christopher Tolkien was interested in selling the rights at all, and I imagine the estate aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect even now he's out of the picture. I got the impression Christopher would have revoked all rights to LOTR and the Hobbit as well if he could.
  9. Nope. The midi stuff is much worse! There's nothing wrong with the music as such, but I didn't think it was anything special and tracks were reused so often that they became very repetitive. This seems to be less of an issue in the second act, so far at least, but for a long time it seemed every town had the same generic town music for instance. The overworld theme was also quite overbearing, and ended up becoming a bit much. The DQVIII overworld theme you can switch to fits a lot better in my opinion. It's nothing at all like BOTW, so if you're after an experience like that then you're playing the wrong game really. The world does eventually open out a bit, but while it does reward a small amount of exploration it never does anything interesting in terms of how you get from A to B.
  10. It's an odd one. It didn't really click with me for quite a few hours, but after a while I found myself really enjoying it. I couldn't even tell you what changed my mind. It is incredibly old fashioned in many ways though, and very deliberately so, but it's also very modern when it comes to quality of life stuff. The story is quite episodic, and also quite traditional so far. It all feels very low stakes for quite a long time, and often quite fairy tale-like in tone. It does eventually turn into something more though. The soundtrack is unfortunately a bit limited and feels rather repetitive, especially early on. The overworld theme is the worst offender, but you can switch this to the DQVIII overworld theme after loading in one of the free bonus outfits. I would highly recommend doing this as soon as possible.
  11. Yeah we know that now. I didn't know that going into the episode though, which made it more exciting.
  12. Well, the actual story was a load of hyperactive bollocks, to the point where I genuinely couldn't tell you what was going on for most of it. It wasn't that it was hard to follow as such, it was just bollocks. However, Anyway, this era is finally over and I can't wait to see what RTD can do next.
  13. I think that's fair, although I definitely enjoy the nudge wink stuff more than you. I like that they're rarely obvious, and often developed just enough to highlight how absurd the concepts could be. They're rarely just "remember this?", and even when they are they're often the more unlikely stuff that I actually had forgotten.
  14. The TV writeup makes this sound like Chibnall's smushed together about six different episode ideas: For goodness sake, focus!
  15. This has also been the case for a long time now, certainly a lot longer than multiple specced consoles have been a thing. Almost all multiformat games will have PC versions, and those have never had a single, static build to target. I guess things are a little different when it comes to exclusives, but in Microsoft's case their games still usually come with simultaneous PC releases, and even Sony are making increasing moves in that direction.
  16. Indeed. PC games always come with minimum and recommended specs, and these days often list a whole range of requirements depending on what resolution and framerate you're after, along with additional requirements for raytracing. More power will give you more performance, obviously, but that doesn't mean less powerful PCs are holding back the top end hardware. So no, I don't think the Series S is holding anything back. Later down the line, we'll no doubt see new mid-generation consoles get announced, and I wouldn't view the existing PS5 and Series X as holding those back either.
  17. My wife doesn't like Star Wars unless it has a Grogu in it, and hasn't been watching this. She was in the room while I started this episode though, and after a few minutes asked "how is this Star Wars?" It really does feel incredibly different to everything else Star Wars has had to offer, including Rogue One, and I mean that in a very good way. I was actually a bit disappointed when the show was announced, as I thought it would be just another Star Wars show set in the background of the main events, but it's so much more than that. It's so well told as well. That scene between Mon Mothma and the other senator was somehow incredibly exciting, despite just being a conversation. The direction, acting and music all worked towards building a slowly intensifying thrill. It's brilliant!
  18. On my Windows desktop at least, switching to a lower resolution monitor usually results in the game adjusting itself automatically. The higher res options simply don't appear any more. I think games should remember their high res options as well when you switch back, as that's the option that should be written to some config file somewhere. Also if a game display is set to borderless window instead of full screen then it will always be whatever the Deck's output res is set to.
  19. It's verified "great on deck" on SteamOS, and is also in this month's Humble Choice selection. I'm sure it's fine over Cloud Gaming too mind.
  20. I agree. It was a decent TNG two-parter (albeit with needlessly elevated stakes) stretched out to ridiculous lengths. It was still a million times better than season 2.
  21. That was unbelievably good, not to mention visually stunning. I finished the episode with a real desire to watch it all again, and I haven't felt that in a while. Amazing TV!
  22. I've got the whole trilogy to play through, but maybe after a little break. I believe the flow chart thing was added with the Nonary Games rerelease. I don't think I'd have bothered if I had to play through the whole thing each time, not least because you can guarantee that I'd accidentally choose a repeat choice while skipping through all the dialogue. It seems like such a core part of the game that it's weird it was so hard to do originally.
  23. 10/10/2022 - The Nonary Games: 999 Among other things, getting a Steam Deck has been a perfect opportunity to try out genres I wouldn't normally play. My experience with visual novels began and ended with the Phoenix Wright games before now, so I thought I'd try something different. I found it surprisingly engaging for the most part. There was a good balance between basic visual novel stuff and escape room style puzzles, and the premise and characters were quite interesting. Even the voice acting was surprisingly decent for the most part, to the point where I rarely just read the the dialogue and skipped ahead. My one criticism of the characters was the design of Lotus, which was just a bit weird for a few reasons. She's the only female character in the game dressed in skimpy clothing, for seemingly no reason, and on top of this there are a few references to her being "old" despite looking maybe thirty at most. It's just a bit strange really. Outside of the puzzle rooms, your interaction is limited to very occasional choices that determine the flow of the story, which leads to a rather interesting structure. My first run through the story resulted in a terrible fate for my character that failed to resolve much of anything, but from the very start of the game you have full access to a flow chart showing exactly where you could have made different choices. You can also jump back to any scene you've experienced, and even jump straight to the pivotal moments where those decisions are made. I ended up uncovering all the endings before finally reaching the "true" end, but learnt a lot about the characters and the game's various mysteries in the process. I think it might even be necessary to see some of this before the full true ending unlocks, and without spoiling too much I think the structure itself plays into the narrative too. Despite this structure though, I never felt like I could make educated decisions to choose the "correct" path. This is very much a visual novel at its core, and not a narrative adventure like a Telltale game. The choices are there to allow you to find stuff out that wouldn't have worked in a linear narrative, not to make for interesting decisions. Ultimately it made for a fun story that couldn't have easily been told in any other medium, and aside for the odd drawn out slice of melodrama I think it was quite well told as well.
  24. It's going to be terrible, and that trailer didn't do anything to convince me otherwise. I am however looking forward to seeing the old cast reunited, and for that reason alone it can't possibly be as bad as season 2. Right?
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