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  1. That Breking Benjamin song is actually in the game, albeit without the vocals. It's played during the "Maybe we should sit this one out" fight at the end of the 12th level. The first Incubus track is partly in the game too during the banshee bit on the gas mining facility. I agree with you about the Hoobastank trak being terrible, but I think a special mention goes to "Never Surrender". It's just a generic dance tune with Halo 2 soundbytes spliced in. "Okay, I'm shutting you down!"
  2. Well I liked the game a lot the first time through, but there were a few levels I was dreading to try again on Heroic. However I am now just three levels away from the end on Heroic and I'm absolutely loving the game now Areas of the game I previously found rock hard have now become a lot easier regardless of the harder difficulty. I know what weapons work well against different enemies, and have an idea of how to tackle each area instead of blundering into the unknown. I only have three levels left to do now. Now I wasn't really dissapointed with the game the first time through anyway, but from my experience it's definitely a grower.
  3. Mine's shipping on Monday, so I should have it either Wednesday or Thursday I'm going to have to skip my lecture on Wednesday morning to sign for it though. It's hard to believe it's coming out already. E3 seems like yesterday!
  4. So what's in the mag this month then?
  5. Then again Gran Turismo 3 is better than Gran Turismo, but that doesn't mean it's worth a ten
  6. I'm liking those Halo 2 and San Andreas scores. Exactly what I expected. I'm a little surprised at the Metroid Prime 2 score though, considdering the original got a 9. Maybe it's just a case of the game not really offering anything new. never mind though I'm sure I'll be enjoying it in a week
  7. Hmm I'm not sure to be honest. Going by the ammount of coverage it receives compared to the other consoles on American gaming sites it has the least ammount of interest anyway. *Digs hole* My point was though that even if a console is performing amazingly well most people would not wish to shell out for games from a previous generation as well as the means to play them when they could buy a brand new game instead. I doubt that many people buy PSone games to play on their PS2s these days, and that doesn't require any extra hardware. Instead most people use it to play games they already owned if at all.
  8. In the UK and America in fact. Yes they're doing a lot better in Japan, but this survey is on nintendo of America's site is it not?
  9. Agreed. Edge have never said that a game must be revolutionary in order to get a 10. In the old design they had a "rough guide" to what a score implied, and the current guide for a 10 was indeed "revolutionary". Before that I think it was "Miyamoto". Go figure. Anyway in the last few issues they reviewed a couple of what they described as "revolutionary" games, Eyetoy Play and Singstar. Were those games awarded tens? No. Was Halo revolutionary? Not really, although it did introduce some neat new features to the FPS genre. I think the Edge staff probably just got a bit pissed off at all the people complaining about the Halo score on the grounds that the game wasn't revolutionary and it was an early review so the magazine must have sold out blah blah blah. Now the score explanation is simply "10=Ten", which is exactly what it is.
  10. The Flood were quarantined on Delta Halo as well, behind the Sentinal Wall. The Sentinals were supposed to stop anything getting in or out. As for the installation in the atmosphere it wasn't part of any Halo, but some kind of Forerunner gas mine or something.
  11. Objectively speaking though I don't see how Nintendo would expect to make much money out of this. The only people that would really benefit would be people who already have a bunch of N64 games, as they aren't exactly widely available. Those people that have the games will most likely have an N64 as well, so apart from saving space the N64 player wouldn't offer all that much for them. Of course Nintendo could always re-release a bunch of budget priced N64 games, but when you look at how low sales of Gamecube games are getting this would be a little misguided.
  12. Well my brother was the one with the N64 last gen, so he has a whole bunch of games. I on the other hand have none, so this doesn't really affect me either way. Still it would be a pretty neat thing to have.
  13. Yes it was, I definitely remember doing that many a time in The Library. I was glad they didn't take that feature out for the sequel.
  14. Haha I did something along those lines once. I'd bought a couple of things from the American Ebay, and low and behold two air mail packages turned up in a week or so, one of which was quite big. So I tore into the big one first to find it was was packaged in a shoe box stuck down with selotape. I cut through the tape, opened the box and found some nuts among other things. Feeling sheepish I checked the address on the wrapping and found it was for one of my foreign housemates Luckily the outer wrapping was pretty much intact, so I put the rubber band back arround it and sneaked it back downstairs I tend to be a little more careful these days.
  15. I think your health is now simply "very low" I'm afraid, nothing specific to say. On the bright side I think it just returns to maximum when your shields are back. Basically the implication is without shields you're very vulnerable and nees to hide As for the torch there is no longer a limit to how long it lasts, but it'll automatically (sometimes annoyingly) switch off if it decides it's bright enough to see without it.
  16. Considdering the ammount of acrobatics required during combat the lock on is pretty much a necessity.
  17. I agree completely about the scores thing. I think the new Edge is trying to bestow as little importance on the score as possible, relegating it to a small number at the end of the text and changing their score descriptions to 10=Ten and so on. This would also explain the "muted" review. The reviewer clearly loves the game and cites some good reasons for doing so. Even without the score it's perfectly clear that the game is something special. The score is after all just a number.
  18. Didn't Retro say something about including a traditional FPS control sceme as an option? I could have just immagined it
  19. Same with the introduction chapters, if you want to play through the game but can't be arsed to go through the intro and tutorial then you can jump straight to the game proper. Of course advertising the game as having 15 levels is still a little dodgy.
  20. Well I have this on preorder from Gameplay, so I should be playing it come the 25th I think the general lack of excitement is partially down to the type of game it is. I mean with Halo 2 and GTA San Andreas there's more of an adrennaline rush involved, fighting against insurmountable odds or going on crime sprees. Metroid is all about the atmosphere, and a more restrained thrill of the unknown. Anyway, it's going to be great I think.
  21. Mogster

    Feb 9th

    Well Bungie say it's bollocks. Is there anybody here who has actually seen this message, or is it all just a rumour?
  22. I think Drill Spirits has been pushed back to the 30th or something. I'm not entirely shure though. Still it's not far off!
  23. I started playing San Andreas again today for the first time since last Wednesday. The graphics were a little jarring for a few minutes afer Halo 2, but it's still fantastic.
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