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  1. Not TOTALLY sure I want it in my mobile gaming though. Not sure I want to sacrifice battery life.

    That's a good point, although from Gamespot's review at least it seems it does a good job of simulating the feel of a pinball machine. Whatever that is. :D

  2. What the christ would possess anyone to buy a pinball game of any kind? It's like a total non-genre, there's no control and theres no depth, and nobody really understands the scoring systems.

    Metroid Pinball looks to be a lot more than "just" a pinball game though. I've just watched Gamespot's video review, and I was surprised at just how well they've used the license. The visuals and music are spot on, and the game really does seem to be a pinball version of Metroid Prime. It even features boss battles in which you need to reach spots to shoot at them in suit mode.

    Basically it looks to be as much a videogame as it is a pinball game.

  3. Some one has finished it on insane?  :blink:

    I can't get past the third song.

    I beat insane mode weeks ago. I R t3h c00lest etc. B)

    RSG took me literally days to beat though, and proved quite extraordinarilly frustrating in the process. It felt incredible when I finally did beat it though. The most annoying thing about insane mode is that the buttons appear far later than they used to, giving you very little time to get to them. Thanks to this the likes of RSG can become a little more frustrating than fun sometimes.

  4. I really don't want to splash out on a HDTV as well as a new console, not yet at least. HDTV's are bound to come down in price in a few years time, and until then I'm hardly going to be seeing Xbox quality visuals coming out of my 360.

  5. It's alright... no Star Ocean 2

    Battle system seems great at first, but when you play on you'll realise that it's just repetitive boilocks, at that point you'll just revert to using the same string of attacks over and over to dispatch EVERY enemy, even the bosses.

    I ended up doing just that, but didn't really mind the repetitiveness.

    That reminds me, there are a few really annoying difficulty spikes littered arround the game, forcing you to embark on level grinds which damage the flow of things a bit. However one boss (that comes out of nowhere) is just plain annoying whatever your level.

  6. I was hooked on it for around forty hours, after which a certain plot twist and a game breaking bug killed any enthusiasm I once had. Until that point I really enjoyed it though, despite almost all of the first disk being a little irrelevant to overall plot.

    Incidentally that bug resulted an entire area being desplayed as a black (sometimes white) screen, leaving me to navigate using the map alone. It switched back to normal during a cut-scene, only to slip back into arseyness straight afterwards. I haven't heard of anyone else encountering this though, so I guess I'm just unlucky. The twist still sucks.

  7. Does anyone know if the 360 provides power over USB so that if you are using your iPod it will charge/power it whilst in use?

    That's how the play and charge kits work for the wireless pads, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for an iPod as well.

  8. I wouldn't say much improved.  They fixed* a bit of game and had an option to see English subs for Yorda on the ruin save.  Same as 'The Best' release in Japan (albeit with Japanese subtitles).

    *fixed = annoying timed jump bollocks vs. a shimmy across the roof, iirc.

    They also chucked in a new secret weapon for the second playthrough, and added some good looking optional filters too. It's not much perhaps, but better than nothing. I can wait anyway.


  9. The last boss was rubbish, and something of a poorly judged difficulty spike too. However after dieing for the tenth time or so I tried approaching it in a diferent way. I completely ignored Crowe on his legde, and instead concentrated on killing the respawing goons, who go down nice and fast with head-shots or feral attacks. After a few waves they stopped coming, and I was able to concentrate on Crowe, who kindly jumped down to my level to let me take advantage of his rubbish AI. He didn't last long. :lol:

  10. Do you think there's a chance that Nintendo will bundle these with Mario Kart?

    and, Erm, am I being daft or is there no order button on that Play.com page?

    It appears to have become "not currently available", so I guess they've stopped taking pre-orders for now. Alternatively they could be replacing it with a completely diferent description, and claim all £14.99 pre-orders void.

    I hope not though, that would suck.

  11. Where do you get the 30 quid price from?

    Err, I really have no idea. I may quite well have imagined it. :D

    Either way Play have had this price up for some time now. If the official price does turn out to be greater, Play generally honour their pre-order prices. If it turns out to be lower, then everybody's happy.

  12. Okay I've just done a bit more reading, and it seems we're both right. :(

    You play a "troublesome schoolboy" (Rockstar's words), who "stands up to bullies, gets picked on by teachers, plays pranks on malicious kids, wins or loses the girl, and ultimately learns to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious reform school." As far as I can tell you do play a bully, but the people being bullied are in fact other bullies that want to bully you, all justiied by the "reform school" setting. I guess that makes things a lot more palatable, but the use of the word "prank" doesn't seem to match up with the content of the third screenshot. :D

    Anyway, I guess we'll have to see how it turns out. I still feel the concept is a bit on the dodgy side, no matter what steps are taken to soften the blow.

  13. Where the hell do you get your gaming information from?

    Last I checked, you dont play as a bully in Bully (the title comes from the fictional school in the title), there are no guns in the game, and the aim of the game is not to bully the other or specific students.

    I dont think there has been much in the way of concrete information about the gameplay released by Rockstar as of yet.

    I know there are no guns, hence the comment that Jack's "Columbine simulator" is utter bollocks. :D

    However as far as I know the aim of the game is exactly as I described. The official site shows nothing but three screenshots, each of which shows the same sterotypical skinhead bully, looking mean and beating up some kids.

    There hasn't been much information released about the game yet though, I'll give you that. However from what has been released it seems my interpretation is more likely to be true. I'll happily eat my words if I'm wrong though.

    EDIT: Here's a quote from the BBC News site back in August. Hardly up to date, but meh.

    Rockstar Games has said it does not yet have a synopsis for the game, but gaming magazines have reported that Bully features a pupil at a school for juvenile offenders who assaults both other pupils and teachers.
  14. I actually listened to most of that interview, and Mr. T does make some valid points before descending into drivel. For a start he specifically calls for a UK BBFC style rating system to replace the ESRB. He argues that the ESRB, being related to the ESA as being subservient to the games industry, deliberately rating games below what they should be. This is of course mostly rubbish, but bringing in a completely seperate organisation would at least remove any sense of uncertainty for silly parents.

    Secondly he argues that Bully is in unacceptably bad taste, pointing out the outrage from anti-bullying organisations and the prominence of the Columbine disaster in the American consciousness. I agree. Based on the admittedly small ammount of information we have on the game, you play a school bully with the aim of becoming the most feared bully of them all. I see absolutely no appeal in that concept beyond real-life bullies eager to continue their fantasies outside of the schoolyard. Manhunt's appeal came came from a natural morbid curiosity and its satirical overtones. GTA came with the appeal of a glamorous criminal lifestyle. Bully, at least in concept, is just sick.

    Of course, Thompson's headline grabbing description of Bully as a "Columbine simulator" is clearly way off the mark - it's not that sick - but I can't see it as bringing anything but bad publicity to a medium that's still having trouble becoming accepted in the mainstream. I don't think the game should be banned or anything as Thompson clearly desires, as like the interviewer said it's up to the public what they deem acceptable. However I can't see a game that trivialises an issue as serious as school bullying as anything but a bad light.

    Those aside then, hearing Thompson for the first time reveals him to be just as slimy and irritating as I imagined him to be. The interviewer brought up the issue of why so much attention was given to Hot Coffee as opposed to all the violent illegal activities in the game, especially given Thompson's focus on videogame violence. He sidestepped the issue completely, instead moaning about how Rockstar "lied" about the game's content to the ESRB being the issue at hand. When questioned about his fluff with The Sims 2, he once again tried to sidestep the issue to rant about how the likes of the EA could lose their copyrights by letting modders use the names of their games. Also his insistence that games can train people in performing real life violence along with his constant referals to games as "simulators" is quite immensely annoying.

  15. So in america can kid slegally buy adult video games like GTA?

    No. Their version of PEGI (the ESRB) is actually enforced by law, and the GTA games are rated T for Teen, which is 17 and up. Jack Thompson is just an idiot.

    EDIT: Or what he said^

  16. I absolutely loved the original Ratchet and Clank, but I thought the third one had moved a little too far away from its platforming roots. It's still a good game, but the huge focus on shooting made it a little repetitive after a while.

    As for the J&D series, I've only played the second one. I hated it. The platforming bits are quite fun, but the city was an excercise in frustration. I really like the look of the original though, and should really look at picking it up sometime.

  17. Digression aside, it looks very promising and it's out in America next week.  I have my doubts about a European release, certainly for the XBox version, but if anyone knows otherwise, do say.  I'll be playing it on Live, if it turns out to be as good as I'm hoping.

    According to Gameplay it's out on both the Xbox and PC on the 21st.


    It certainly looks different, but I have a feeling it could end up on the frustrating side of slow paced. Here's hoping though.

    EDIT: As for the "giant" tanks, was that ever a problem in Advance Wars?

  18. I must say you're a patient bunch, most people would have cracked under the stream of 'help' you're getting from us here.

    Actually we really appreciate the feedback we're getting here, as everywhere else on the web seems to be far too polite. ;)

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