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  1. You can "complete" Her Story by typing in endless random words as well, but that's not the point is it? You might as well say you can finish a novel by flicking through the pages like a flickbook until you reach the back cover.
  2. In my mind it's not the same situation. Elon Musk, for all his many faults, is not trying to spread hate and deny the existence of a marginalised group. He's also not as intrinsically linked to rockets and electric cars as Rowling is to Harry Potter. I'd rather he wasn't involved at all, but here we are. Anyway, it's better to do something rather than nothing, right? I've certainly thrown away my share of recyclable goods, so does that mean I shouldn't bother recycling anything? Big business has done a huge amount of damage, and continues to do so, but it's quite hard to go through life without using products linked to Google, Apple or Microsoft. Not buying a videogame however is very easy indeed. Twitter has enabled the rapid spread of all sorts of hateful views and misinformation, including Rowling's, but responsibility for her views are still very much on her and her alone. If I leave my door unlocked and my house gets burgled, it's still the burglar at fault no matter how easy I made it for them.
  3. I do wonder though, how close to the product do people like JKR need to be before people decided not to buy it? If Hogwarts Legacy was somehow JKR's indie product, and she'd stated that all proceeds would directly fund a campaign against trans rights, would your only consideration remain the quality of the game in isolation? I do agree with Broker that there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, and almost any purchase will be encouraging some kind of dodgy practice, but I think people like Rowling are arguably more problematic as they're not just part of a horrible status quo, they're actively involved in making it worse.
  4. This isn't giving me 10/10 vibes so far, but it is intriguing. At first I had no idea what I was doing beyond tracking people and items across footage, but now I'm definitely doing something.
  5. I agree with all of those points except Isaac, who I think looks pretty cool and manages to somehow be extremely expressive in spite of his lack of almost any features.
  6. 30/08/2022 - Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection (C&C GDI Campaign) I bought this on release due to having extremely fond memories of the original release, and have been slowly playing through the GDI campaign. The remastering job was absolutely incredible, and definitely one of the best examples I've seen of "this is how you remember it, not how it was". A quick press of the space bar instantly switches to the original graphics, making this all too clear. The game itself is exactly how I remembered it too, for better and worse. I still really enjoy how straightforward it is to play, even on the Steam Deck, and I can't imagine playing something like StarCraft on that thing. It's still just as fun as ever to build a load of mammoth tanks and steamroll the enemy. The last GDI mission however remains an absolute bastard. There are three variants you can choose from, all of which are ridiculously hard, and I must have restarted about ten times before finally beating it. Playing it feels a little like a Hitman level, gradually figuring out where everything is and planning the perfect approach to deal with it all with the benefit of hindsight. It was very satisfying to finally crack it with a perfect (well, workable) run, but probably not what you really want from an RTS these days. I think I'll make a start on Red Alert soon. So much of the first game is seared into my brain, but despite playing Red Alert at the time (on the PS1 of all things) I can't remember that much about it. I'm looking forward to it though!
  7. This is proving surprisingly hard to Google, but is it possible to map a keyboard button combo to a single Steam Deck button? I'm trying to map Ctrl+N and Ctrl+L for quicksaves/loads in C&C, but can't seem to figure it out. Edit: Never mind! You need to set the second button as a separate "layer" in the config. Now to figure out chords...
  8. Anyway, I've been playing a bit of C&C Remastered recently so I thought I'd see how that played on the Steam Deck. Obviously RTS games are never going to be ideal on a handheld, and this one is only "Playable", but I figured it might be simple enough to work. It kind of does! I played through a couple of missions without any massive issues. The right trackpad or stick controls the cursor, with the left stick moving your view. The triggers control mouse clicks, and the d-pad or left trackpad handles groups. The touch screen works as a mouse too, but I haven't used it much. It's still a bit fiddly, but quite playable. It did highlight one quirk though. Space and Each are mapped to the hamburger and, err, the other menu button, but neither seem to work unless you play the game in Desktop mode. I have no idea why.
  9. Are you sure it was a Steam Deck? The grips on the deck are moulded like a modern controller, so more like holding a Switch with the Hori split pad. Edit: Now with pic!
  10. For some reason the latest version didn't show up straight away for me, but did after a bit of fiddling around. The extension might have to update itself. It probably doesn't make a difference for Xcloud though. It's not a mind-blowing difference, but it is significant, especially for text. The Reddit thread I linked to shows a comparison.
  11. Don't forget to change the user agent to Windows for better quality streaming. https://old.reddit.com/r/xcloud/comments/vrfmuz/quality_on_linux/ Download the User Agent Switcher and Manager extension for Edge beta in desktop mode, and switch the user agent to the latest Windows version of Edge for "All Windows". When you next launch Xcloud, you should find everything is a bit sharper.
  12. There are currently Star Wars games on the way from a bunch of different publishers, so I don't think they have any exclusivity agreements in place.
  13. Yes, and it's good! I think I'd have really loved it as a kid. So start with episode IV? I think ANH is actually quite dated these days, to be honest. It's still much more kid friendly than TOS or TMP mind, but it's a film from the 70s and it's not getting any younger. Honestly though, there's really not much you need to know to get into SNW. Everything it takes from Discovery is introduced in the first episode, and while it links to other TOS stuff and even the TOS movies, it doesn't require any existing knowledge. I think it's as good an entry point as any.
  14. You're not wrong, but I also don't think it's a major problem. I think my first introduction to Star Trek was a random TNG episode, and it soon became my favourite thing ever despite it not opening with an explanation of what a transporter is. Really? The "open with big beard and hair, then tidy up after being called back into action" is basically a trope. It's also clearly still the same actor. Fair enough, but this is explained in the first episode of SNW as well. It's one of a couple of things from Discovery that have an impact on this show, the other being the fate of Discovery itself along with Michael, which is also explained in the first episode of SNW. And that's it! And that's about as much of an explanation as it ever had. And you know that because that's the explanation in the episode! There's very little crossover between SNW and Discovery, with the first episode having by far the most links for obvious reasons. Pike's knowledge of the future remains a thing, but all you need to know has been explained already in the show. Each episode is mostly stand-alone with the exception of character developments, and I don't think it mentions anything more from Discovery that hasn't already been mentioned. I think any sci-fi or fantasy show will have a bit of a barrier compared to other genre shows, as there's always going to be differences in technology, societies, aliens or whatever that you need to get used to. Star Wars is no different, as it's not like Obi-Wan Kenobi opened with an explanation of the force.
  15. The show deviated from the books in smaller ways long before it hit that point, and remained a great show. However, while I agree the showrunners were clearly unable to come up with decent material of their own once the novels ran out, that doesn't mean it had to be that way. I doubt even GRRM knows exactly where his story is going at this point, and there's no reason the show couldn't have taken it somewhere amazing with better showrunners.
  16. I'm not singling you out, but I've seen this view expressed a few times and I'm curious about what makes this different from other shows based on literary works that don't just translate the story to the screen. Game Of Thrones for instance made a number of changes from the books, and obviously left the source completely behind after it overtook them. Obviously we all know how that turned out, but it was good TV for a long time. Would it matter that it was increasingly just "fan fiction" if it kept up the quality? What about the recent Watchmen TV show? That was 100% "fan fiction", but was fantastic by all accounts so does this matter? Then of course there are countless works drawing on classic myths and legends that take the source material in all sorts of new directions. I'd like to think that Tolkien would approve of his works being used in the same way.
  17. I don't really play games like these any more, but have paid for the odd battle pass when I have in the past. I don't really have an issue with them, especially if the game is otherwise free, and they're a much better option than a mandatory subscription fee, loot boxes or pay to win mechanics.
  18. They're horrible in different ways, but it's the blockchains, particularly "Proof Of Work" blockchains using up insane amounts of energy to provide a function that could often be replaced with a simple centralised database. You also can't really separate the two in most cases, as interacting with blockchains tends to involve paying fees with crypto.
  19. You could say that about any game to a certain extent, especially turn based games where quick reactions aren't a thing. However, it's worth noting that on the regular difficulty setting it's not really necessary to fight every monster you come across. I tend to just go for monsters in my path, or monsters I haven't seen before, and I've yet to find myself significantly underlevelled. I played through FFXII for the first time a few years ago, and got very bored indeed by the time I'd set my party's gambits up properly. Most of the game was literally just pushing an analogue stick while my party took care of itself, and it was incredibly dull. Even holding X while grinding in the old FFs was more engaging than that, and I've yet to resort to that for any fight in DQXI. It's still a very traditional turn based JRPG combat system, but every character has their own unique quirks to make things a little more interesting. Even when you could theoretically just mash "Attack" there's always a more efficient option. One other tip I have is an aesthetic one, but I'd highly recommend switching to the DQVIII overworld music. I found the DQXI version ridiculously overbearing, and often completely out of place depending on the environment. The DQVIII music fits much better for me.
  20. I'm probably starting the obvious, but you're criticising the game for playing itself when you've explicitly set it to play itself. If you set the characters to "follow orders" you get full control over every action. I'm playing it at the moment too, and while it's still quite easy I've definitely had the odd challenging fight. Even when they're easy, I've still found myself picking actions with some thought rather than just simply attacking every turn. You can always turn on Draconian Quest of whatever it's called if you want to make things harder.
  21. Blue Origin have flown six crewed flights so far, but you're right about Virgin.
  22. I saw the Directors Edition yesterday too, and it was amazing. TMP has always been a good looking movie, with some incredible model shots, but seeing it all on the big screen made everything that much grander. Combine it all with the measured pace and that soundtrack and it was an amazing experience. The redone Directors Cut effects made a big difference too. The DC itself was quite well done in that regard, but I remember some of the external V'ger shots, and especially the hexagon walkway forming looked a bit out of place compared to the rest of the move. The Directors Edition completely fixes that stuff, making everything feel a lot more cohesive. I still really love TMP. It looks and sounds great, and despite the slow pace I find the time always flies by when I watch it. It may literally be a stretched out TV episode, but it feels entirely natural, using it's runtime to really let the story breathe. It also allows the film to really luxuriate in its sense of wonder and exploration. I'm definitely going to the TWOK showing next month. It's still one of my all time favourite movies, and I'm not missing the chance to see it on the big screen.
  23. I'm really enjoying the latest episode, and was very pleasantly surprised at the Press Start mention. I had a great time writing for that, and am still enormously grateful to Chris Schilling for giving me the chance.
  24. I think it was "Let's just make Star Trek", as opposed to trying to do something different with the setting. I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with making a serialised Star Trek show, but Paramount clearly aren't very good at it. Discovery's main issue at the moment is that it keeps trying to stretch out a thin story over the course of a whole season of episodes. Season 4 could have made for a pretty good two parter in the middle of a show like Strange New Worlds, ideally with more restrained stakes instead of threatening the whole galaxy again.
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