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  1. I loved the first three episodes, although I can definitely see why they released them all at once. It was basically a pilot split into three, and quite arbitrarily so as well. It was also very slow paced, although I didn't mind in this case.
  2. I hadn't really thought of it as an Android games machine, but yeah it could. It's still too expensive though.
  3. That's my point. It looks great, but it's up against more capable devices at that price that can still stream games as well as run stuff natively. Something like this would be amazing if it cost a lot less.
  4. That's too much. It does look like a decent product, especially if that 12 hour battery life proves correct, but if you're spending that sort of money why wouldn't you just get a Steam Deck or something?
  5. I have two 1080p monitors on my desk. Well, a 1080p one and an older 16:10 one. The TV is on a stand in front of a sofa, and yeah I use a wireless keyboard/mouse thing for that.
  6. If you want to run modern stuff at 4K with raytracing you really need DLSS (or FSR2 I guess). If you're happy to run without RT than you might be okay though. Honestly though, as nice as raytracing is I don't think I'd miss it that much.
  7. I don't really see the point in a 4K monitor, unless it's so big it might as well be a TV. It just seems like a waste of GPU power. I use a 3080 with a 4K TV incidentally, which runs everything very well at 60fps. It won't quite run Cyberpunk fully maxed out, but it's close enough without costing you over a grand.
  8. This is actually quite reassuring, as it does imply they're not just trying to price cards quite so ridiculously for future generations. Regarding the numbering, while the "fake" 4080 is obviously partly for the price excuse, I think it's also to avoid that list dropping from 3080 to 4070, which I guess might look a little confusing if they're keeping the 3000 cards around as current gen options. But yes, there's really not that much I play that really pushes my 3080, even at 4K60. As long as most games target the current gen consoles it should remain viable for a long time. I was reusing my old 980ti before getting this card, and to be honest even that was still fine for a lot of games.
  9. I've never had that issue. I doubt it's this, but if you're using the User Agent Switcher extension it might be worth checking it's set to the latest version of Edge for Windows.
  10. I've got a similar setup. I use two monitors at my desk, but switch to a 4K (sadly not OLED) TV for most games. I've got a bit of an arcane way to switch between the two setups involving third party software and a batch file to keep the screen layout correct, but it's a lot easier if you've just got one monitor and the TV. Basically WIN+P is your friend when you're switching between the two, as this lets you quickly switch between either monitor, or both in duplicate or extended modes. I'd recommend only using one screen at a time when gaming ("PC screen only" or "Second screen only" in the WIN+P menu), as while many games behave well with multiple displays enabled, some seem to freak out a bit, especially when you're using two very different resolutions. As for the playing games at both resolutions, they usually work just fine. If you have borderless windowed mode set then they should automatically match your screen resolution anyway. I generally play games exclusively on one screen or the other, but on the odd occasion I have played the same game on both they automatically match the native res in full screen too. Your mileage may vary though.
  11. It's just the cutscenes, remastered with better graphics into what's basically a movie.
  12. I built my current PC around the 3080 and it's been excellent for my usage, and I wasn't planning to upgrade again until the inevitable mid gen console refresh at the earliest. Now that we're looking at the replacements being basically double the price though I'm not not sure I could ever justify an upgrade. The 3080FE price was pushing it for me. I've been using my Steam Deck so much recently that it might be better to just focus on handheld PC gaming going forwards, assuming Valve keep their prices low. I don't doubt the next gen Steam Deck will see their prices creeping up too though.
  13. Yep, and then you get a movie with 358/2 Days. Good luck.
  14. I've only just noticed this thread, but I'd love to see how you get on. I bought Final Mix collection years ago with the aim of doing exactly what you are, and I think I made it some way through Kingdom Hearts II before giving up. I think Re: Chain of Memories just burned me out to be honest, but I was also finding KHII surprisingly tough. I might give it another shot one day if I can be arsed.
  15. I adored JoJo Rabbit, and Ragnarok is up there with the best of the MCU for me. This though... I didn't dislike it, and enjoyed some moments, but it was complete fluff from beginning to end. Some of the jokes made me chuckle, but most didn't land. Some of the action looked cool, but lacked any feeling of weight or stakes. The whole film felt like that to be honest, and the handful of scenes that did try and add that stuff felt jarring as a result. I think Jane's Thor was completely wasted here too, and that's a massive shame. When she became Thor in the comics, a big deal was made that she was the Thor. She wasn't a sidekick, or indeed "Lady Thor", but Thor. The film pays some lip service to that, but can't get away from the fact that there were obviously two Thors in play and the original was very much the focus. Jane's story could easily have been used as the basis for her own movie, and it's a real shame we got this instead.
  16. I loved this season. Well, I've loved all of them but this seemed to have just the right mix of everything. It all lead to an amazing finale too.
  17. I found that the C buttons to move, analogue stick to look method worked well at the time. These days it really screws with my post-Halo muscle memory though.
  18. I played through the first couple of areas today after listening to the glowing TCGS chat from last week. It's turned out to be a perfect podcast game, which is great as I have a lot of catching up to do, but otherwise I've been a little disappointed with it so far. That's probably a bit unfair though as it's very well designed, but also so frictionless that I found my brain had basically switched off after a while. I don't even know what the game could do differently that would improve the experience for me, as adding combat for instance would probably be really irritating. It's fun enough though, and like I said it's a perfect game to play while listening to a podcast, but I was hoping for a bit more.
  19. It does, but they weren't available through Heroic last time I tried.
  20. Weird. It's even still showing in a Prime Movies list for me, but is definitely showing as a paid only movie. I'm guessing it's a mistake.
  21. Nah. Beyond the TOS reference there's no reason for that at all, and even in TOS it was only due to the actor being recast following an unaired pilot. They're very different characters.
  22. I'm tempted by CKIII and Descenders. If I ever do want to play CKIII I'd want it on Steam for the DLC, and Descenders looks like a perfect Steam Deck game. I'm not exactly dying to play either though... But yeah, I've never skipped a month before. I'd be interested to know how that works too, and if that's an option now that the month's games have been announced. EDIT: It is indeed. It does reset your store discount if that's an issue:
  23. I still think the wizard As for @choddo's specific question,
  24. Nobody's trying to pretend the Steam Deck magically turns PC games into console games, and nobody's trying to pretend that updates can't cause issues. However, this is a pretty extreme example where an update to a bunch of old games completely changed how they launch. Obviously if the verification check was happening now these games would not pass, and if the issue is not addressed by either 2K or the Proton team then I imagine they will be removed from the list.
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