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  1. I enjoyed it. It was hardly hardly classic TV, but it was an entertaining enough way to spend twenty minutes a week.
  2. A contractor at work brought this up today, and said he'd started watching but wasn't sure he'd bother sticking with it. I asked him how far he'd got: "Just the first episode" Let's just say I was quite emphatic that he should keep going.
  3. You're in a thread full of people saying it's great, but just to add one more, it's really great. It's not fit to share the same streaming service as Picard and Discovery. Lower Decks is good too mind. If you've given up after an episode or two it's really worth sticking with.
  4. If you have an Nvidia card you can force it from the Nvidia settings per application 3D settings. This worked for me, and I assume there's an AMD equivalent.
  5. I missed this, but yeah that's appalling. That's them removed from my library then!
  6. I do think a dedicated cloud gaming handheld is a good idea, but I also think it's a bit niche. That said, I also think the same of phone add-ons like the Kishi. There's probably a reason that RRPs at £100, and it certainly doesn't feel like it's worth two Xbox pads. I do own a 1st gen Kishi and used it a little, but then I bought a new phone and it turned out I'd need to buy a 2nd gen Kishi as the first didn't fit any more. Part of the point of cloud gaming for me is that you shouldn't need to upgrade anything ever again. I've really enjoyed using my Steam Deck for Xcloud though, and I think the dream would definitely be for Microsoft to somehow get the service onto the Switch. It will never happen, obviously, but it does feel they need to get onto an existing mass market gaming handheld for the service to really take off. Smart TVs may be a step in the right direction.
  7. I've actually used quick resume on Xcloud games before. I stuck the Deck on standby without thinking, and turned it back on thirty seconds or so later to find myself exactly where I left it. I'm guessing there's a generous connection timeout.
  8. I think I'm starting to lose interest in this a little, but I still think some of the arguments against it in here are incredibly reductive. There's definitely more to the experience than randomly watching scenes from three movies out of sequence, and it does make effective use of its mechanics to tell a story. I'm at the point now though where I think I've seen enough to get it, and while the credits haven't rolled I don't feel I need to see anything more. I think there's one major plot point I think I'm missing, so I'll probably play a bit here and there until it pops up.
  9. I loved both episodes. I agree that some of the dialogue felt a little forced, but it wasn't enough to take me out of the experience. My wife ended up sitting through and enjoying both episodes as well, which was a surprise to both of us.
  10. I saw The Wrath of Khan at the cinema yesterday. It was great, obviously, but I don't think it was as good a cinema experience as the remastered TMP release. It hasn't had the remastering work that had, for a start, and there's something about TMPs long, luxurious stretches of nothing that make it feel incredibly grand and cinematic. I've always felt Khan's Director's Cut is a bit pointless too, adding some mostly weaker scenes back in that don't really add anything, and in one case actual removes a bit of tension. It's still a fantastic film though and it flew by as always.
  11. It's not exactly current, but I've been playing a lot of Dragon Quest XI on mine and it's perfect for the Deck. I've not touched emulation. I've also used it as an Xbox cloud gaming machine, most recently with Immortality which is a perfect streaming game. The reason it's sparking so much emulation conversation is that there's a lot more involved in setting it all up. For most Steam games it's just a matter of installing the game, seeing it running well and heading off to the relevant thread.
  12. It's one of those games that becomes easier as you develop your character, to the point where there was almost zero challenge for me by the end of the game. It's definitely worth taking on side missions as you go, as they're very well developed and give you a bunch of XP. As for getting lost, the game should show you the path to your objective on the minimap.
  13. I knew this was coming. My badly written point was that the entire Harry Potter universe is directly tied to Rowling. It's entirely a product of her views and imagination, and anything based on it is set in her world. Musk may be CEO of SpaceX, but I don't think for a second that he had a hand in designing Starship, and obviously there's nothing intrinsically Musky about space exploration. I guess for me it's one example of a case where I can celebrate the achievements of those directly involved without thinking too hard about who's making money from it. It sucks that it's one of Musk's companies at the forefront of space technology, and I wish it was anyone else, but I still see SpaceX itself as something important and exciting. If it disappeared tomorrow it would be a big setback for spaceflight, while Hogwarts Legacy is just one videogame. To me, personally, Rowling does seem to be worse than Musk, and certainly seems to have had more of an impact. I'm not trans, and don't personally know any trans people, but even for me Rowling's anti-trans comments seem to be almost constant. They also seem to have directly influenced her writing on at least one occasion. That said, I would completely understand and even applaud anyone for wanting nothing to do with SpaceX or Tesla due to the association with Musk. I can't see myself ever buying a Tesla, partly due to Musk, but I do have a lot of love for SpaceX in spite of their CEO.
  14. I didn't realise that, but in that case he is indeed worse than I thought. Hopefully the fact I wasn't aware means he's not been as influential with his hate than Rowling at least. The UK seems far more eager to follow people down that particular hole for some reason.
  15. 100% agreed, but it's still not the same. I'd read that tweet as being "anti-woke" dickishness rather than an attack on black, Ukrainian or transgender people. Rowling is literally trying to deny trans people their very existence. Musk is also not the one designing rockets or electric cars, while Harry Potter is entirely the creation of JK Rowling. I could totally understand someone not wanting anything to do with SpaceX or Tesla due to Musk; he's certainly part of the reason I wouldn't pick a Tesla as my first choice, but for me personally he's not on the same level.
  16. Indeed, although there's worth in how you interact with something too. You complete a movie just by sitting in front of a screen while light and sound hit your face, but you wouldn't criticise it for that. I do agree that this seems to require a less detective work than Her Story and Telling Lies, but assuming I'm not about to be hit with an ending cutscene explaining everything then it's still left to the player to figure things out to some extent.
  17. You can "complete" Her Story by typing in endless random words as well, but that's not the point is it? You might as well say you can finish a novel by flicking through the pages like a flickbook until you reach the back cover.
  18. In my mind it's not the same situation. Elon Musk, for all his many faults, is not trying to spread hate and deny the existence of a marginalised group. He's also not as intrinsically linked to rockets and electric cars as Rowling is to Harry Potter. I'd rather he wasn't involved at all, but here we are. Anyway, it's better to do something rather than nothing, right? I've certainly thrown away my share of recyclable goods, so does that mean I shouldn't bother recycling anything? Big business has done a huge amount of damage, and continues to do so, but it's quite hard to go through life without using products linked to Google, Apple or Microsoft. Not buying a videogame however is very easy indeed. Twitter has enabled the rapid spread of all sorts of hateful views and misinformation, including Rowling's, but responsibility for her views are still very much on her and her alone. If I leave my door unlocked and my house gets burgled, it's still the burglar at fault no matter how easy I made it for them.
  19. I do wonder though, how close to the product do people like JKR need to be before people decided not to buy it? If Hogwarts Legacy was somehow JKR's indie product, and she'd stated that all proceeds would directly fund a campaign against trans rights, would your only consideration remain the quality of the game in isolation? I do agree with Broker that there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, and almost any purchase will be encouraging some kind of dodgy practice, but I think people like Rowling are arguably more problematic as they're not just part of a horrible status quo, they're actively involved in making it worse.
  20. This isn't giving me 10/10 vibes so far, but it is intriguing. At first I had no idea what I was doing beyond tracking people and items across footage, but now I'm definitely doing something.
  21. I agree with all of those points except Isaac, who I think looks pretty cool and manages to somehow be extremely expressive in spite of his lack of almost any features.
  22. 30/08/2022 - Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection (C&C GDI Campaign) I bought this on release due to having extremely fond memories of the original release, and have been slowly playing through the GDI campaign. The remastering job was absolutely incredible, and definitely one of the best examples I've seen of "this is how you remember it, not how it was". A quick press of the space bar instantly switches to the original graphics, making this all too clear. The game itself is exactly how I remembered it too, for better and worse. I still really enjoy how straightforward it is to play, even on the Steam Deck, and I can't imagine playing something like StarCraft on that thing. It's still just as fun as ever to build a load of mammoth tanks and steamroll the enemy. The last GDI mission however remains an absolute bastard. There are three variants you can choose from, all of which are ridiculously hard, and I must have restarted about ten times before finally beating it. Playing it feels a little like a Hitman level, gradually figuring out where everything is and planning the perfect approach to deal with it all with the benefit of hindsight. It was very satisfying to finally crack it with a perfect (well, workable) run, but probably not what you really want from an RTS these days. I think I'll make a start on Red Alert soon. So much of the first game is seared into my brain, but despite playing Red Alert at the time (on the PS1 of all things) I can't remember that much about it. I'm looking forward to it though!
  23. This is proving surprisingly hard to Google, but is it possible to map a keyboard button combo to a single Steam Deck button? I'm trying to map Ctrl+N and Ctrl+L for quicksaves/loads in C&C, but can't seem to figure it out. Edit: Never mind! You need to set the second button as a separate "layer" in the config. Now to figure out chords...
  24. Anyway, I've been playing a bit of C&C Remastered recently so I thought I'd see how that played on the Steam Deck. Obviously RTS games are never going to be ideal on a handheld, and this one is only "Playable", but I figured it might be simple enough to work. It kind of does! I played through a couple of missions without any massive issues. The right trackpad or stick controls the cursor, with the left stick moving your view. The triggers control mouse clicks, and the d-pad or left trackpad handles groups. The touch screen works as a mouse too, but I haven't used it much. It's still a bit fiddly, but quite playable. It did highlight one quirk though. Space and Each are mapped to the hamburger and, err, the other menu button, but neither seem to work unless you play the game in Desktop mode. I have no idea why.
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