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  1. I'll admit, for the Bentley 100 mile challenge I just set The Goliath on three laps, set up auto drive and went away for an hour.
  2. I tend to use fast travel depending on my mood but I do like taking time to explore/try PR events/just drive around building skill chains. I've hit my first playlist issue. The daily task to post a clean lap on any Rivals event isn't unlocking. I've tried several events including the monthly and have gotten clean laps but it won't unlock.
  3. I'm on Windows 11, so that's a common factor between us. Also haven't pretended to be in Brazil.
  4. If they did they didn't even tell me by email or anything. Didn't apply for it either.
  5. I'm in the UK and using Android with the latest version - I posted my version number below. I'm not an Xbox Insider either. I cross-posted this in the Game Pass thread and others aren't getting either. I'm guessing either I've somehow caused a glitch or it's a slow rollout for users and I guess the Xbox app(s) are Web apps so it gets activated on the backend when ready for you.
  6. Odd we're on the same version. Maybe this is a backend thing? I know this looks odd and as far as I can tell I'm the only person to report this. I'm not an Xbox Insider or so it can't be that.
  7. Same for me on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. I think it's just a slow roll out (I just checked for app updates on mobile to be sure) to other apps but it definitely worked for me redeeming points.
  8. Nope, first time I noticed it this morning. As has been said in that thread; it's also confusing as at the moment you can only redeem the points on the Xbox mobile app. No mention on the Windows app, Game Pass app or Rewards app.
  9. Yes, sorry I wasn't clear on that.
  10. Yep, the Game Pass mobile app also shows the rewards as locked for me. I did definitely have the points credited so it may just need rolling out to other apps.
  11. Cross-posting from the Microsoft Rewards thread: Game Pass for PC players (and Xbox on PC players maybe) can get Microsoft Reward points now. I just earned some today.
  12. It looks like Xbox Game Pass for PC players can get reward points now. I was playing this morning and got a notification I'd earned points. I went to the Xbox mobile app and there was a summary of my points earned today.
  13. I've just joined the club too. (Very quick accepting my invitation request, thank you). Gamertag: Dalvado
  14. I'm liking this so far, the story has me intrigued at least. I've just reached the first chase and stealth section though. That chase did have problems with the camera not making it clear at one point where near the end I've not had a chance to complete the first stealth section yet as I ran out of time to play it. I thought I saw in the options to skip the more gamey sections but I've not had a chance to double check that so I may have misremembered it. I'm glad I didn't go in on this expecting something earth shattering.
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