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  1. Techno Sword is right there and would have been a far better name, suits the kitsch vibe.
  2. It was James Cameron on Aliens who was freaking out about UK tea breaks.
  3. I’ll bet the forum’s singular remaining bollock that it’s not set in Japan.
  4. I went into this blind and I’m so glad I did, because if I’d seen the trailer above I would had a completely different set of expectations. It somehow manages to give everything away whilst also completely mis-representing the film, which is far more Vanilla Sky than The Matrix. I’m not convinced it really worked narratively or emotionally, but I don’t regret watching it. I was suitably bemused throughout, and it looked lovely in places.
  5. Can confirm that both NG Black and NG2, the proper version, run at a locked 4k60 on the One X and the Series consoles. Here’s a clip I made of the staircase fight during lockdown last year: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/carlooos/video/126229199 There’s literally no reason to buy this collection as an Xbox owner. Tecmo’s super weird plastic action-figure art style actually scales up really well.
  6. Yeah, there’s something weird with the inertia in Dishonoured 2 which threw me right off when I tried to play it. It’s as if the camera is swinging around on a gimbal as you look and move around, rather than fixed. I didn’t have any issues with Prey, for what it’s worth.
  7. I'm enjoying the game but finding the depth perception difficult, far moreso than the other 3D Marios. I'm semi-regularly missing pipes and platforms on the y-axis, and have just straight up ran off the level on multiple occasions. It has the same sort of camera as Luigi's Mansion, but those games don't have any platforming.
  8. I'd really like a sequel which expands on the daytime exploration/nighttime combat mechanics. Something a bit closer to the original, abandoned open-world version. The non-combat sections were some of my favourite in the finished game, but they were all too brief.
  9. I think it’s a shitty way of treating gaming heritage, and does a disservice to the creators of the original. But if you don’t own a PC or a PS2 and do know exactly what you’re getting into, it is indeed better than nothing. It’s the same as a revisionist blu-ray grade where they remix the audio for an old film and make it worse. It’s shit and it’s annoying, but if you want to watch it then it’s the only version on the market right now. Fortunately films are continually being remastered so there’s always a chance the next edition fixes things, whereas some gamers seem to piss and m
  10. For what it’s worth the PS3 version of the HD collection is supposed to be ‘better’ because it got a patch that was cancelled for the 360 version. Supposedly a lot of the audio bugs were fixed in that.
  11. Robert Pattinson & Tom Hardy. They're both absolute weirdos and quite magnetic on screen. Imagine them as their respective Inception/Tenet characters, but completely unhinged. Of course the genius of the original is that Travolta and Cage are doing impersonations of each others acting, whereas I'm not sure any modern A-listers have such obviously distinctive traits.
  12. Visually this actually looks fine in the interiors, great in fact. Exteriors... I don't remember there being such an obviously visible cut-off point for the fog in the foreground, sure it may have been partially hidden by old SD CRT screens, but it still feels like something is wrong. Fortunately most of the game is spent indoors and generally it holds up really well. As far as the audio goes, I don't know what the fuck is going on. Played the first minute with the new voices, immediately rebooted and started again. Sound playback itself seems quite glitchy, certain effects cutting
  13. Yeah, I really didn’t have any issue with the hedge maze, if you can even call it that. It worked thematically and narratively, as it was supposed to.
  14. Thief and it’s sequels also had objectives that scaled with the difficulty. You’d barely scratch the surface of each level on lower difficulties.
  15. You wouldn’t need new VO to do a 5.1 mix though, it’s usually same masters assembled differently. Must have been a legal thing. SH3 isn’t all that anyway, and fortunately there’s barely any dialogue in these games. Can’t get over that comic sans thing, though. Did they ever fix the fog?
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