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  1. Oh reaaaaally? That’s getting a spin after Ninja Gaiden 2 then.
  2. This already felt like a Quake reboot in some regards, so it wouldn’t be too much of a jump to fully go there. They’d be under a lot of pressure to deliver on the MP front though.
  3. Just get the Arrow version if you don’t already have it, it’s from a 4k scan and has the best picture quality. 4k itself won’t add anything beyond slightly sharper grain.
  4. Quantum Break is definitely their weakest game, although not without its moments. All Remedy games basically have a single combat mechanic, honed to absolute perfection, that the entire thing is built around. The problem is that perfect balance is missing from Quantum Break’s time mechanics, and the combat don’t feel quite as polished and satisfying as Max Payne/Alan Wake/Control as a result. On top of this is level design feels constrained by the mundane settings they could afford to shoot the live action sections, meaning lots of warehouses and dockyards, so it’s lacking that usual Remedy magic there as well. It’s still fun enough for a run through though, and you can definitely see the DNA for Control in all the gorgeous whiz-bang time effects.
  5. I seem to remember Alan Wake came out either immediately before or immediately after Red Dead Redemption and was swallowed up as a result. It’s not like MS didn’t spend anything marketing it, they made a whole 6-part miniseries leading up to the launch.
  6. Just started replaying Alan Wake on Game Pass and it holds up so, so well. Still looks great as well, resolution aside. Hyped to see what they do with that universe in the second DLC.
  7. Criminal under-use of Samuel Hayden as well. They really could have hit the ground running with him reluctantly getting the Doom guy out of storage on Earth rather than the bizarre, tonally incongruous and confusing lore-dump it actually starts with. Is it true that Machine Games helped out with Doom 2016? They always managed to walk an very fine line between the serious and the utterly absurd in their games, if they were absent from this one it could explain why the sense of humour feels completely misjudged by comparison.
  8. The Terminator is probably the most famous example of a paradox I can think of, and that’s completely ignoring all the sequels.
  9. Probably the same producers who gave BvS: DoJ a standing ovation, to be fair.
  10. If my memory serves, Henry Cavill only had the tash in the Joss Whedon reshoots. So he should look normal in this.
  11. Yeah it’ll just be the work-print cut where they slap everything together. Lots of films will have a cut at that length very early on.
  12. I implore anyone who isn't aware of how the US remake ended to read up on it, it's hilariously barmy.
  13. I didn't really rate the finale either incidentally, the lava-float scene (keeping it vague to avoid spoilers) was super naff and unconvincingly portrayed. I really liked the show on the whole but it had its ups and downs, and I'm increasingly concerned about all these wider universe characters they seem to be bringing into the fold for the second season. It's at it's best when it's completely independent from the rest of Star Wars, imo. Lone Wolf and Cub trekking their way across the galaxy. Even when they went back to Tatooine for an episode I sighed, not least because its barely any different visually to the other desert planet they're on for five episodes. Tatooine was supposed to be at the edge of nowhere, and yet seemingly every single Star Wars character ends up there at some point.
  14. The prison break episode was absolutely dreadful, far worse than the village one. All the acting was awful, even from seasoned vets like Clancy Brown, and they're so clearly just re-using a single corridor repeatedly ala 70s Dr Who. I quite liked Natalia Tena in Game of Thrones but she was actively embarrassing to watch in this.
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