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  1. It will never stop being cheaper than buying games.
  2. This is far from perfect but it’s properly funny and easily the best audience experience I’ve had in a cinema since Get Out.
  3. Can’t be arsed to engage with the rest but this is in particular is some truly top-tier trolling. Literally everyone called out the Xbox One as a mistake, many people predicting it would be a misfire before it was even unveiled based on industry rumours and the latter-day trajectory of the 360. Such clairvoyance. Despite that I’m one of the very few people on here who still bought one at launch. Shame Dead Rising 3 was rubbish.
  4. To be fair I was watching a compressed h264 on my phone, I should know better.
  5. Desperately needs the grain, aberration and faded palette from the game, looks far too clean.
  6. Don’t forget that they literally already have the majority of EA’s catalogue on GamePass for much less than the price of actually buying them. They might as well just keep that arrangement running.
  7. How would making Gamepass less attractive/affordable in the future actually make Microsoft money? Netflix launched at £5.99 (HD, SDR), entirely third party content. It’s now £13.99 (4k HDR, with cheaper tiered pricing) and almost entirely Netflix content. They’re now footing the bill for all the programming and it’s still less than a single Bluray. Gamepass will continue to remain cheaper than buying games no matter what, it’s how the entire model works.
  8. Raven were still knocking out absolute bangers all the way through the 360 era, I wonder if anyone good still works there or whether it’s a shell these days.
  9. If you’re going in expecting the worst, you’ll probably find it fine. That specific section isn’t too long, about an hour if you take it slow. You do get immediately funnelled into the next few levels but they’re much more entertaining.
  10. I do love the naff rear-projection during the driving scenes.
  11. Ha, yeah I know exactly where that is. Pretty funny looking back at how popular Shadowman was at school, literally nobody knew it was a local product.
  12. I may be going mad, but I’m sure I remember reading that this game was made in Teesside.
  13. You’re not guaranteed to die on the EMMI’s, they aren’t trial and error. Once I figured out how the first couple worked I rarely died on the rest. There’s almost always a circular route around any EMMI section so you can retreat and loop back around to where you were going, and even if you do get cornered there’s a literal invisibility button which stops them from looking for you. They’re well designed encounters so long as you use your tools and observe your surroundings rather than banging your head running into them repeatedly.
  14. The podcast is quickly overtaking the actual show, although it’s bizarre hearing how Glenn Howerton is clearly the ‘serious’ one.
  15. Not at all, but it doesn’t enhance or compliment it in any way either. I think all the back-and-forth over this page has been misconstrued, I don’t hate this film, I just think it’s a load of nothing which will be swiftly forgotten about. I only piped up because I found the suggestion that the haters were actually entitled Ghostbusters fans absurd. It’s a glorified fan film, all the self-confessed Ghostbusters fanboys in this thread loved it. Prior to the toxic reaction to Answer The Call I didn’t even realise Ghostbusters fandom was a thing.
  16. These aren’t mutually exclusive, the original Ghostbusters is a good film which was a victim of its own success. The reason the original works is because it’s actually a blue collar satire about a con-man who launches a pest-control business for ghosts, with the joke being that the ghosts actually end up being real. It’s a silly film which actively takes the piss out of itself, a joke that only works once, like any number of other 80s comedies. Bill Murray was right all along, they should have left it there.
  17. Well no, I’ve already said the film was quite good until the third act, but that third act ruins the whole lot. Everything from the supermarket scene onwards is a supremely shoddy exercise in rehashing things regardless of whether they make any thematic sense.
  18. I’m still not sure where you’re getting that from. The people who were most toxic about Ghostbusters 2016 generally love Afterlife because it has the appropriate amount of fan pandering (‘affection’). The people who don’t rate Afterlife are almost entirely those without have any great emotional attachment to Ghostbusters, viewing it as a film in its own right.
  19. You see ‘tons of affection,’ I see total cynicism from a studio with whiplash from their last attempt to exhume this corpse and a director whose last four films flopped. You can tell where Reitman’s strengths lie because the coming of age stuff in the first half is actually pretty good, but the second half is so absurdly forced it retroactively derails everything for the sake of a few callbacks to a film that was never designed to hold any reverence.
  20. You’ve got this completely backwards, that 40+ audience of Ghostbusters nerds is exactly who this was made for. The people reacting with bemusement are those who (correctly) see Ghostbusters as a brilliantly irreverent one-off satire which has been bizarrely deified by people who can’t let go of a cartoon that finished in the 80s.
  21. It’s absolutely implied in the original movie that Janine and Egon are sleeping together, and they pretty much acknowledge it here too.
  22. I thought the whole point of this was to give Naughty Dogs’ teams something to do whilst their other projects are in pre-production. Can’t imagine it being outsourced.
  23. It would be nice if the next-gen updated fixed the HDR, but I’m not holding my breath. Can’t think of a single game that’s launched with duff HDR which has had it fixed post-release.
  24. Didn’t something like that happen to the original Stalker devs? Everything kicked off in Ukraine and their offices/equipment were seized/destroyed. Although now that I’ve posted this I can’t find any trace of it online.
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