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  1. Thank you enormously. Like Lave I left my tip on the floor. Is there a better way?
  2. Lucky Jim


    Totally agree about disc 2, I can't get enough of Fathers song and Dance electric. Similarly underwhelmed by disc 3. DVD has great content, but was such a rubbish transfer I can't see that seeing the light of day again soon. There's been so much great footage leaked onto YouTube these days that I hope there's more effort put into the visual side of things in future.
  3. JayHub Not played in a while, not since Oryx, but planning on having a reminiscent play soon and super hyped for D2. Hope I can keep my clan membership, but happy to reapply if needs be.
  4. Lucky Jim

    PS4 Pro

    I didn't find it super easy to find so here's a link: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/themes/area-x-dynamic-theme/cid=EP0748-CUSA06338_00-REZINFINITETHEM2
  5. Access to the camera only gives the app the ability to do the VR thing in this context. You need to give it access to the file system so it can save those pictures..
  6. I've only done King's fall once (without actually finishing oryx) so maybe not as slick as you need, but I'd be keen to join if you have a space. I'm free both nights.
  7. Frogwont (it's in the great destiny spreadsheet too).
  8. I'd be up for a bit of Crota this afternoon!
  9. I'm sorry to be flaky with late notice, but I'm not going to be able to do this tonight. Hopefully that leaves plenty of time to find a replacement - good luck with the big guy!
  10. Just wanted to add my thanks to all - had a really great time. I hope I can make the next instalment, whenever you go for. Oh and gos, thank you so much for the jumping bit! I was last down last time I tried (which happened to be my first attempt) - the pressure is enormous:-)
  11. My level 29 hunter would like another crack please (only had one try before) - frogwont is my psn id.
  12. I was starting to feel the same and almost didn't watch last weeks (which I'd recorded). Glad I did though as it was the best episode so far in my opinion...
  13. It probably depends what you mean by beginner - if you know how to hold the guitar, can play a couple of chords and know what some terms like "hammer on", "pull off" and string bending mean (without necessarily being able to do them), I'd say definitely. I'd describe myself as a beginner too, having owned a guitar for about 15 years without ever getting past playing a few chords and learning 30 seconds of a few songs. However since owning rocksmith I can now play a couple of barre chords, I can do string bends (not always in tune), and I've learnt to navigate the fretboard and strings far better than I ever learned in the preceding 15 years. I can't yet confidently play a whole song off by heart, but I'm really close. The mixture of songs means there's always one you'll get on with more than the others, as it'll match more what you're good at (I'm better at single note songs, than chords) - and that's great for the confidence. When you throw in the guitarcade, it then gives you so many tools to progress. I think it's an amazing piece of software.
  14. I must have tried a hundred times, easily - did it as Akuma, then back to Bison etc. In the end I changed from 3 round fights on easiest to 1 round fights. Then simply, perfect the first, ultra combo the next 3 then normal for the rest (i.e. not perfect or combo finishers). I couldn't believe it when it finally worked - I'd keep getting Akuma appearing up till then. Grrr. Anyway - best of luck!
  15. Lucky Jim

    Rock Band!

    Yeah, you're definitely right about the tapping bit - I recently did a bit of simultaneous bass and vocals and it doesn't drop at all if you miss the taps. Hmm, only thing with vocals is I need my housemate to be out so that I don't embarass myself too much :-) Reckon that's the way to go though - thanks!!!
  16. Did anyone else think their discussion about Dave Grohl's drum beats on the xbox live marketplace interview thingy sounded like they didn't really want it?
  17. I've just spotted this film list for the first time - awesome job, ta very much!
  18. Reckon I'll take the plunge at that price. Is very cool looking.
  19. Lucky Jim

    Rock Band!

    Has anyone managed the bladder of steel achievement yet? I'm thinking about giving it a go soon and wondered if there are any tips. Well other than the obvious - get totally dehydrated and just press on...
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