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  1. Truly inspirational. He was dealing with a terminal illness while achieving things most can only dream of.
  2. Imagine a world where you could post a spoiler, and just by adding a little context, it didnt need to be like buying a plot busting scratch card!
  3. They would be morbid curiosities and should be released for free onto the internet for all to view if they so wish, stop trying to ruin the fun.
  4. If anyone has a half reasonable price like even 250ish let me know, i need a hassle free option to offload what I have left, too nice outside to sit in queues and I’m out all day tomorrow. Cheers.
  5. Cool, no worries. I have 300 on my island this afternoon anyway, Im thinking I may as well have a hassle free sale at that price for the majority of them. I have 5million in the bank anyway, not really sure what I am hoarding money for that this point. Do items tend to ramp up in cost? think most expensive thing I bought was about 150k bells.
  6. Any chance of getting on before 12, that link isnt working anymore.
  7. Oh go on then Flams you big sexy beast.
  8. I have 306 bells for the turnips on my island this afternoon. The turnip predictor (although didnt predict this spike) seems to suggest thats as high as it will go. Im gonna offload some at that to save the hassle of the merry go round. If anyone fancies it Dodo code is 4F5CW, gates are open.
  9. Yeah cheers Mugman, I left you two loads of 99k at your feet (I assume it was you with the bag over your head). Im hoping I now have enough cash that I dont need to bother with this crazy merry go round for a good long while. Yeah right, see you all next week.
  10. For some reason even though I love you we are not friends, can we please change this? my code is SW-1185-8996-8394
  11. The sound on mine watching via a 4k enabled firestick is very low. Is this a known issue? I normally have my TV at around 24 volume, on this its right up to 100 and still could do with going up more.
  12. That is total shit from his brother! (If thats definitely who it was?) Just reading the airport chat up page for leaving an island, is there a reason people dont just use the minus button to leave? Thats what I do, does it mess things up?
  13. Yeah thats what I thought, and a good idea, saves people loitering around.
  14. Visited Spanx and Shirubagan, left a proportionate tip with both in the required place (was gutted Shirubagan closed off the rest of the island, could see those cherries just out of reach). Apologies but I offloaded most of my turnips with Spanx (well he is my favourite), so he got the biggest bag of bells. Thanks guys, was a lot less painful than last week, I must have missed the rush.
  15. I would sell a bunch of mine at that if you can set me up with a Dodo code. Bezza mate!
  16. Always liked that little CheekyLee chappy! Sooo cheeky.
  17. Figured it out! Sent via post, sorry for the shit message but didnt expect it to work so went for the low character effort
  18. Can you specify what friend you want to visit without a Dodo code?
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