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  1. Oh thats pleasantly unexpected! He started this new journey, he must know where he was wanting to take it. Really pleased.
  2. They can only make one two three things at once.
  3. Knew it was an easy one! Actually I was thinking the very first line might actually have been "Abre los ojos" but that would probably have been even more obvious.
  4. Ill jump in with what is probably a really easy one "open your eyes"
  5. This is another one of those I can hear in my head and cant put my finger on, Im pretty sure its a radio or TV presenter voice.
  6. Without sounding like the minecraft champion here surely that's always up there too? I don't play myself but even my YouTube channel is full of minecraf recomendations
  7. Minecraft is an amazing piece of software, the mechanics are amazing. I only wish I had the inventiveness and patience my son has for it. Anyone trying to dismiss it as tat is displaying massive ignorance.
  8. Is it wrong I used to quite like the full palava around getting them decrypted? Im probably one of the few, but nothing better at the end of a good session and heading off there before you logged off for the night. But yeah, for normal people this is probably better.
  9. When should engrams start dropping then? I am just getting straight up weapon drops now, not had anything to take to the cryptarch. Im level 11.
  10. I have 7 weeks to source a switch! I have tried to casually buy one twice. First time went into Smyths, no stock. Then last week when I checked online for smyths and Argos and none in my vicinity had any stock. Is there a proper shortage, or am I just looking in the wrong places? I am willing to swap a SNES mini for one!
  11. Does anyone bother buying guns from the vendors for glimmer? They ar eonly ever pitched slightly above what I have already, and there is always a bigger drop half an hour away or so. That said I am guessing towards the end game glimmer is pretty useless anyway and I may as well knock myself out? Edge10, calling it!
  12. If I couldnt get cars without google I have no hope, my son was addicted to that film, he even repeats the sames lines in Cars3 which I seen about a month ago. Was so annoying, I could hear the voice in my head saying it as well!
  13. Shit I was even saying it in the correct voice, was annoying me so much I had to google it!!! Doh
  14. also the radar should be in the bottom right, I cant get used to looking top left EVER! (If this can be changed in some HUD options then perfect)
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