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  1. Only heard this recently but it gets you right in those balearic feels
  2. Just noticed my hori pro pad portable add on is drifting on the left stick... I know a few others have bought this in here so just wondering if anyone else had the same problem and if they will replace it?
  3. Yeah gonna jump on that please haha
  4. Anyone still open with a decent price?
  5. Started this yesterday on the lowest difficulty as I do little to no exercise bar the odd walk.. Did the first world was great fun. Cranked the difficulty up today and really felt it afterwards. Looking forward to continuing with it! Glad I got it.
  6. I think people have been sending the dodo codes to batches of people to save island overload
  7. I got a lend of this when it was first released and played a couple of hours before not really getting gripped by it and having to give it back to a friend. Currently on sale on the PS store and from what I gather they’ve changed a fair bit since launch? I’m definitely more than tempted to give it another go for the price it’s at if someone could sum up any changes they’ve made since launch.
  8. Any good prices today guys? My island is buying for a measly 92 bells
  9. My copy still hasn't arrived from Shopto despite being despatched last week... Won't let me track on the royal mail website either.
  10. Do the non Animal Crossing Amiibos do anything?
  11. Finally got the string fish... Phew
  12. Anyone got a stack of extra fish bait I can buy from them? Afraid of missing out on the fish that is leaving today and there’s little to no clams showing up on my beaches.
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