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  1. Ngannou stuffing that take down attempt was possibly one of the most frightening things I have ever seen.
  2. I managed to secure myself a Series X last month and my first port of call was MCC. Played through Halo 1 & 2 for the first time in over 10 years, so it was an almost fresh experience. Both games still a highly enjoyable experience but Halo 2 has this spike in difficulty for about 3 levels from Grave Mind on which made a almost near impossible task. It almost made me put the controller down and soured the experience a fair bit. The amount of hits it took to kill elites and brutes doubled and there was a serious lack of weapons knocking about. Aside from that both games were overall still a
  3. I can appreciate it’s a very different game. I’ve powered through the first main boss (guy on the horse) and I’m at the castle now and the 3 areas I can explore are all covered by mini bosses I just can’t seem to get any damage on. It’s just deflating and I had the same deflation with bloodborne and souls game but I had the urge to continue with them.
  4. Really not sure I’m enjoying this... Not sure whether part of it fatigue from playing so many of these types of games back to back. Just don’t have the motivation to continue on with it. As someone mentioned previously in this thread, it really does feel like a second rate souls game.
  5. Yes, sorry you are right. Yeah you need to take him out. Then I went back to the area with the snake but platformed around him before it led me to the next sculpture.
  6. I have just started this too... If you back track a bit there’s an old woman who gives you a bell just before the ogre. Bring it to the temple and give it to the Buddha. It opens a new area for you that has a new prosthetic add on and some other bits. I think I’m just slightly ahead of you. I’m not sure what I think of it just yet...
  7. If the people who are wanting to try the kool aid keep saying they hate it and why don’t they change the flavour. Maybe it’s a case of just enjoying a different drink?
  8. But even the significant plot in these games is a challenge. I would turn the difficulty down in games like God of War and Last of Us to blaze through the story. However in these games they’re not delivered as simply as that. So in stripping away that difficulty it’s allowing access to what?
  9. These From games only clicked with me when I got the Demon Souls remake last month. I have bought every single release from them and never got past the opening areas but the combination of new console plus spending 70 quid on a game made me persevere this time round. Dusted Demon souls, bloodborne and dark souls 3 over the last month and having around 150-160 hours put into these types of games over the last month. I definitely think experience is the overall challenge. I couldn’t tell you one thing about the stories in the 3 I have completed so far. I think in dropping the difficulty w
  10. Doesn’t the character type selection act as a difficulty choice in a way? I can never get the parrying timing down so I went for a tank knight walking my way through enemies.
  11. Just completed Dark Souls 3 and the 2 dlcs. So started Sekiro last night to keep that fix going.
  12. Main game done... Can’t wait to get stuck into this dlc now
  13. To be fair I did start it on switch prior to my PS5 and Demon Souls arriving... I do plan on going back.
  14. This is the only downfall about bloodborne. There is so much loading to get between levels, which is incredibly frustrating coming from Demon Souls. Still a great game and I would love to see a sequel with the PS5 capabilities.
  15. Demon souls remake was the first of these games I played through to completion. Once it clicks it turns into a bit of a breeze and I didn’t find it as hard as i was initially led to believe. That being said I nearly gave up early in the game when I decided to go straight to the Tower Knight after the first boss. Since completing I have been completely hooked on these types of games, playing through Bloodborne straight after. The change of pace and how you play in that one definitely added to the challenge considering I played a bit of a tank character in Demon Souls. Just about to fi
  16. Play the two remakes of RE2 & 3
  17. After the dancer I went straight up and assumed dragonslayer was next... I did venture down a lift into a poison part of the castle but swiftly left that area haha
  18. To be honest I think I’ve just got fatigue from playing all day... None the less I still screamed fuck you at the tv and turned it off. Will try again tomorrow. I assume he isn’t the last boss?
  19. Just got to the Dragonslayer armour boss... Fuck this game
  20. Started this over the weekend having completed Demon Souls and Bloodborne back to back and now being completely hooked on this type of game... Was breezing through it until I just got to the the Abyss Watchers and they’ve put me down enough times for me to switch it off hahah
  21. Use the fountain thing up the stairs in the maneater fight to crowd control the two of them. They get stuck behind it giving you enough time for healing when you get them down to one. Spawn in the Tower Knight arena and run the two blue knights and archers for soul and grass farming. Can get a good load of souls up in 20 minutes of farming.
  22. Sounds like you just aren’t very good at it...
  23. Oh that’s good to know actually. Will get it on the download tonight then. Thanks for the heads up!
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