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  1. Sweet. Does it have an clue function like in The Room? I highly recommend turning off clues in The Room, makes it last longer. If you get stuck turn it off and come back to it after a break :)

  2. Cheers, this reminded me I need to order some! I paid extra for the UPS Express delivery so hopefully they won’t take too long.


    Did they get flagged for any import tax?

  3. How easy is it to pick up? How long do sessions last? I try not to be on my quest more than an hour or so a night. I’ve been thinking about buying it but as you mention, I’m out off by playing with ransoms.

  4. Has anyone cracked setting up casting for when people want to watch you play beat saber? There is a bit of a lag when playing audio through my TV/soundbar so it is very distracting when playing.


    I thought of wearing headphones when playing to block out the delayed TV audio. Although, that may take the fun out of it if the player can't hear the spectstors.. Thoughts?

  5. In reference to the light leaking issues, what headstraps are people using? I'm using the standard face covee with the glasses adaptor plus elite strap and I suffer very little issues with this. Maybe it's the glasses adaptor which helps?


    I'd quite like to buy a couple of new face covers so I can have one for me and a couple for guests, any third party ones worth a look?

  6. Absolutely loved this episode, it's just getting better and better!


    As the big screen fail scene ends and the camera switches back to Jenny you hear a thudding noise, is that supposed to be an Alan being clumsy gag? It didn't really work imo.

  7. So now What.cd is officially dead, I'm at a loss as to where to download rare vinyl rips and the like. I have no problem shelling out a few quid for digital downloads but it's the tough to find stuff I'm really struggling with.


    Anyone got any recommendations on where to head to as a substitute?

  8. Mmm I kind of disagree to a certain extent. Yes they are predominantly in the dub genre but the majority of the artists who have produced them are dubstep producers who have put their own twists on the dub sound; I certainly wouldn't say they are "proper dub", but then again I'm not very good when it comes to categorising music (is anyone?). I'm more keen on dubstep that boarders dub as I like it deep and atmospheric, can't be doing with jumped up mid-range wobble stuff (a few exceptions are allowed, of course).

    I don't know, I like what I like and I struggle to define lines between close genres to be honest :)

  9. No problem, it's a corker isn't it! I bought it as he's definitely a producer who works hard on his releases and I always get a lot of mileage out of his stuff, I still listen to Broken Soul Jamboree a lot actually.

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