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  1. Hello people. Please don’t mock me for not knowing this song name, I really need to find out what it is though! I was out watching a set at Hull Uni. It was Tony Vegas from the Scratch Perverts! At the beginning he played this tune with real low bass beat, it sounded quite an old tune.. and the chorus simply went ‘hip-hop, hip-hop, hip-hop, hip-hop’ Any ideas chaps? I can’t for the life of me think of who the artist is but I remember I liked it Any help much appreciated.
  2. Zomby


    Everyone hates you.
  3. oh yeah i remember now!! i love the quotes too lets keep it up
  4. I never really played HLDM that much and its ages since i played HL what are I dont know though the grav gun is so funny!!
  5. man that sounds great! I wonder if they'll ever add a mode with a super grav gun in the middle of the map or something? That would be really crazy! I'm all for CSS on a more serious note, but HL2DM sounds like a right laugh - I shall see tonight I guess.. Also as for the lag did you change your rates in HL2DM as well (like in CSS)? e.g rate 30000 cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate 101 Peace.
  6. You best not sell it after all that hassle, petrol,damage to my car/back etc!! get it working you whore
  7. Infected Mushroom - Song Pong A nice weird one to listen to! Makes me gooey inside..
  8. You could include a celler of some kind, a rather dark one so you get the opportunity to use your goggles, but also include like a celler shutter that opens to ground level at the back of the building... it would make a nice choke point. But the thing is its starting to sound like estate and we dont want that do we
  9. Yeah i'm a computer Technician not a Leccytrician! I aint going in no arcade machine fool! I will try making it work by kicking it though if you like! :: on a side note: WTF Phils ment to be poor he cant come back to Hull every time something interestings going on can he Not that i'm complaining, i love u Phil!!!
  10. i'm gonna stick my willy in the coin slot tomorrow night
  11. Hedon road.. but the top end just before u get to Hedon near the roundabout where you turn off to Paul
  12. yeah damn straight.. i'll need a key to your flat then
  13. What Jairus failed to mention was how heavy these machines are! Oh my god my poor back! AND my poor car! lol. Arcade machines DO fit in Peugeot 306's, but the boot doesnt shut lol i drove down a bypass with it sticking out the back with my boot wide open :s But yeah a very sexy find indeed i pissed myself when i saw it stood in a mucky old yard! Lets just hope he can get it fired up! I expect exculsive access to this machine if it does work hehehe! Anyhoo byeeeeeee
  14. hey guys i got told to swing by here if i lke cs.. to tell the truth i havent played cs source yet as i quit cs a while back.. but i'm interested in getting back into cs.. well cs source! i think i'll wait until i can buy hl2 before i give it a go though :} sooo any improvements in cs apart from the gfx then? i assume the gameplay will feel different due to the engine being changed? I used to be in a small but long going cs clan called -NA- if anyones heard of them! Cheers Dave
  15. Zomby

    Drum & Bass

    Yeah been well into DnB for quite some time now.. Went to see Dillinja, Lemon D, Andy C & Zinc at Leeds uni not so long back on the VALVE sound system I'll tell you one thing i'm glad that i took ear plugs! i've been thinking of getting High Contrast's new album is it worth buying? Cheers.
  16. Zomby

    Roni Size

    Hey, (yes i'm new here) Was just wondering if theres any Drum n Bass heads on this rather busy forum! I've just 'got' the new Roni Size album Return to V its freaking awesome! I suggest you get yourself a copy if you like his previous work! Availability: normally ships in 24 hours Release date: 4-10-2004 Number of Discs: 1 Catalogue Number: VRECSUKCDLP1 Label: V 1. Bump 'N' Grind-Feat. Sweetpea 2. Shoulder To Shoulder-Feat. Die & Hollie G 3. Fassyhole-Feat. Wilks 4. Pull Up-Feat. Viktor Duplaix 5. Groove On / Come And Play-Feat. Faye 6. Cheeky Monkey-Feat. Tali & Dynamite MC 7. Time-Feat. Darrison 8. Problems-Feat. Blaze 9. Rise Up-Feat. Sweetie Irie 10. Want Your Body-Feat. Joe Roberts 11. No Trouble-Feat. Rodney P 12. No More-Feat. Beverley Knight & Dynamite MC 13. On And On-Feat. Stamina MC 14. Sing-Feat. Jocelyn Brown 15. Thirsty-Feat. Wilks 16. The Streets-Feat. Fallacy 17. Out Of Breath-Feat. Rahzel 18. Give Me A Reason-Feat. MC Navigator GO BUY IT NOW [EDIT] just seen the drum n bass threat will check that shiz out
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