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  1. I really hope you're right, and I'm wrong. The complete lack of anything even force adjacent is what has enabled this series to be so good. I'm cynical and jaded though, so I'm fully prepared for Disney to completely fuck it up at some point, like they have done for all their Star Wars IP.
  2. I get all the complaints in this thread, but the fact that games last 3 minutes mean I don't really mind that much. Also, some of the locations that people are complaining about are really easy to play around and then win. Once you've figured out how they work they aren't much of a problem. Apart from Ego of course, but whenever I see that I just automatically snap the opponent and they often retreat. Anyway, halfway through Pool 2 now, and I heard you like multiple men with your multiple men:
  3. I have been relentlessly playing this for the last week. Up to rank 50 and have one pool 1 card left to find. I'm looking at this board and have absolutely no idea what's going on, but kind of excited to get someone to somehow end up with a -8 card on their board. In the meantime, here is my most recent total noob victory that I am incredibly proud of:
  4. I've been feeling very on the fence about this series, but I think this episode has won me over. They're really putting the effort in to reward people who are paying attention, which is always a sure sign that the writers actually care about the show. A couple of things I noticed this episode:
  5. Sorry, I’m afraid the correct answer is Darren.
  6. it it lost it lost has Whats the fourth answer in the sequence?
  7. This has been fine so far. Obviously it looks amazing, and it's clearly setting things up but it hasn't done anything particularly exciting yet. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, and I read the Silmarillion at least once every couple of years, but I'm not particularly precious about them changing things as long as it ends up suiting the story they are trying to tell. That said, I am incredibly disappointed at one change they have made. Galadriel's brother, Finrod, who we seeing dying in the first episode, overwhelmed by soldiers in a doomed battle does not die like that in the books. In the books, he dies like this: As far as I'm concerned, with the amount of money they had to spend on this show, the fact that they show him die, but deny the world the spectacle of an Elf vs Werewolf cage match is a complete and utter fucking disgrace.
  8. Came in here to post the same. Only started watching it because Pablo Schreider is in it. The beginning was very ploddy, but it wasn't bad and over the series it's gone from not bad to ok, to sort of good, to mostly good, to just really damn enjoyable. It's not doing anything special, and it's not particularly clever, but whoever the showrunners are, they clearly understanding plotting, pacing and character development. They've also done the incredibly simple, but often ignored, method of setting rules for the universe and then, you know, actually following them. The characters have believable motives and act in the ways you'd expect when confronted with difficult choices. It's so basic but it means they've somehow managed to make a competent show out of the total mess that is the Halo canon. The most recent episode was just brilliant stupid sci-fi fun the whole way through. I'm definitely in for another season. Never thought I'd be saying that when it was announced.
  9. Maybe they want to see if they can get away with doing black face again?
  10. He’s not really by the book for Starfleet. He does a lot of things he would never get permission for as an officer. He is by the book for Odo though. I think it’s a testament to how well developed a character Odo was that a massive fan like you can consider him to be lawful to a fault because you’ve seen enough of him to know not only that he has a well developed moral code, but you also know what that code is and that he would never ever break it.
  11. Let us not forget that, as well as being a Hirogen, Warf's brother is also Sisko's son.
  12. This thread is a different beast to most threads about games, but that's not the fault of anyone who posts on rllmuk. I don't care about Harry Potter. Read the first book when I was a teenager, never read another. I've never seen a single movie, played a game or had any kind of interaction with the franchise. I hadn't even heard of this game until posts in this thread started getting reported. It literally had not come in to my consciousness. And yet, I am now not only aware of this game, I have had to post in a thread about what is essentially a children's game to explain that I have had to ban someone for making transphobic comments. And that is the fault of one person, and one person only (well, two I guess). Because, if you want to discuss the videogame Hogwarts Legacy, and only the videogame, JK Rowling has made that impossible for you. Her prejudice and bigotry are so pervasive to her existence that anything connected to her IP instantly becomes a political issue. She has made it that way. And now instead of having a nice thread, full of people talking about a game based on a kids books people love, we've got a shitshow that nobody wants but we all have to deal with. Fuck JK Rowling, basically. I also genuinely hope anyone looking forward to this game actually enjoys playing it. Sometimes awful people create things you love. That can't be helped. I still love Roald Dahl even though he's a massive piece of anti-semitic shit.
  13. Associating trans people and their struggle for equality with paedophilia is transphobic and these kinds of comments are completely unwelcome on this forum. I have given kensei a 24 hour ban for this and his other posts in the thread and will consult with the other mods if it should be extended.
  14. If it's not the Helcaraxe then they have got it wrong. And I think you're right that she didn't think it was possible to defeat Morgoth, but they could come up with a bunch of valid reasons why she might end up in the Northern Wastes. But it all depends what era of what age that scene is supposed to be from. And again, you say she's a ruler, but at the beginning of the second age she's just hanging around with Gil-Galad not doing much. She doesn't become the person she is in LotR until after the rings are made. Which I assume is the story we'll be seeing and I also assume that they have a plan for her evolution as a character in to what we know her as now. I'm willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt until I watch it. My main concern with that trailer was how much dodgy looking CGI was in it. I can forgive that if they nail the spirit of the books though. Galadriel in armour scaling an icy cliff just isn't a red flag for me.
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