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  1. If the ps3 can do it then the x360 can also.
  2. Looks worse than many GBA games.
  3. It's coming out in mid-2006.Not a launch game.
  4. Brown was the only colour that existed in the killzone2 CGI demo so.... Anyway this game is from Epic and it wasn't hyped before cause,it hadn't been announced before(well it had been announced as "Epic game published by MGS"). There's many more games for the xbox360 that will be announced in the next few months ,like the bioware(MGS published) UE3.0 RPG,Shadowrn,VF5 and many more.Ms is planning to keep the xbox360 hype by making one announcement at a time.They held back a lot of games at this E3 but all will be known until the xbox360 launch...
  5. fulcizombie


    If the first game turns as good as it looks i sure hope so.But Banjo3 comes first.
  6. fulcizombie


    well,truth to be told,the GC release schedule is so full of games that they don't need anymore.I mean 1-2 games per quarter,what more could you want??But hey,nintendo got some money.HOOOORAAAAAAAH Anyway the game looks fantastic and the battles look amasing in scope.The creaures that Kameo transforms into look great too,the textures are great and the colours are vibrant.If this game had a nintendo-franchise name,people would be drooling over these videos.And Kameo(the character) is beautiful,good job rare.
  7. PGR3 will be 60 fps. Xbox360 games run at alpha kits. Xbox360 launch games will be constantly improving until the console's launch. We have yet to see true high-rez media from any xbox360 games.Just wait until Monday(errrr Tuesday in Europe). Ps2 launch games looked worse than average dreamcast games. You will swallow every tech demo that sony will throw at you without even questioning whether what you are watching are real in-game graphics.Thank God that the ps3 will launch (in Japan) just a few months after the xbox360 launch so we will have REAL games to compare.We won't have to go 1-2 years of BS sony hype this time around.
  8. All i will say is that the xbox360 has almost everything people were assuming would be gone(cause MS will put out a cheap-ass machine cause they want profits) like a hard-drive,512Mb of Ram,e.t.c The funny thing is that people(well on other forums) are celebrating when they hear that the new nintendo console will play dvd's or have online play As for the games ,it's all about preference but xbox360 1st party line up looks to have just about everything:FPS,racing games,"cute" action adventures,western rpgs(bioware is making an UE3 game for MGS),3rd personshooters,JRPGs,Japanese action games,japanese party games...every genre seems to covered with titles that seem to have potential.I can't think of anything missing from microsoft's own portfolio and there's still a ton of announcements to come until the console's release. I see many people saying that the next nintendo and sony consoles will have an online service that will rival xbox live.MS paid more than 1.5 billion$$$ to create the stracture for xbox live.I haven't heard of any similar investments from sony or nintendo.Am i missing something or will these companies make similar services magically,without any real efford and money,just because they are Japanese and not "big,bad,evil)M$????
  9. The difference is that between the dreamcast's launch(in its home market -Japan) and the ps2 launch(again in Japan) there was a 16 month gap while this is clearly not the case.The logical gap between the xbox360 and the ps3 will be 4-6 months when it comes to launching in their home markets(U.S for the xbox360 and Japan for the ps3). I believe that the fact that the xbox360 is launching in the western markets FIRST while the ps3 will launch in Japan first gives the illusion that there's a huge gap between the 2 when it comes to launch windows while the reality is that the gap will be very small.If you want to throw the revolution into the arguement i would say that the launch window of the next gen consoles(from first to last) will be around 7-8 months(with xbox360 being first and revolution being the last to launch). For comparison's sake(speculation): Xbox360 launch-November 2005 Ps3 launch-March/April 2006 Revolution(according to nintendo)-July(=mid summer) 2006. ..and here's how it went last gen: Dreamcast-November 1998 PS2-March 2000 GC-August 2001 Xbox-November 2001. Gap between DC/ps2 launch:16 months Gap between ps2/Xbox launch:20 months. I hope that this will show the time differences between then and now.I guess people like to discuss based on their own reality where the gap between the xbox360 launch and ps3 launch is the same with the gap of dreamcast and ps2 launch...if so.....ignore the facts and carry on....
  10. Nintendo fanboys don't like perfect dark cause its sequel is coming to a MS console. I still remember the worshipping of PD and Rare when rare was on the nintendo camp by the same fanboys.... Now they can't understand "what the fuss is all about" but the same people would piss their pants on the sight of the millionth mario game....
  11. That's actually from the pc version of an unknown game that its developers are still looking for a publisher.If they find a publisher it might come out on the xbox360 also.Oh and it's a MMOFPS. The render of Joanna looks amasing as far as art direction goes.They've managed to somehow keep the "charisma" of the chartoon version while making it realistic and bad-ass at the same time.
  12. Goldeneye and perfect dark had great graphics for their time.Geist has horrible graphics for its time(that is for...now). Anyway Geist is made by a shitty developer and has had numerous horrible previews.I expect a game in the 5-6 territory.
  13. No.The game has a realistic look.(thank God!!!)
  14. Ms should never have given Edge the European exclusive on X360 if it is going to be treated that way.It seems that MS still hasn't learn. Sony would never allow that(and rightly so).I guess that's why they are the clear n.1 when MS is fighting with nintendo for the scraps.....
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