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  1. djtickle

    SNES Mini

    GAME have them right now.
  2. I only ever played the Game Gear version, was they the same?
  3. Boost to 40 that came with the game helped!
  4. I'm pretty new to this game been playing around 4 weeks now. Just hit 400 LL but would like to try some raids out if people getting together! tickle360 on XBO
  5. Thats what happened this gen with all the remasters, its only this last 6 months or so have we seen any real games.
  6. *Blows mind if this is next gen
  7. SimplyGames have been great over the last year I have used them after moving on from Shopto. I have found with 365 games that unless you pay for post your getting 2nd class.
  8. Getting all the pink, purple and black coins from the levels is moneys worth within itself. Never mind toad rally and all the locked kingdom items. Well unless you just cheat and look on youtube for the locations.
  9. Added a couple of people from the thread my code is 4761-1334-9077. Sat at 251 on world 1-1 at the moment.
  10. Don't forget 5% discount from facebook
  11. My local tesco say that the entertainment people leave at 10pm so no games can be purchased at until 7am the following morning Gone digital for this one :/
  12. I've been trying to avoid this after coming out of FFXIV but I do fancy it. What's it like for content? Also how does it work teaming up and finding players to do quests? I assume harder stuff is better done in guild?
  13. Would there be anyway to play this on a virtual boy? or is rom / PC the only option.
  14. It's due in sept at a cost. It was around £10 in FFXI.
  15. This happens alot between my PS3, Vita and 360 so I setup some basic port forwarding rules on my Virgin hub and gave all 3 of them static IPs. Not sure what kind of access you get to the Home Hub for setting things up though. Edit seems you can http://www.filesaveas.com/bthomehub_portforwarding.html Also heres the ports for PSN and Live http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/settings/connecttest.html http://compnetworking.about.com/b/2008/11/15/tcp-and-udp-port-numbers-for-xbox-live.htm It might take a little time but well worth it rather than sticking stuff in the DMZ and its easier than it sounds if you just take your time.
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