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  1. I think it looks great. Eat it, sad squad.
  2. Personally, the hype of Halo 2 vs the reality of actually playing the thing after queuing all night for it has to be the biggest corporate slapping I've ever recieved. I just couldn't believe that turning 180 resulted in seeing the level being built. I thought I must have a dud copy. But then the more I played, the more I realised what a cobbled together bit of bollocks it all was. Bland level design. Unfair enemy AI. A dual weilding weapon system that just added complexity for the sake of looking 'cool'. It was like Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, then just handed his brushes to a random teenager outside and said "could you paint the church next door pal, cheers". And so what if the multiplayer death match was good. Is that what made Halo 1 a fucking global phenomenon? No. It was the campaign. Bungie still owe me £44.99.
  3. This was absolutely brilliant. Just utterly peerless character writing and acting. I cannot wait for the 2nd series, and because I'm so fucking slow to watch stuff, I won't have to. The next season starts sunday. Yippee.
  4. I really liked it. Think Mario's voice is perfect for the world and tone they are building. You can't really tell the Mario story without the whole 'he is a plumber who goes down a strange green pipe to a surreal kingdom'. The humour vibed well with me, as did the Star Wars a new hope echoes. Really looking forward to Bowser/Peach scenes.
  5. barkbat

    The Man Utd Thread

    That was a beautiful penalty by Martial. A ray of light in the gloom. But what a game from City. Haaland and De Bruyne. Bloody hell.
  6. 20. Toni Erdmann 19. When Harry Met Sally 18. It Happened One Night 17. The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie 16. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 15. Paddington 14. Airplane! 13. The Pink Panther 12. Dr. Stranglove 11. The Naked Gun 10. Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers 9. Pride 8. Toy Story 7. Groundhog Day 6. Galaxy Quest 5. The Commitments 4. The Life of Brian 3. Withnail & I 2. Rushmore 1. Trading Places
  7. I'm wondering if single-player will actually involve co-op and multiplayer elements that can either be AI controlled or include online invites a la Dark Souls. So you could co-op missions with a buddy and also invite in other players for heist missions.
  8. Well I found the repeated 'for example' section absolutely hilarious and then watched it again straight after it had all finished and found it hilarious all over again - it's just so unbelievably well crafted and so uniquely Stewart Lee and I love it. But I found the 'unsayable' bit quite cringey and spent most of it just a bit worried for his health and that he might give himself a stroke. Makes you think.
  9. Was annoyed to read that the main guy was actually a prominent youth member of the Communist Party, and it was his Communist beliefs that inspired the whole LGSM idea. The film completely whitewashes that. In mainstream film terms, it's still a radically left-wing work of art - so it's hard to be too mad. Shame though. The positives of Communism never get sunlight in our culture.
  10. Pride A beautiful, funny, perfectly cast film with lashings of anti-Thatcherism. The UK film industry seems to pump out these feel-good ensemble films all the time, but I struggle to think of any that lay a finger on this. A gem of its genre. 5/5
  11. barkbat

    The Man Utd Thread

    I cannot remember enjoying a Man U game more than that one. It’s been a long long time. Just that feeling that a player will be there when there’s a 50/50 ball. Or a pass is slightly mistimed. And they’ll properly fight for it. So good to see.
  12. barkbat

    The Man Utd Thread

    Football. Bloody hell.
  13. It does have a level where you drive a tank through Moscow. Surprised Boris Johnson isn't promoting it during PMQs.
  14. It was very good in its own right but didn't really feel connected to the parochial horror of the first.
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