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  1. Naughty Dog unveil Last of Us 2 Multiplayer standalone game for PS5 with special branding. They throw in an updated version of single player game too. There's an Uncharted movie tie in purely for the $$$. God of War 2 and Horizon 2 look like shinier versions of the last gen games. Microsoft show a non-playable version of Halo Infinite running on a PC and it's pretty obviously gone back to some earlier non-Bone inclusive build that needs another year at least. GTA 6 gets a logo reveal and no one talks about anything else. Nintendo release 3 new smash characters and build a five hour treeh
  2. It's not just that the lead is too old, the creators are too old, the particular era it was set in is used up, and the long awaited reboot was a failure on every level - it's that the concept of an American jotting across the world to steal indigenous and religous artifacts and put them in a museum in New Jersey is not just dated but actually offensive now. Indiana Jones should be left in the ground.
  3. I really liked Fleabag but no no no. There's something about posh British actors that make American casting agents lose all sense. Like making Felicity Jones the hard bitten lead of a Star Wars film. It's just utterly bizarre. Florence Pugh for example - someone with a bit of feist and grit - that I could understand. That rings true to the Indiana Jones role. But Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fuck off.
  4. If they are making quite radical changes to the TV plot and want to encorporate these (along with actors faces/performances etc) to make this feel like an interactive companion piece to the show then I say great. Why not? Last of Us is good enough to deserve getting an even bigger audience, and if the TV show becomes the next huge TV show (don't see why it couldn't) then this is a way to get millions more people experiencing the pinnacle of game story telling. If they are just redoing it with super duper ray traced graphics then okay - no point at all.
  5. accidental double post.
  6. Seaspiracy on Netflix is brilliant. Required watching. Stating that its conclusion to stop eating fish 'won't work' is a bit like a heroin addict telling their doctor that quitting heroin won't work. If you don't eventually do it your body will collapse and die. That also 'won't work'. If you can watch that film and think eating fish in societies where alternatives are plentiful is anything but the height of decadence and totally immoral then you are in denial. It's fair enough - I was in denial for years and there are multi-billion dollar industries working hard to keep you in that denial. Bu
  7. Tinker Tailor and Smiley's People were recently released on Blu-ray - and thanks to the fact they were both shot on film (highly unusual in 70s/80s TV land) the jump in visual quality is phenomenal - really really recommend buying both. They are such amazing adaptations. Wish we could see a return to that more considered, subtle, cerebral storytelling.
  8. I think LC won because he was considered a better fit for the prize - a character to base a TV series round. Bimini is hands down a funnier, sexier, smarter and more stylish queen, but she does have a certain reserve in her character - a kind of look but don't touch vibe. Where as LC has a 'love me' vibe and a lot of natural charisma that is just going to appeal more instantly to an American audience and easily fit a cosy 'bullied boy done good' narrative. Ultimately I think it was a business decision - otherwise its inexplicable.
  9. A Prophet - Young Alergian finds himself in a French prison and has to survive. Bloody amazing in every way. Watched it, loved it, came on here to dig up the old thread, only to find my own review of it from ten years ago. Somehow managed to genuinely completely forget I saw it despite loving it that time too. I am getting old and weed is bad. 5/5
  10. JPL watch the first episode of the first UK series (if it's still on iplayer) and go from there. You need to go in with an open mind, accept that at first it's just going to seem like a thosand identikit drama queens all screaming over eachother - and that's ok. Your brain is confused and doesn't know what to make of it yet. Soon the charima uniqueness nerve and talent will come into view and you will just slide in. You'll have your favourites. You'll have your villains. You'll learn some lingo. You'll have some laughs. And you'll be addicted. Once it clicks, there's no going back.
  11. I get the special charisma of LC - but with each show she seems to be more of a nervous wreck, more competitive, and less engaging - where as Bimini just shines brighter and brighter. LC may have had the most disappointing stand up but Ellie's was just bizarre car-wreck one trick embarassing. At least ahora had the south park beep which left it to your imagination. Plus her style was just brilliant.
  12. What the hell was going on with the final two today? Absolutely inexplicable. Ellie had the worst costume and the worst stand up. Nailed on cert for final 2. She may be young, she may be talented, but she needs to go home now she's outstayed her welcome.
  13. Tia is the sweetest. Bimini is the best. Elle Diamond is so boring I had to look up her name. Sister Sister can fuck off. I get why Lawrence Cheney is loved - he is super young and talented and has charisma to spare. But he is also a bitch and looks the same every runway. Bimini on the otherhand is just the complete package. I have never laughed so hard at a snatch game. 'The nipples are the eyes of the face' is god-tier comedy.
  14. An FPS game about American soldiers by ex-Bungie developers is not going to be anything other than a crass glorification and white washing of a war crime. It's verging on a disinformation campaign and would certainly be called it if any other country tried to portray the mass murder of civilians using illegal chemical weapons and nuclear tipped shells by its own soldiers in this way. You should have no faith whatsoever and just be plain disgusted. It's fucking vile.
  15. Christ this is so crass. Turning a war crime into entertainment is just beyond sick.
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