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  1. Considering the genesis, I thought that looked impressive. Basically Halo Far cry 2.
  2. I just really hope Chris Pratt puts on a stupid Italian accent and approaches the whole thing as if Andy from parks & rec took a large dose of LSD.
  3. Their last big scene together in season 2 seems to suggest different.
  4. The middle one makes most sense.
  5. barkbat


    Very upset I missed this. Can anyone point me towards a stream of the match? I'd love to watch the whole thing.
  6. Yes it was too much same gameplay under the hood with tarted up bodywork... and remakes. I get its important to cover the popular genres, and remakes make financial sense at this point in a generation shift. But where was the surprise? The new 'I can't quite imagine how that works' gameplay? Like that futuristic cat game? Or Sifu? Or the next gen equivalent of the Witness?
  7. I liked the indigenous animal island game. And how beautiful some of God of Toxic Masculinity 2 looked. But the rest can do one. Half of them I owned 10 years ago.
  8. Monotonous Car Porn AGAIN. I feel spoilt.
  9. Okay this animal earth game looks super.
  10. Finally a trailer with music I like and... it's not a game.
  11. Harriet Potter and the Shareholders of Squaresoft.
  12. They should never have given Assassin's Creed to Ubisoft Japan.
  13. Play has no limits CUT TO: 20 year old game remake!
  14. I for one think a reboot with modern controls would be absolutely wonderful and with all the right people involved I'm extremely excited by this. LBA 1 will always be a huge part of my childhood! The music is still sublime.
  15. I really loved Alan Wake on the 360. The lip synch on the cut scenes was bad even back then, and the lack of new enemy types did start to grate after a while. But if they remedied them two problems, and packaged in the DLC for free, I'd certainly be interested in repurchasing.
  16. 5* in Guardian from Xan Brooks. I'm getting tingly.
  17. The fact this is being released on Xbox One has clearly killed what it was meant to be and is possibly an even more stupid Microsoft management decision than inbuilt Kinnect.
  18. Film versions of successful sitcoms. They are never good. Never push the envelope. At best just flabby slightly higher budgeted episodes that happen in a novel location. Instantly forgettable and a waste of everyone's time talent and money. Just do a Christmas special and fuck off.
  19. The final reveal is that the presenter has a cameo in a Disney game no one cares about. That is quite the mic drop. Glad I tuned in.
  20. Even if I lived forever I wouldn't want to play Death Stranding that much.
  21. I think there should be a Eurovision game contest. Every country in Europe choses a game being developed there, puts together a batshit trailer, and then Gamescom judges choose three at random as finalists then make one win best game of 2022 for 'reasons'.
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