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  1. KK slider came to the island this morning. Not the greatest concert I’ve ever been to.
  2. I skip the titles on everything. Don’t know why you wouldn’t.
  3. It was better on the Wii with pointy and waggle controls, so any remake will probably be worse than that version. That being said, any update needs better inventory management and to allow movement while aiming. The original game feels archaic these days with those limitations.
  4. They should have had more of this enthralling gameplay in Uncharted 4:
  5. I’m so happy this is the end of Bunny Day. The final prize you get from that prick is crap. After receiving it I wanted to burst all the balloons beside him with my slingshot but it wouldn’t let me.
  6. Just binged this. It was awesome. Homelander was incredible and there have never been better laser eyes anywhere.
  7. It’s absolute bobbins.
  8. They better do the same for Bunny Day.
  9. Reminds me of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it.
  10. Is it possible to catch the bird or owl who sits on the notice board?
  11. Right I’m gonna have to get excel out and start tracking it properly. I’m bored enough.
  12. So the best tactic may be 10k on regular single days and 99k on triples?
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