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  1. Do reviewers bother finishing most games? I don’t really see the point, especially if they haven’t enjoyed it. It’s not like suffering for a further 30 hours will change your mind on a game. It’d be refreshing to read reviews where they said, ‘sorry, I gave up after 2 hours - here are a list of the things that forced me to quit’.
  2. Not having this. Sunshine is annoying and shit. Let’s not be giving Nintendo ideas to the contrary.
  3. Mario Maker Mario Odyssey Mario Kart 8 Mario Galaxy 2 Mario 64 Mario World Mario 3
  4. The Bob-omb story in Pario Mario: Origami King pushed narrative gaming forward.
  5. Well yeah, TAA hasn’t been great either. But he has way more talent than Robertson and he’s much younger, so less of a concern.
  6. Andy Robertson is quickly regressing as a footballer. 90% of the time if he’s given the ball he’ll either twat it forward hoping someone will control it, or pass it back to the centre back. I think it’s down to how reliant he is on his left foot, he seems scared to play the ball with his right.
  7. Witcher 3 wasn’t up to much so would be massively surprised if this was groundbreaking. I’m sure it’ll still be pretty though.
  8. Brutal Sports Football on the Amiga was brilliant fun. Not Speedball 2 top tier great but awesome in multiplayer.
  9. Not too bothered by that as I’ve given up on sunshine. Was half expecting a Galaxy 2 shadow drop.
  10. Currently reading The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, I’ve been meaning to give it a crack for a while. And I’m glad I did as it is absolutely brilliant.
  11. the_debaser

    NFL 2020!

    Cowboys are good value this year. So funny to watch them. Steelers, Titans, Chiefs, Seahawks. Surely one of these will win this year. No one can get close to them.
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