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  1. I’d love a good 2D DK game, hasn’t been one since the snes days.
  2. Ah yes, I’d always just associated Zombies with Konami.
  3. It’s not a remaster is it? Should be free on the Switch online service. Ghoul Patrol wasn’t that great either, not a patch on Zombies.
  4. I’ve got it running on the dolphin emulator on my shield. Job done.
  5. Rhys Williams for Liverpool is slow by Sunday League standards. Amazing that he’s managed to keep a place on their squad.
  6. Philistines! Waggle and pointers were the best, they opened up so many new ways of playing that we’ve now lost. Imagine how cool and accurate a new wiimote would be now we have about 15 years of technological advancement. No re-centering, no bar under the tv, super accurate aiming. It would be a game changer. And it would mean an amazing way to play a new Metroid. I was hoping the new PS or Xbox might have some cool innovation like it, but they predictably played it safe.
  7. MP1 and 2 worked perfectly with the wiimote on WiiU, that’s the best version of them. It improved the way the games played, same as how Resi 4 was massively improved with the wiimote. So we already have versions that exist with motion controls coded in. This should be a simple 20 minute job to port to switch, half an hour tops to upscale. Don’t care about MP3 as it’s not a patch on the other two.
  8. Got them both. I prefer the Xbox, it’s smaller, quieter and the user interface is nicer. Better controller too. The PS5 hasn’t been switched on in months. I’ve kept myself busy with Switch games and curating my Lanchbox collection recently, so I’m not too bothered about the lack of next gen games so far.
  9. I think it’s worth it. One off cost and forget about it.
  10. Surprised Farrell made the squad, he’s been a complete liability and useless for a while now.
  11. Unless they’ve made some huge structural changes to the game, there will be 10million disappointed people buying it who’ve never played it before.
  12. Their earnings report says they have 1.2 TRILLION yen in the bank. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2021/210506e.pdf
  13. No wonder why they can’t be arsed to make a F Zero or Waverace. Those numbers are ridiculous.
  14. I don’t care about sharing. I’m making my own F Zero and keeping it for myself.
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