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  1. Also Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Wind Waker HD especially deserves a larger audience. It improved on the original massively by allowing you to command the direction of the wind when at sea so the treasure hunting at the end of the game wasn’t completely soul destroying.
  2. The first one stressed me out too much with the time limit. I feel with the third they had nailed the controls and had mastered what made an environment enjoyable to explore. It was absolutely gorgeous too. I don’t think I got the DLC.
  3. 3 > 2 > 1. I think it’s leagues ahead of the other two.
  4. It’s an absolutely brilliant game but I’m not buying it again. Might have done for £30 but feels they’re taking the piss at £50.
  5. The DS4 is shit anyway. The battery on mine lasts about 2 hours these days. And who wants to use a manky old controller on a new machine? While Sony are at it, consigning the DS4 to history, they should reconfigure their new pad to have the face buttons the correct way around, like the way Nintendo do it.
  6. This review spends time on the idea that there are different types of gamers and the game styles they enjoy. Also he focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of video games as a medium and how developers often ignore these when deciding what to include in a game. He covers loads of stuff I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread or anywhere else.
  7. Caution: Full of spoilers. As usual, it’s a great review from Matthewmatosis.
  8. You get cash for battles. Some of the accessories and useful items are pretty expensive later on.
  9. This is excellent. Reminiscent of Metal Slug.
  10. The Bob-omb story in this puts most other video game stories to shame. What a game. Someone should change the thread title to GOTY.
  11. The regular pro controller I got on day one with the switch is still fine. Since day one it’s had a weird rattle when the vibration starts but it’s never got any worse. The Splatoon pro controller I got never had that issue and is still good as new.
  12. Paper Mario Origami King.
  13. ISS 2000 also had a hilarious career mode where you could get caught with pornography. From memory it boosted your stamina or something like that.
  14. Is that out next month? Time to buy a new PC.
  15. Fair play to Villa, they’ve done well to stay up with that squad. Dean Smith has done a great job there.
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