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  1. Nah Argentina will beat the Netherlands. They’re bang average.
  2. The Ireland - SA match was brilliant. Hard and brutal rugby at times between 2 of the best teams in the world. Just hope Ireland aren’t peaking early before the World Cup.
  3. Boss fights are nearly always wank so I prefer them nice and easy to get them over and done with.
  4. Quite enjoying this. Not as crazy as Bayonetta 2, for shame, but still way more imaginative than 99% of games out there.
  5. the_debaser

    Edge #378

    Jimmy Blanka, third most famous Brazilian after Pele and Gisele.
  6. Yeah it is bust so I might ask for a partial refund. I just got home now so thankfully can watch red zone on sky.
  7. Decided to rewatch Top Gun Maverick earlier. It’s just amazing how they didn’t fuck this movie up. 10.3g out of 10.
  8. There’s also certain bioses you need, to use the scrapers you need to sign up to some weird website, the file explorer in batocera seems to not see certain files. It’s definitely a beta piece of software at the moment.
  9. Started trying a bit more batocera stuff today on the deck. It’s much more of a faff setting it up than using emudeck. Not sure it’s worth it at the moment tbh.
  10. Mine arrived today, forgotten I’d ordered it.
  11. the_debaser

    The Spurs Thread

    That is offside under rule 11. It was very tight though.
  12. It’s great, way better than the last few. Tempted to get a 4090 if future games will look as good as it.
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