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  1. Nah it was better than average. Fuck Monza and Monaco off and all those boring tracks. Only problem is it will probably never rain there, so Saudi need to introduce sprinklers.
  2. Just saw the highlights. Looked like an interesting race. Netflix F1 series should be fun.
  3. The laws of the game need changing there, but Michael Oliver did the right thing to disallow it.
  4. Oh man, this game looks gorgeous on the oled switch. Probably 2 years since I last turned it on and it’s as good as ever, still one of the best games ever made.
  5. Dortmund - Bayern is a great game
  6. N64 emulation is more than half decent already.
  7. N64 Paper Mario isn’t even that good, they need to get TTYD on there.
  8. Second episode was great too and Rab was spot on about the oled switch.
  9. Well he is the best player in the world so why not?
  10. the_debaser

    NFL 2021!

    Watching Ohio v Michigan on Fox Sports. Absolutely crazy crowd, I’ve got to get myself to one of these college games when I’m next in America.
  11. New special is great. Cartman was hilarious.
  12. Love the idea that delivery method has progressed games. Loads of games are now released these days knowingly broken and you have to wait for multiple enormous patches from the dev before you get the final product. At that’s if they don’t just completely give up on fixing it like Cyberpunk. Added to this Sony are gouging anyone unfortunate enough to buy a digital only version of the PS5. I’d consider it a mixed blessing at best.
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