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  1. Last two specials weren’t great but I’ve loved every other season they did. The PC principal one a few years back was amazing. Let’s hope they have been storing up ideas over the last couple of years.
  2. OG sonic wasn’t really any good either, all style over substance. Talking of old Amiga platformers, I wouldn’t mind a remake of Parasol Stars or Putty Squad.
  3. Joe Hart and James McCarthy have joined Celtic, as expected. Certainly better than what they had previously, but they still need a few more signings to compete this year.
  4. Wonder if solitaire has a frame rate boost?
  5. Surprised VDM has kept his place. Based on the selection it doesn’t look like the tactics will be changing much from last game, but you never know.
  6. Just imagine the amount of shit a non white foreign player would be getting if they were doing what Kane is.
  7. That’s nice. Most other devices do not require removable rechargeable batteries.
  8. Dual Shocks are wank and shouldn’t be used as a comparison. Having to buy rechargeables is shit. Nintendos pro pad gives you about 40 hours. Ms and Sony once again fuck their consumers.
  9. Thought it was really good. There has been some great blockbusters this year with Suicide Squad, F9, Tomorrow’s War, Justice League and this.
  10. Bottas. This is all down to him.
  11. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.
  12. The dorks who coded this must either have eagle eyesight or sit 2” away from a monitor. Anyway, it’s not for me, downloaded, tried it and promptly uninstalled. That’s what gamepass is great for.
  13. Someone must’ve turned something on as it all works perfectly now!
  14. I tried to fly under the Golden Gate Bridge but the collision detection was off and it pushed me down against the water and threw me forward. A bit disappointing as I wanted to try and do a loop the loop around it with the small agile plane. Maybe a patch will sort it.
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