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  1. Where are all the ‘Nintendo are the developer least adapted to dealing with Covid’ doom-mongers now? Eh? Eh? Desperately trying to preorder Advance Wars, that’s where they are.
  2. The thumbnail makes me think the police will be knocking on my door if I click it.
  3. Holy Mother of God it looks incredible. It’s definitely finished. Just release it now
  4. Links Awakening is a nice bonus on G&W.
  5. I’m so happy. Advance Wars. Never been bettered.
  6. Oh wow. Warioware. This is a great direct. Lots of time left too.
  7. I’m buying 2 copies of that just to convince them to make more.
  8. Oh God, it looks so good. Is that 10th aug or 8th Oct?
  9. Mario Party remastered too. This is already the best conference.
  10. Series X makes a noise when it has a disc inserted, otherwise it’s pretty quiet. Not silent, mind.
  11. If that Sakurai bloke comes out and announces new smash dlc I might throw my switch at the telly.
  12. It’s just a sequel though. EA and Ubi blast them out like clockwork, every year. I get BOTW is special but it’s 4 years work when they already have an engine and map in place. I think it’s already complete.
  13. Bit of a squeeze after 35 mins of Skyward Sword.
  14. I mean, Capcom had a captive audience of complete idiots willing to sit there and watch their adverts and they can’t even be fucked to put anything together for us. My self esteem has reached an all time low.
  15. Jesus Christ. Will someone unpin this topic already so we can forget it happened?
  16. Megaman Legends remastered please.
  17. They’ll need to bring out a new wavebird. Current controllers with their circular inlays around the analogue just won’t cut it.
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