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  1. If it is properly remastered they could easily lose the waggle - from memory it just involved flicking the nunchuck and wiimote to jump and grapple, and also pointer shooter controls which could be sorted. Neither game is as good as the original prime though, I think people will be really disappointed if they’re expecting anything quite like it.
  2. France have been amazing today, over to Ireland tomorrow.
  3. My Kirby mousepad is on the way!
  4. Oh man, it looks so good, I can’t wait.
  5. The new Yoshi’s Island course is an absolute delight. The Bangkok course is brilliant too, full of shortcuts.
  6. You have to jump about 5 times in that room with the tentacles. It’s no big deal.
  7. Pretty much the same. I don’t envy the Nintendo designers trying to top the best console ever.
  8. Bring back streetpass.
  9. I think they will do whatever they think makes them the most money.
  10. Dual sticks might just be the best thing about the remaster, and it works brilliantly along with the lock on. Give it a go. Also swap guns to dpad, as you switch them much more than visor.
  11. 100%. Would be pretty much the best game ever with a bunch more tracks.
  12. This any good? The demo seemed like more of the same.
  13. While it may not be interesting, it’s very clear and doesn’t waste your time. There’s no messing about, you know you can’t get through, so may as well head in the opposite direction.
  14. I think the highlights were the ship pulling and bridge building. More team events for season 2 please.
  15. I really enjoyed the Harry and Meghan episode.
  16. It’ll become mainstream once it becomes less clunky and more social. Even the quest, as great as it is with no wires, requires effort on setting up a guardian, fucking about with the tightness of the headset, having to charge it every 2 hours etc. Once it becomes like putting on a pair of glasses it will get much more popular.
  17. This limited / full rgb range thing - is the automatic option going to choose the best setting? TBH I can’t see a difference.
  18. Finally got around to watching this. I absolutely loved it, it says so much about male relationships and the masks we wear.
  19. The game should have the option to show one massive map, covering the whole game. Then you could see which lifts go where. Maybe in a patch.
  20. Those punishment challenges in episode 8 are no joke!
  21. Caught up on this. Apart from ep3 which was ok this has been trash. I don’t get the love.
  22. Completed this today on normal difficulty. Gaming just doesn’t get better than this.
  23. Why don’t the artists stick to 2 or 3 songs? Rihanna belting out Umbrella and something else would land so much batter than 30 second snippets of her greatest hits.
  24. Haha what a fuck up by Hurts. Great game.
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