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  1. It does, yeah. I did the same thing as wanted BOTW on my machine at all times.
  2. Annoyingly animal crossing seems to have the only clock which doesn’t auto update for BST.
  3. Screwball documentary is on Netflix about doping in sport. It’s pretty great.
  4. Similarly, there have only been a few games which have disappointed me as much as this: ISS on the GameCube which was meant to be the next gen follow up to the greatest ever footy games made, the ISS N64 games, but instead was shit and played like the PS versions. Mario Kart Double Dash for obvious reasons Super Mario Sunshine which was no Mario 64
  5. Also, we can just change the system date if desperate enough to get the fish. Right? Right?
  6. I’m done with the fishing. No sturgeon. No string fish. I think I was happier when I didn’t know they existed. And fuck crafting bait too. This is one of those games where the internet ruins the experience a bit. It’s something you should enjoy at your own pace, not trying to rush to tick off all the items the internet has said YOU MUST GET IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.
  7. Just used 50+ baits to get the string fish only to realise it doesn’t appear till 4pm.
  8. Pretty certain the string fish doesn’t exist and it’s all an elaborate ruse on Tom Nook/Nintendo’s part to get us to play more.
  9. Shame it wasn’t burnout 2 or 3 instead of paradise.
  10. Is there any way to craft a bunch of things at once? Say I want to make 20 fish baits, do I actually have to make each one individually? Feels like I’m missing something.
  11. https://www.polygon.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-acnh-guide/2020/3/25/21194292/march-bugs-fish-insects-critterpedia-leaving-last-chance
  12. There are about 30 species leaving the Southern Hemisphere in March. Glad I’m not based in Aus.
  13. I went through a ton of fish food trying to do this and got none. Loads of black bass and dace though. Oh well, I’ll give it another go tomorrow.
  14. Cool, Dirt Rally is ace. Uncharted 4 is utter shit. Technically impressive, yes, but after the umpteenth bridge has collapsed from under you, or when you’re, for the millionth time, asked to scale a wall with no fear of falling, despite it desperately trying to convince you there is immediate peril, you’ll be ready to throw it in the bin. The game is an absolute slog. The gameplay doesn’t advance one iota from the first minute of playing. It’s genuinely awful. One of the biggest mysteries in life is how it reviewed so well. TLDR: don’t bother downloading UC4.
  15. Although the show is still good, this season has not been a patch on previous. Everything is faster paced than has happened previously, as if the writers are desperate to get to the end point. The genius in the show has been letting the characters stew, not racing to their final form. Within a few episodes Jimmy has completely changed character and Kim, who used to be a smart lawyer, is now acting like an utter moron. Unless she’s about to double cross Saul, in which case it’s been signposted a mile off. The show really misses Chuck.
  16. What’s the best way to find 30 iron nuggets?
  17. Thanks guys, I’ve now got a 98,000 bell debt to a raccoon.
  18. Oh Jesus, the amount of items I have sitting outside my shitty tent is obscene. I definitely need a house.
  19. Do you have to pay off your tent? Nook keeps telling me I can pay him later.
  20. I started tapping the a button for the fishies because of Zelda. Then remembered it wasn’t Zelda. Just press a when it bites.
  21. Very nice. Tell her congrats, she has completed animal crossing.
  22. Just landed. My island is a barren wasteland compared to this metropolis!
  23. This is better than I expected. Catching butterflies and doing errands for this weird crank Tom Nook is much more fun than battling with Doom. My two neighbours are an elephant and a weird cat like creature. I’ve just picked out a spot for some museum guy who is turning up tomorrow. His tent looks like it’ll be much better than mine.
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