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  1. I think the N64 controller will be essential for many games, based on my history of emulation. The 6 face buttons just don’t map well to a standard controller with second stick + 4 buttons.
  2. Kaitlin Olson should have been peach.
  3. What’s up with them adding Winback to the N64 collection? That’s so random. ISS 98 please.
  4. SF2 was better on the snes anyway.
  5. Kirby. Oh man. Looked like a Mario game. It’s gonna be a solid 9/10 minimum.
  6. Chris Pratt / 10. With bonus N64 and a new controller. Wow. Wow. Wowowow.
  7. Bayonetta looks fun. This direct has been really good. If gaming stayed like that Sony facsimile shitefest from last week I think I’d tap out.
  8. Chris Pratt. I’m still laughing.
  9. Yep, that looks like Splatoon alright.
  10. This will be the most expensive movie ever.
  11. Hahahahahahahahahaha. This is amazing
  12. Shigs looking good for a hundred year old man.
  13. Was it? I thought it said £49.99. I’m drunk to be fair, it’s not a direct without being wasted.
  14. £50 N64 controller? You absolute bastards. Have my credit card.
  15. Need a N64 controller for this though.
  16. Metroid looks incredible. Jizz everywhere.
  17. The last of us : non shit Kirby edition.
  18. Hey this Kirby game looks decent. I’m in day 1.
  19. Hyrule Warriors : Age of not being breath of the wild 2
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