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  1. Aye, me too. It reminds me of the 911 where coming off the brakes too quickly loses the rear.
  2. Yes, it's separate from all the new options. Depending on how much poke your PC has, some tracks will be more demanding to render than others. Kyalami for example needs me to knock the resolution down a few percent.
  3. Don't forget to wave at the other drivers as we sit on the grid! (I really feels like that's possible) Oh - and when tinkering with the graphics settings, the most important one is resolution - 100% is native, less than that obviously blurs things a bit but it has the most effect on performance. I can share my settings, but the new 1.8 update has made them redundant as I'm finding I can turn things up a bit now. (Apart the the brightness, apparently.. <mutter> )
  4. FFS. Had to quit the second race as the screen was too dark to see anything. It's like when you press escape and the screen goes dark with the options/return to garage etc. menu options, but when you hit drive the screen stayed really dark. Couldn't even see the curbs. Edit: Not just me it seems https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/extremely-dark-screen-after-1-8-update.211503/
  5. Depends how quick he is - we've got enough aliens already
  6. Aye, no worries @davejm 1.8 seems to have made me slower, but has made it more 'fun' to drive. Hard to explain, but I like it Graphics seem to have improved a bit too (RX5700XT / Quest 1 VR). I'm forgetting all about laptimes for tonight and am just going to enjoy it!
  7. Nah, you are allowed to not like something
  8. Awww crap. Really sorry @Meers Best wishes to you and your family.
  9. Quite hard to say really. Some think it’s focus on GT3/4 racing is limited compared with Forza and GT, whereas others prefer the focus. As a racing game fan in general, I’d say yes its worth a punt at that price. But that said, I’ve not tried it with a pad but I know at least of us PC racers plays with a pad. If you want a very good simulation of a specific type of racing, it’s great. If you want to jump between different car classes, across millions of tracks - not so much. (I’m assuming that there are no performance issues etc with the Xbox version)
  10. At the risk of sounding like an old man (again), this game is just continuing the trend of modern games in just not explaining itself. It's like the developers are so wrapped up in their world that they struggle to comprehend that someone coming too it anew will be completely baffled. Some games try and make it a 'feature' (Hades, I'm frowning at you here) and the fans all chime in and explain how it's easy to go onto youtube and find out how to play the game. It's supposed to be fun, not homework. Just explain it to us ffs. I love the driving and all the prettiness but I've given up trying to understand it all and will therefore probably miss out on at least 50% of it.
  11. Continuing with my calm approach to practice.. ..I watched the replay of my fastest lap and I can see where I'm leaving time behind - on EVERY SINGLE CORNER! Top tip; it's far easier to see the mistakes from the external camera. But that's fine. I'm the usual 1.5 - 2.0s behind Erik with room to improve, and at least I can see where I'm messing up. It's far more frustrating when you can't see it.
  12. Did you manage to get past this, as I've got exactly the same issue. The barn find crashes when the doors open and the photo mission dies during the 'yeah, well done' outro at the end. EDIT: May have fixed it - simply unplugged my Fanatec wheel (which I wasn't even using)
  13. ..but I'll still take it! Thanks go to all our wonderful sponsors, but most of all I must thank each and every one of you who missed a race and allowed me to sneak up the ranks. I couldn't have done it without you.
  14. Speaking of wet races - we didn't have any last season, I don't think. How about for our upcoming GT4 mini season we have some that we know are going to be wet? Be another thing to shake things up a bit, and I for one reeeeeallly need the practice!
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