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  1. Yep. Just finished the first season of the rllmuk ACC championship using mine. Using the link cable wasn’t an issue as I’m in the racing seat. It gets a bit uncomfortable during 1hr endurance races but it doesn’t distract from the action. Performance is ok considering ACC is a very demanding game to run. pCars2 runs with settings on max.
  2. I toyed with the idea of getting one, but purely for non-VR immersion. Once in VR though, my G29 as enough buttons and to be honest I'm so easily distracted - even discord chat can put me off - that more buttons would just equal more mistakes That said, I still have a hankering for one so let us know if you take the plunge and find one worth getting.
  3. That's what I thought too. Which is lucky or I would have been stressed at leaving the pits with that white number in the mid 50's !
  4. Well done @SharkyOB on the championship, and well done @davejm on the win! (And the excellent close racing we had. Apart from the bit where you sunk under the road up the kemmel straight like a u-boat!) Extra thanks to dave for conjuring this championship up out of nothing and running it for us. Very much appreciated.
  5. oooh, interesting. That was a strange lap for me as I was consciously 'under driving' by braking a bit earlier and not hammering every kerb. Was quite surprised to see the outcome to be honest.
  6. Well, I only changed cars at @SharkyOB's suggestion. Seems to have worked out ok at Spa I'm happy to go with the flow either way on teams and fixed cars.
  7. That looks fantastic. And bastard hard. I'm in!
  8. It seems to be track dependent. Some tracks are more resource hungry than others and the mirrors can make a difference. I normally test it during practice, and if it behaves I put them on. Last night I plain old forgot! Anyway, you rarely need your mirrors as nobody can keep up
  9. You're not the only one who thinks "Uh oh.. incomming.." when he's behind you I just see it as all part of racing strategy now. As others have said, we all have our own driving styles and adapting to and exploiting them is all part of the fun. It's another reason why racing with regulars is more fun than randoms. If you think about it, every real life championship has the same set up. Pros rarely race with randoms, and as the online stuff during lockdown showed, their outcomes are as messy as normal peoples when they do.
  10. Possibly.. I'll try something else for Spa. (Then I'll have a ready made excuse too )
  11. I have the map on in VR. Quite often without mirrors as they're distracting and a performance hit. But there's an option to move the HUD overlays kind of into and out of your field of view. More here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/805550/discussions/0/1836811737981695277/
  12. Not just turn one. It was all bit too much BTCC 'push to pass' for me last night. It's endurance racing, and there are two parts to it.. being able to drive fast laps, and being able to drive in a pack. In addition to @SharkyOB's point above, I'd say you need to anticipate what's going to happen, rather than react to it. If you wait until you see brake lights on the car in front, you're probably going to hit him. I'd forgotten all about it, but many years ago I did some races in a Live For Speed league, and they had some really good guidelines about racing etiquette, which I obviou
  13. I can only seem to manage mid 1:47's on this track in the 911. I've tried the Ferrari, Merc and McLaren and whilst they're less twitchy, I'm at least a second or two slower in them. And let's all watch the (very good) braking points video again, lest there be carnage at T1
  14. Apart from me and @Thor typing ‘rllmuk’ into the chat window whilst wearing a VR headset and thinking we’re searching for the muk ACC server
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