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  1. The Uno IS vintage!
  2. I too had a quick go at 70's Spa yesterday, mainly to see if my season pass worked Had a blat round in the new Corvette GTP and let's just say that trying Eau Rouge resulted in a crash so hard I honestly thought it'd broken my wheel! I've never felt it do THAT before. I'd be up for a group get together there, but it'd be handy to know which cars beforehand so I can get my eye in. Something vintage would be appropriate as the track's a bit easy in a modern car.
  3. Aye. Shame they’re not a decent team though.
  4. Managed to update the game to the 40th anniversary edition but on launching it insists there's no network connection and it all goes wrong from there. (I'm on a PC) I suspect the servers are a tad busy - will try again tomorrow.
  5. You might be onto something there I'll get back in the 911 and see how much it wants to kill me.
  6. This is a good reminder of how we've all improved. My old tactic of holding station and waiting for inevitable incident ahead just doesn't work any more as you guys are far more consistent. (Spoiler - Imma still gonna do that!)
  7. I was thinking a lot about that during the race whilst listening to @Meers and @davejm talking about almost losing it every other corner. I was never close to losing it at all. Sometimes the back might twitch a bit under heavy braking and I just need to take a slightly modified line but it's never a puckering moment. It's the same pretty much every race, so am I doing something wrong? Is that where I'm losing time? I can't remember the last time I had a spin or wall incident in a race without being nudged. If I try to push a bit harder it ends up with breaking traction and a loss of time. I've no idea how you guys slide about without being slower!
  8. I'm very close to just buying a new 4090 based PC so it *does* look like that in VR.
  9. Yeah baby, first of the losers! The result's a little bit artificial as I took part in more races than most, but hey, I'll take it. Great opening couple of laps yesterday racing with @Valver but once that settled down it was basically 45 mins of driving around on my own. Losing another 5 secs during the pitstop for no discernible reason put me in a grumpy mood and I just wanted it to be over. I think it might be because I've got ignition and engine start mapped to same button with engine start being a long press, so maybe it's taking too long overall. But still, another great season and despite moaning, still loving racing with you guys.
  10. It was surprisingly tense given how bad that car is. It was a pretty cautious lap as I couldn’t be arsed to try another lap if it got invalidated.
  11. Fastest in the world baby! Ok, only person in the world to take that car around that track, but still - #1
  12. I’m not. Can’t get out of the 2:01’s yet. I think it’s upset with me for some reason.
  13. You're right, it does seem to happen quite a lot. From my point of view, it seemed pretty much the same as you describe so it's probably a combination of things like me being too cautious on pitlane entry, too slow turning the engine off etc. I might get the stopwatch out and time my total pitstop to compare with others on the replay.
  14. Mate, I've done loads of races / laps around Silverstone and I still do that at least a couple of times a race Frustrating race for me last night. Was having a good battle with @Meers for the first half but was gutted to see I'd lost 10 seconds to him over the pit stops. No idea how, but it really took the wind out of my sails as I then pounded around on my own slowly catching up. Which I never did.
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