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  1. I’ve never seen Titanic and it’s at the point now where it’s a point of pride.
  2. I spent half an hour last night honking with a bottle on my beak.
  3. Well thanks to Nintendo gold points I got this for £7. HONK! (Did I do it right?)
  4. Ah gotcha. I thought you meant it was worse on the go rather than docked
  5. Is this worth a punt on the Switch? I remember reading something about their being some slowdown?
  6. oli

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone explain Diablo III to me? I’ve never played a Diablo game but I keep reading good things and it sounds possibly up my street. I’m imagining Marvel Ultimate Alliance meets Skyrim?
  7. Yeah I did look but it was a lot to go through and as someone relatively new to anime it was daunting. I’ve started Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and so far I’m really enjoying it
  8. I can’t find Neon Genesis Evangelion anywhere!
  9. Is there anything else that has that Cowboy Bebop feel? Samurai Champloo had it to a degree but not quite
  10. Do I need to watch any other full metal alchemist to get brotherhood?
  11. I’m a later comer to enjoying anime and need some recommendations. I’ve just ploughed through Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Attack on Titan. Where do i I go next? I loved those three but I’m not sure what to try next
  12. Yeah I was shocked too. We got a tonne of respondents from the Overwatch community on Reddit and twitter (1300+ I think from memory).
  13. We’ve got enough days for probably two more papers as well. One around comparing what people say they prefer to play and what they actually play, so self-representation and then something a bit different.
  14. I can't remember if I posted about this in here asking for help, or not? Earlier in the year myself and a colleague were looking at the factors behind character selection in Overwatch and it's just been picked up for publication: https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1XFvZ6gYiZe7sL
  15. I haven’t dropped in here for a while but I’ve been keeping up with the series. I’ve loved this season so far, I think it’s posing some interesting questions and taking a direction that could be good. It reminds me of Losts in some respects (a compliment). I genuinely thought this was a widely acclaimed season, I had no idea that it was widely disliked now.
  16. True, it seemed to be working well though.
  17. The one I don’t get is why they shifted from the traditional December release date. It meant two Star Wars movies in quick succession, competing against Deadpool 2 (and to a lesser extent Avengers) and there’s now an 18 month gap until Episode IX
  18. I like both. I think TLJ is one the best Star Wars film since ESB. You’ve complained this isn’t innovative and doesn’t offer interesting character development, whereas TLJ does all of that.
  19. Nah. I’m not buying that, it’s silly
  20. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was fairly lightweight but good fun
  21. What if it ends up that Rick, Negan and everyone we’ve seen are the zombies all along?!!?!
  22. There was an interview with Rian Johnson, I forget if it was Empire or Slashfilmcast, where he said he spent ages trying to work out how to write Luke. It sounded like he felt painted into a corner by JJ Abrams and this was the only way he could reconcile Luke not helping or doing anything when Han died.
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