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  1. Space bar is quick drop, it says on the instructions!
  2. I'm running a short study that looks at the way people play games, and I'm on the hunt for volunteers. All you will need to take part is a Google ID (this is just for authentication purposes, no personal data is going to be stored), and a keyboard - it's not ideal on a touchscreen. Basically you just have to play Tetris for 3 minutes (or until you lose) then the data will automatically get sent to me. Any participation is greatly appreciated! The link is... http://tetris-study.appspot.com
  3. I spent quite a lot of yesterday playing Fighter Squadron and really enjoyed it. I must go back to the normal on foot stuff at some point though. I could do with more people to play with though. If anyone wants to add me on PS4 I'm dr_oli
  4. I felt quite sad when Adam started talking about his dad
  5. I've read this three times and I'm still not sure what you're trying to say.
  6. I had a fun time wandering around the Massachusetts State House at the weekend Also, I really want a bobblehead.
  7. Not the actual launch but the pre-launch process for the original Wii was notable. I had a pre-ordered my console from HMV because they were one of the few places that still had stock and it was a reasonable deal if I remember correctly. So I'm driving back from HMV, at the Coliseum at Cheshire Oak fact fans, and for some unknown reason I decided to take a corner at some traffic lights at 40 without slowing down. It had been raining so the road was quite slippy anyway so as I took the corner the back end of the car spun out and I hit a wall of the side of the road with the front and the back of my car. The car was a write off but I did pick up a Wii with Zelda a week or so later so it wasn't all bad.
  8. I've found a group of toughs that I thought I should be able to dismantle fairly easily. They've obliterated me four times tonight
  9. I still maintain it's the most terrifying thing I have seen.
  10. Just like Charlie Brooker! Brilliant!
  11. The first third reminded me of Twin Peaks for some reason.
  12. This is quite stressful. I know something bad is bound to be on the cards but I'm not sure what yet.
  13. That's quite a reductive view, I'm pretty sure if a man was marooned on Mars it would be a huge international event. A few years ago the world was enthralled by 'balloon boy' and there wasn't even a child actually trapped in there.
  14. He immediately irritated me on the first episode when said that he was a stay at home dad and a travel photographer.
  15. I spent an hour dying on mission 7 tonight
  16. oli


    Agreed. Season 2 is so-so, the last three are fantastic
  17. oli


    Friday Night Lights is fantastic, one of my favourite series ever. Veronica Mars is worth a watch if you've not seen it.
  18. I'm hoping if Ramsay attempts to sneak in on Stannis that he gets caught out big time. I can't decide if it's heading that way, as in he's over confident after taking the Iron Born with '20 good men' or they'll have him get away with it and milk the audience's hate a bit longer. Stannis and Ramsay are interesting comparisons though. Both have mates they've mutalated for various reasons. Davos loves Stannis for it, Reek not as much. Also they have differing approaches to women, Ramsay will hopefully underestimate Melissandre as another woman he can terrify.
  19. Optimistic, really?
  20. Impressive work englishbob, that's the Chalice Dungeon bit I'm stuck on at present...
  21. I'm finally up to GFH and he's absolutely spanking me. I can consistently get him down to the final third then the wheels really start to come off. I will finish this over the weekend though. I must.
  22. oli

    Mad Men

    I wish Sal would have shown up once more. Poor Sal
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