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  1. I just had a tinker on a challenge dungeon and RoM is the boss. I don't want to see that arsehole again
  2. Goose, I struggled with some of the enemies in UCW until I found that
  3. I started plugging away at NoM last night, the actual level seems like a bit of a ramp in difficulty compared to what's gone before. I'm hoping for a few more runs tonight.
  4. I can't get it because I missed the side quest
  5. Finally got around to uploading my boss battle from last night...
  6. I just realised that I've completely missed
  7. I've never noticed that before!
  8. Last night I noticed a little yellow circle underneath my quicksilver bullets and I've never seen it before. Does it mean something significant or has it been there all along and I've just not noticed it?
  9. I did it! The most stressful battle I've ever had. I might actually upload this one
  10. Any hints on E at all? It's such a spike in difficulty that I'm not even learning or improving just getting a cheap one shot death. I've tried summoning for the first time ever but nothing seems to happen either
  11. I had another couple of tries at EDoC last night and I got a bit closer but it's just so difficult. I'm finding it so much harder than any other boss in the game.
  12. EDoC is the hardest I've come up against. I've had 7 tries so far and only got close once.
  13. I ignored the minions completely and just went in at the sides. Not locking on helped massively.
  14. I came across CE today. That was the worst (easiest) boss in the game so far. Really felt underwhelming
  15. I hate those guys. They keep catching me out
  16. I did NF today, I really didn't like it. It was all poison and weird enemies.
  17. I did ML! It felt like a tense battle but I actually had a lot of vials left. I wish I'd saved a video now
  18. I pressed on with CC. ML is a bit tough.
  19. I've got several paths open at present and I can't settle on which to really go at. I think I've got NF, CC, UV and UCW all open but keep flirting between them
  20. I had just one more go at the bit in YG that was troubling me. Smashed it.
  21. I'm struggling on YG with the Any tips?
  22. I managed to kill DBP on my first attempt somehow but I'm really struggling with SoY for some reason
  23. Oldham won the premier league?
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