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  1. I paid off the top floor today, which I assume accounts for it? Unless I threw down more bags of bells than I realised when Flams was chasing me with his axe.
  2. Haha! I am an exceptionally miserly person at heart, in real money and digital turnip form. I left 99k-200k on each run, then on the last run rounded it up to 1.5m. I can't remember whose island I visited last time (was it you?) but I quite conspicuously did not leave a tip. I feel a bit bad about it, but not so bad that I want to dip into my 17.4m bells, obviously.
  3. What did you make in tips, out of interest? Did you have plenty of your own turnips to sell?
  4. Getting chased away with a wildly swinging axe is new, but probably deserved, I feel. Thanks again dude.
  5. Yeah, and I'll still be leaving my top floor covered in turnips because I've exhausted Thabflams' hospitality.
  6. Sorry dude, you've been amazingly patient. Last one from me.
  7. The Flammie Drum in Secret of Mana on the SNES as a kid... it was shocking seeing that transition to the world map view. Halo's Silent Cartographer looked absolutely stunning at the time. I was so hyped to get an Xbox after seeing it. The Morpheus AI conversation in Deus Ex is still one of the best bits of writing I've encountered in a game. Breath Of The Wild was one big wow. Recently, I've found Judgment's commitment to reproducing the interiors of Japanese convenience stores and Don Quijotes pretty impressive.
  8. Probably closer to 30m. I've just paid for the top floor extension, so that's another 1.5m gone. It's 2.5m (I think) for the basement, which is coming next. It'll be nice not to have to worry about money any more, in my little sanctuary. I haven't done any terraforming or bridge building yet either (beyond the first bridge you build) so I do actually have a tonne of expenses coming up. I dunno, I guess you could ask Jeff Bezos the same question. Except there you're looking at real life consequences like the decimation of the high street and independent businesses, rather than a mildly inconvenient additional wait to join a Nintendo game.
  9. @Flams Sorry, is this Turnip Exchange queue I'm 21st out of 29 in still valid or has something changed? I have 3-4 trips left to do so will be 20+ minutes btw. I shan't darken anyone else's doorstep again after my stalk market excess (probably, if I can keep away...).
  10. Just hypothetically, if I get a high price for turnips on my island, what are the potential issues with just opening the floodgates to everyone and advertising the Dodo code on here without the Turnip Exchange in the middle? Can people take stuff and cut down all the trees? Is there the prospect of vindictive people screwing up your island?
  11. OMG - and the shit people gave me for being in there for a mere 30-something minutes, hustling as quickly as I could! I'm embarrassed for you, Ade. You've brought shame on this community.
  12. Can I join again later? Am I forbidden now? I don't wanna ruin anyone else's day here.
  13. The trouble is, this presupposes that I'm not a psychopath. I went to look in the mirror, and I saw my blank stare and inscrutable smile looking back at me, and all I could think about was those millions of bells I've earned. I feel great about my life choices.
  14. How? Worst case scenario, yes, it can take that long. Best case scenario, more like 5. The great thing about an externally managed queuing system is that you can see how long you've got left, and make a cup of tea or do something else while you wait. Right?
  15. You're not putting child neglect on me too, dude.
  16. Guilty. Sorry to anyone who was pissed off - truly wasn't aware of the etiquette. @Flams is there any chance you could please leave this queue running for the rest of the day? I'll gladly wait til even beyond this current queue of 29. And yes I was tipping every trip.
  17. 3-4 I think. I could do with making about 3 more.
  18. Forgive me, but I wasn't aware of the etiquette that says 'fly in once, then drop to the end of the queue'. As others have said, even one trip can take 10-15 minutes with interference. I honestly wasn't looking to piss anyone off and hustled as quickly as possible, with bell-signs in my eyes. Really, it's not a question of manners and common sense, and some of these comments are a bit much. I have a fuckload of turnips I need to shift - this could ruin me. Thanks Flams.
  19. No, it's me, making several trips. Like, I promise I'm going as quickly as I can. This will probably be the last run I ever need to make too.
  20. Guys, I completely understand the irritation. But an island-covering supply on turnips won't sell themselves. I won't be more than another 30 minutes to an hour, I promise.
  21. I've had interference issues. Promise I'm going as quickly as I can, all.
  22. Just landing for the first time. I'm going to be RICH beyond my wildest dreams
  23. Pretty much! Filled all 5 rooms in my house and most of the surrounding beach and forest.
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