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  1. I hate it when characters dual-wield two-handed assault rifle style guns. It always looks so clumsy and doesn’t seem like it would be very effective.
  2. There’a a pinned thread about this shit if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.
  3. How can I get my hands on one of these nowadays:
  4. Just ignore it. It’s optional. I was exactly the same as you. Even down to scraping past Black Knight with a cheat.
  5. He’s not meeting the other Android daughter this series is he?
  6. Yeah I just refuse to believe this until I see it, as it’s tinted the last few directs with disappointment.
  7. No way. Every direct I get disappointed they don’t shadow drop it there and then. So this time I’m not getting my hopes up.
  8. Can’t wait to find out some plot details for this. I’m really curious how they’ll bring it back and involve Neo.
  9. Anyone else struggle to follow what happening in the space battle or was I just tired?
  10. Oh hey just wondering if anyone has any opinions on this memory car-NO ffs where is my direct!
  11. oh HELL yes. God knows whet the story will be this time though.
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