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  1. I love this idea. But like Joker, the studio just wouldn’t be able to help themselves once they have a hit on their hands and we’ll be looking at sequels quicker than you can shake a Vodka Martini (blended with ice, syrup and tiny umbrella)
  2. You’ll not be able to use the discs anyway.
  3. Can’t say I’ve noticed any particular leaning toward MS this gen. If anything we've had more Sony chat. It could just be that (apart from one or two people) we’re not all a bunch of fanboys, are actually quite open minded and right now an Xbox looks like a better proposition? (Not to mention we’re mostly a bunch of old tight-fisted dads now and the Xbox is cheaper )
  4. Rise looks absolutely brilliant. Not too fussed about the anime one though.
  5. The PS+ Collection is an amazing deal for people that haven’t played those games, but I’m sure it’s mainly aimed at getting PS4 owners who are nervous about losing their physical game collection to get the digital console over the big boy. Lock ‘em in to them fat digital RRPs.
  6. I’m quite glad it’s all out there now that’s for sure. All this bloody speculation and discussion, rumours and leaks etc. All painfully stretched out over the summer instead of one big E3 info blast too. Urgh. I feel quite a sense of relief to just look at my current setup and think “nah, that’s me good for a bit thanks”. (Demon’s Souls does look stunning though)
  7. Any idea if this stream is nerfed at 2k/24 like last time or is it a full 4K/60 blowout?
  8. I hope so. The last two have been so shit I wont even bother watching live. Mind you, they didn’t announce them ahead of time like this one so....
  9. I had the opposite reaction unfortunately. Realised there was no Outrun, Rez, Ridge Racer, Afterburner or Street Fighter 3 and basically put me off a Series S. Decided to just order a new power supply for my 360. Big case of YMMV but hopefully they get the program up and running again or maybe the publishers need to play ball more? SEGA in particular.
  10. Yeah racing games are rarer the hen’s teeth on the BC list. I understand that car manufacturer licences expire but that doesn’t explain the lack of Ridge Racer!
  11. I voted 299/399 and I’m laughing at those numbers now so I wouldn’t put too much truck in it!
  12. It’s deffo getting a bit more confusing than “a Series X but 2K instead of 4K”. Has anything actually confirmed it will be running nerfed One S versions of games or is it all just speculation from the digital foundry guys?
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