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  1. Yeah jeez. Thought I’d clicked on the Games with Gold thread by mistake.
  2. What’s this I hear about it not being released in theatres anymore? Huge letdown if true.
  3. Up until the remake it was a pretty maligned Zelda game, not just here but other places too, so I’ve got no qualms defending it as I think it’s great. Especially as some people seemed genuinely pissed off by this game for some reason. Not really sure what the numbers have to do with anything though. Can’t my post just be in reference to one or two posts on here? Where did the threshold come from suddenly?
  4. Sorry guys I think there’s been a mistake. You were actually supposed to realise how shit it was remember?
  5. Does that give you hitman 1 with the next gen visuals?
  6. Ahhh right. Well that makes things more interesting! I wonder what caused it?
  7. Gert sale just started on the PlayStation store, includes Miles, Returnal, Hitman 3 etc….
  8. That’s it yeah. “Project lead” after someone else left.
  9. Well that’s what I figured they’d be doing when it first got delayed. Just keep it the same but really crank up the settings, but haven’t they got a new creative director and stuff in?
  10. Can just imagine some Neckbeard scoffing at a kid playing their Switch on the train as they proceed to take this thing out like Mary Poppins pulls a ladder out her handbag, settling in for 20 minutes of fiddling with graphics settings.
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