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  1. Oh whut. Starting to think there’s trouble there. We’ve barely been shown more than a title.
  2. 4-2 is shagged for me now. Loads of red bastards everywhere and they can 1 hit kill me. I take it I should go off and do another area instead like 2-3 maybe? Will the red guys go away once I beat a boss?
  3. Finally a thread for people to explain that they’re paid up for three years on gamepass and with frame rate and resolution updates, they always find something to play.
  4. Right so what I said then. Haha true. I can’t remember the last time I sold a console despite the boxes taking up stupid space “just in case”.
  5. Not quite. Depends on where you are for stuff like styrofoam in the Series X packaging.
  6. To be fair Sony did say they made an effort to make the PS5 packaging 100% recyclable, which probably explains the cheap feeling.
  7. We still do, just not on the console you chose. and even then it was a one-off mistake rather than by design. Hardly enough to point to any general trend.
  8. Urgh seriously? I enjoyed Tropical Freeze but that’ll do for now. Do these really sell enough to sacrifice Odyssey 2?
  9. Well I guess they don’t have any footage of devs working in the office this year so they had to delay.
  10. Is it still good in single player or do you really need a co-op partner?
  11. Yeah agreed. I love them but because they’re so obtuse I have no problem asking people what to do or using guides for their games.
  12. Amazing cheers. Is he the guy sat next to the special key? I thought he was an NPC so didn’t touch him.
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