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  1. Yeah how dare Edge give coverage to one of the biggest players in the industry!
  2. The stripped-down combat is so boring.
  3. Was really hoping they’d lose that shade of blue this gen. It makes all their branding look like sky sports or something, which is what I guess they’re going for.
  4. Yeah actually that would be properly great.
  5. I could play Splatoon 2 in a cafe while on holiday waiting for my breakfast. That was pretty transformative to me. Also “limited update”? It was a sequel. There’s a wee number 2 in the name and everything.
  6. Not sure about that. They’ve chosen some really interesting deep cuts the last few updates and I’ve enjoyed the space they get to play them properly rather than 2 mins and move on. I think some people just expect a dump of the entire catalogue maybe?
  7. .... Have you taken it to bed with you?
  8. Can you go straight in on 2 without finishing 1?
  9. Hmm I don’t get lag using my PS gold headset and dongle with the Switch.
  10. I like the design of the One X, but that’s a terrible idea branding-wise. Looking at the above pic, it does all the explaining of what it is for you without needing to use words. Hopefully it’s just a dev kit they’re taking home.
  11. I doubt it. They can’t seem to make the current models fast enough as it is.
  12. Yep! Price permitting, I think it’s going to be my first of the next gen consoles while I wait for the PS5’s Bloodborne. There’s not much to catch up on really for me apart from Forza Horizon but the idea of my 360 games and gamepass is the real pull and seems like the perfect way to fill the gap while the devs get their heads round the new generation. I just hope it comes out the same time as the Series X and looks like this:
  13. It sold bonkers numbers though. So I get why it lead them down the wrong path.
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