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  1. Yeah wow, at least Anthem was an attempt at a brand new IP. Just imagine fucking up Avengers.
  2. Everything riding on Dragon Age now for BioWare. If that turns out shit you can kiss them goodbye I imagine.
  3. What was 1.2 going to do? Just general stability?
  4. Are they 400 years old so it’s actually all fine?
  5. Are they serious about what that female character is wearing in a game released in 2021?
  6. Couldn’t disagree more about Thor and Hulk in Endgame and Infinity War. Real highlights for me.
  7. Yeah I’m managing expectations hard. I think every single video game presentation during covid had been a let down in some way. Can’t really see this being any different. Mind you would be good to hear an update on JETT from the Sword and Sorcery guys. That looked really interesting.
  8. From the blog: This Thursday, a State of Play broadcast will serve up new updates and deep dives for 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5, including new game announcements and updates on some of the third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase. The show is clocking it at 30 minutes or so, give or take. Can’t wait to hear what you think! And a quick note: there won’t be PlayStation hardware or business-focused updates in this show. We’re focusing on great games set to come out in the months ahead.
  9. Literally why I bought this yesterday (and all the good word on here of course)
  10. No there isn’t. I’m not very good at Twitter, can people delete replies they get?
  11. Which ones? It all looks pretty positive apart from maybe 1 tweet?
  12. If you do start watching I recommend listening to the X-Files Files podcast to go along with it. Kumail Nanjiani and a guest talk about each episode and just generally discuss the era it was released, pulling up old message board posts from the time the episode aired and stuff like that. It really is interesting and funny and reminds you how different and mysterious the world was back in the 90s and how effective/scary it made the X-files. Not being able to just google the paranormal stuff the episode would be based on. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/kumail-nanjianis
  13. Great news. I’ve sat out VR so far but really interested in what I’ve missed and combining with the dual sense tech could be really special.
  14. Isn’t Asphalt 9 free-to-play too? “Yeah mate tell you what I’ll throw in Fortnite, Rocket League and Warframe just for you”
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