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  1. Didn’t they name it Xbox Game of the Year two years in a row or something because they didn’t have anything else to put in there?
  2. I agree with the Caravan of Garbage guys. Where the hell do you go after a spider-verse story line in the live action series though? Oh well, it’ll be fun and I’m sure I’ll get a kick from seeing them all together on screen.
  3. Can’t believe there’s no “Holding out for now because we have to move house” option.
  4. It’s just the dullest character design I’ve ever seen and yet they put it front and centre on all the art like they’re so proud of it. He’s wearing boot-cut jeans ffs!
  5. I think they can chill out for a while on bringing in Miles, there’s so many Spidey stories they haven’t told in this universe. Surely it’s an ace in their sleeve for when Tom Holland wants to swing off.
  6. Classic rllmuk “I’ve personally heard of/like/use something so everyone else in the world must have” mentality going on here. Broker isn’t arguing that you didn’t know who Iron Man was. He’s arguing your mum and her mates didn’t know who Iron Man was.
  7. Valhalla? Saying that, what is the first big next-gen game to look forward to? The patch for Cyberpunk?
  8. I’d be happy with a port of 1+2 in the meantime!
  9. What’s the media options like? Netflix, iPlayer etc all there? I want to be throwing my ps4 away immediately.
  10. Just remembered Future don’t have the Kotaku license anymore. Did they pivot to any other website for their online content? Maybe they’ll use the edge brand.
  11. Yeah there was definitely a bit of desperation from...er...members of the green persuasion to establish that both companies were in the same boat. Now that impressions and reviews are coming out, the claims of “neither have anything at launch!” certainly seem to have died down. It’s a great launch and my will to hold out till the new year is faltering.
  12. So will Mikami have a Microsoft email address now or is he freelance for Ghost Wire?
  13. Its declining readership is because it’s a print magazine. Not because of previews. It always makes me laugh when people suggest that all something needs to do to survive is completely change to something else. Well then what’s the point? I don’t like Edge because of its logo. It’s not a football team I want to see succeed. I like it because it has previews and reviews. If it changes to something else then I couldn’t really give a toss if it survives or not.
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