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  1. Hopefully they bring it to Series S at some point too.
  2. Ha! Tbh I’m getting onboard next month and picking up an S when Forza comes out. Looking forward to it!
  3. Looks like they were revised yeah (again from Hit Points, apologies I don’t have the primary source): But yeah he also points out the lack of 1st party not helping. I imagine they‘ll have a strong Christmas with Forza and Halo, like a proper traditional console bundle in terms of the marketing, which is perhaps much easier to understand for the general public than upscaling-back-compatible-frame-rate boost etc etc. “Buy this console/service to play these shiny new games” fits on the side of a bus much easier.
  4. Although apparently it’s missed it’s targets and is underperforming? Quite surprised to read about it in today’s Hit Points: https://hitpoints.substack.com/p/64-like-and-subscribe?r=9z8zd&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source= (no offence putting it in this thread @Nate Dogg III, I just don’t want to ruin the cosy bookclub vibes of the gamepass thread)
  5. Fiver on PSN right now for anyone wanting in on the next gen upgrade (will be free apparently).
  6. Yeah agreed. It’s nice when video games use the superior Alien film as inspiration.
  7. I was shit for ages, honestly didn’t think I would see the last boss. But it gets easier as yes, your guns hit harder over time and you unlock pickups that really help, but mainly you start to learn enemy behaviour and resource management and that’s when the breakthrough came for me, rather than feeling like my actual reactions were getting better. Stick with it. Headphones on. Sack off everything else for a bit.
  8. JSRF would be such low hanging fruit in terms of internet hype/goodwill and it still looks banging enough to use in publicity, social media etc.
  9. It has to be more BC games if they’re doing an event but not announcing anything new? Has that last bit been confirmed?
  10. God yeah the atmosphere and aesthetic is just *chefs kiss*.
  11. https://www.slashfilm.com/636812/succession-season-3-just-gave-hbo-max-its-biggest-premiere-yet/
  12. Third person but yeah not far off. It can get a bit bullet hell-ey but it’s more like Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac than Ikaruga or one of the old coin ops.
  13. Yeah you’re probably right. I’m not sure the arguments quite coalesced convincingly between emulating old and new games though, especially if you swapped out Metroid for say, Sable or Silksong. Also pointing to Spotify as a good example of anything other than screwing over the people that made the content is shakey ground too.
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