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  1. Leaked per VGC: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/decembers-playstation-plus-essential-games-have-leaked/ Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4) Biomutant (PS5 / PS4) Divine Knockout (PS5 / PS4) Great month if true. Although when the hell I’m gonna fit another RPG in I don’t know, let alone 3. I’ve yet to start Cyberpunk and the Witcher 3 update is coming soon too.
  2. I’ll be starting this end of the week. Proper looking forward to it now the next gen version is out, but I had a few things I wanted to clear off first. How likely am I to finish it by Christmas/Ragnarok day?
  3. If you have the expansion for the online stuff there’s Mario Party 1+2 on the N64 service.
  4. You should let them know mate. If you’re quick you might be able to get the corks back in the bottle.
  5. Finished this last night. Really enjoyed the story, atmosphere and art style with some hitting emotional bits. Some really amazing action and direction in places too that are visually very impressive. But I found the bugs a bit too distracting as they were frequent enough that sometimes when faced with a puzzle, I wasn’t sure if I was getting things wrong my end, or if it was a bug. Deffo worth pushing through the performance issues though, ultimately what it does is really unique and accomplished.
  6. Shiiit. Bet they’ll have no whiff of being on sale between now and the update.
  7. Well up for this. Can hardly remember anything from the 1st time round.
  8. I’m just going for regular vanilla PS+. The monthly games are pretty good and they still give me that nice surprise free games feeling my dumb lizard brain likes.
  9. Jeez you forget just how much the DS fucking obliterated everything. Not bad for quite a weird, underpowered console.
  10. Just got the funky arm how do I get out the basement though?
  11. The controller alone takes it out of that magic price Spencer mentions.
  12. It wouldn’t just be the stick either. Controller alone would add 50/60 quid.
  13. Don’t Amazon make a huge loss on hardware and Google then probably had to match the fire sticks’s price?
  14. I guess if they put too much in it basically becomes a Series S anyway, certainly cost wise.
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