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  1. Oh niiiice, I love stuff like that.
  2. Yeah wait how you gonna hold the shoulder button at the same time as pressing the face buttons? Gonna be seeing Samus in her underwear a lot playing Super Metroid on that.
  3. How are the visuals holding up blown up on the bigger screen? Must admit I found it a bit jarring on the Direct yesterday.
  4. It’s square enix and it’s multiplatform. Byeeee!
  5. Hasn’t everyone got a region hopping account to get better eshop prices anyway?
  6. Same with the card game they just announced. Square Enix are quite patchy with Xbox, you never know though: looking at DQXI and Builders, it seems like they might prefer to hold out for the gamepass money in a year or two.
  7. Oh nice. Is this in handheld or docked?
  8. Crystal Dynamics working on this now along with The Initiative.
  9. Say what you will about that casting but it’s dominating social media right now.
  10. Obviously it depends what the prices look like when they announce them, but isn’t this just covering a price rise that the other online services have all done the last few years?
  11. When you see the GBA games blown up big and remember they didn’t have any faces. Obviously I’m buying it. How much is it?
  12. How many times has she been wrong now?
  13. Haha it wasn’t a genuine accusation, it’s just that a lot of the designs from the teaser looked like standard samurai with lightsaber glows on top of the swords.
  14. Good to see that even with just a days notice we can still rip through the journey of delirious hype to disappointment, hitting all the usual stops along the way, just as well as we would if we had longer.
  15. Buy a Kojima game to skip the dialogue? I’ll skip your dialogue mate.
  16. Oh sweet I thought it was a tenner. Great stuff. Apparently there’s haptics in the upgrade
  17. Yeah makes sense. Looks right up my alley though, I booted it up the other day just to have a look and can’t believe I hadn’t played it sooner. Well I’ve waited this long I can wait a bit longer. All about dat Dread now tho.
  18. Trying to figure out if I have time to start and finish Blasphemous before Dread is out, and if I can, worried that I’ll need a break before starting.
  19. At first I laughed at how little there appears to be on Apple TV + but… now I quite like that there’s less on there but of a higher standard than Netflix’s absolute flood of content. Feels a bit a more curated and much less overwhelming. I’ve got fuck-all time to watch that much anyway.
  20. Third biome is Reminds me of OG Doom.
  21. Okay good to know cheers both. What a turnaround this game is for me. I’ve gone from seeing how much I can get for it trade-in to thinking about it during work everyday and looking forward to getting into it every night with the headphones on.
  22. Had a couple of goes against the second boss now. Reckon I’ll have him next time if I have the health pack or astronaut. What does everyone do for the first biome/boss if you’re further along? I build up some extra health and get as far as the room with the different fabricators but then I cash in and go for the 2nd biome. Do people go all the way through and beat the first boss again?
  23. Estimated cost of earthquake damage is going to have a sharp spike as even a slight tremor will have horizontal PS5’s sliding off their stands and onto the floor.
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