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  1. This gets put on a lot while I’m working:
  2. Yeah the format is so much more sincere and less awkward than anything else (bar the Nintendo Directs)
  3. Xbox’s only appearance at this thing being a Porsche edition console either bodes really well or really badly for the Showcase on Sunday.
  4. Nah they’ll just hold off until early September. Zelda is doing all the talking for them right now.
  5. Yep 1000% Might even skip Geoff next time and wait for the indies.
  6. So many countdowns, is this one of their games? Countdown Manager?
  7. There’s just not enough games being made for the kind of people this whole thing is aimed at. There‘s barely enough for the platform holders’ own shows.
  8. Has this had the “Gamepass Day 1” kiss of death yet?
  9. I’m hyped for Spider-Man 2 that’s great to see a date.
  10. Every game feels like it’s aimed at people that have Punisher stickers on the back of their car.
  11. When they make these games do they literally get told “just make it look like everything else”?
  12. Fastest sonic cycle I’ve ever seen, as soon as he goes into the bland 3D art style it was done.
  13. Yeah I’m going Easy Allies too. I’m a miserable sod so need them to balance me out a bit.
  14. Alright. It’s finally time. (after Zelda obvs lol etc)
  15. I had sworn off Keighley stuff as he doesn’t seem to respect my time, but then I moved to a different time zone and now he disrespects my employer’s time instead, so it doesn’t bother me as much. Also I think the last game awards felt tighter with a better calibre of things announced/covered so they are getting better it seems. Will find out tomorrow I guess! (Sorry boss)
  16. Pretty good update actually. Kirby uses the motion controls. Which bodes well for other stuff like Wario Ware Twisted coming at some point.
  17. Hot damn. I basically have to just go straight to my wishlist now when I load up the eshop or I get tempted by some stupid shit.
  18. Urgh you bastard I was gonna plump for just essential but now I’m conflicted again.
  19. Thank you for your service
  20. Yep. Pretty sure all the “manage expectations” tweets from the various different livestream organisers are locked and loaded for next week.
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